Coffee or Tea date

romantic student things
  • meeting up in the library in the morning and idly chattering while planning the day
  • sitting together in silence while working but still touching elbows or knees and feeling the comfort of each other’s presence
  • comparing schedules to see when you can spend time together
  • helping each other understand an academic concept and then smiling and giggling because wow your s/o is so cute and smart and you are so proud of them
  • drinking way too much coffee and/or tea together
  • planning a date and then saying, “screw it, we are tired and i’d rather watch a movie and cuddle at your dorm”
  • being frustrated when life is busy but ecstatic once you get to spend time with them
  • chilling at campus cafes in between classes
  • finding time to spend even 20 minutes with each other because you miss them and want to catch up
  • feeling proud of them when they do well on a test
  • comforting them when they do poorly on a test
  • whining about school, then making out and feeling better

concept: you and i are sitting together on a couch in a coffee shop. it is raining outside, and there’s an ambient glow radiating from the old-fashioned lanterns affixed to the walls. quiet music plays from overhead speakers and we are deep in conversation. it is warm and the air smells of roasting coffee. we are safe and happy. nothing else in the world matters in this moment.

Early autumn checklist

  • Take a drive up the mountain (obviously)
  • Spend a night out around a fire
  • Spend one night camping before it’s too cold
  • Enjoy some time to yourself in the outdoors
  • Enjoy your favorite pie for the first time in months
  • Plan some cozy activities with friends
  • Plan a non horror cosy movie night
  • And a classic horror movie night
  • Grab a hot chocolate after a cool night outside, remember that warm feeling
  • Play night games
  • Plan a board game night, with warm drinks and laughter
  • Go on a walk as the air gets crisper
  • Go to the park, have a picnic as the leaves change color
  • Plan your spooky activities for halloween
  • Plan and design your Halloween costume
  • Set aside a day to spend up the mountain, taking pictures of yourself in the leaves
  • Hit up your local coffee shop for their seasonal beverages
  • Write a poem about how the weather makes you feel, even though that’s cheesy
  • Give pumpkin spice another try, remember how much you do or don’t like it
  • Turn on your TV, watch one of those movie marathons
  • Visit your family, remember family doesn’t always mean blood
  • Go to your local schools football game, even if it’s not your thing it’s fun to just try that one time.
  • Choose your chilly day outfits
  • Go sweater shopping for your new favorite sweater
  • Go thrift shopping for that perfect look
  • Spend at least one cold night star gazing wrapped up in blankets
  • Take a deep breathe, you can feel it in the in the breeze. Autumn is coming

Coffee and dessert at 10 p.m.? Yes please ☕️