Rallph Fiennes (December 22)

Jared Leto (December 26)

Andy Biersack (December 26)

Hayley Williams (December 27)

Ellie Goulding (December 30)

Bradley Cooper (January 5)

Norman Reedus (January 6)

Eddie Redmayne (January 6)

Lauren Cohan (January 7)

Nina Dobrev (January 9)

Mary J. Blige (January 11)

Cody Simpson (January 11)

Orlando Bloom (January 13)

Liam Hemsworth (January 13)

Jim Carrey (January 17)

Zooey Deschanel (January 17)

Jason Segel (January 18)

Logan Lerman (January 19)


Okay so before I start please ignore my legs, they’re super awkward.

Set It Off Story;

So when we got there it was extremely early and we waited for hours on end, finally when we got in SIO was playing extremely early the time they were supposed to play was 12:30 so we ran around getting some merch and everything and we even bought a ticket to Cody’s motivational class thing and as we were doing so Patty form AII ran past us and kinda stopped to smile to some people and I was almost in tears because he was so beautiful. Anyway, we made our way into the SIO crowd but we had to stand through some hardcore band and we kept getting thrown around in the mosh pit and some people had to protect us but I still kept pushing through because I needed to see SIO, this crazy mosh pit wasn’t stopping me so when that band ended me & my friend RAN to barricade and we got it, we were so close to them and when they were performing Cody came into the crowd so many times and he even ran back and forth touching all the fans hands ( including me, also got it on video ) so after the amazing show we went to the signing and when I was up I was so nervous so I wasn’t looking and I hear Zach say Hiii” in the most gentle voice ever and I was just so nervous and Dan asked me how I was and if I was having a good time and I was laughing so when I get up to Cody he got so close to me and was like “What’s so funny!? Huh? What are you laughing at?!” and I just laughed and said I was super nervous and he was like “I’m just kidding, c’mere give me a hug” and he literally squeezed me and we just kinda laughed in each others faces ( Cody tends to look you deep in the eyes when you talk to him, so you might feel a little nervous just to let ya’ll know ) and then I get to Maxx and he gives me a huge smile and was like “I love your hair!” and it just made me feel good ( you guys picked a great color, thank you!) and asked him for a hug and he was like “Of course you can!” and he also gave me a pretty good squeeze and then we had to leave, skipping to Cody’s class he was literally right in front of me and he was so nice and great at explaining things and he would look throughout the crowd and just look into your eyes while giving this advice. Skipping again to the selfie thing I got a free wristband for, when I walked up Cody gave me a huge genuine smile and said “HEY!” and Maxx said something about a little girl and I was like ?.? but we took the picture ( the one up there ) and I thought the lady only took one and I HATED the way I looked in it but later found the one above and I love it. 

As It Is Story;

So we were walking and I seen this boy dancing and was thinking “wow, hes cute and looks familiar” and I ended up slapping my friends shoulder while whisper yelling that it was Patty, so we asked him what was going on and he said “We’re doing group pictures then I have no idea what’s next” so we ended up waiting in line to take pictures with them and when it was my turn it felt like he stared into my soul ( picture above ) when it was honestly for a few seconds but in person felt way longer but he was asking me if I was okay and how I was doing and we ended up taking the picture and then I asked for a hug ( I didn’t know we weren’t supposed to because the lady talked too fast ) and he was like “Yeah, really quick” so we hugged and that was the last of that but he was super nice.


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Okay so I went to warped tour on July 19th and it was amazing.

In a summary I met Social Repose twice (he was so nice), Andy Biersack (He answered my question and was so cool. It was a TEI course). I also met Set It Off, Johnnie Guilbert, Damon Fizzy, and Jordan Sweeto (All such amazing people). I was talking to Jordan and I just can’t get over how genuine and sweet he is. I met Icon For Hire and Night Riots as well. Sadly I didn’t get to meet you though.

Lastly, I met Cody Carson twice. When I say he was amazing, I mean it. At his TEI course he let me sit in the tent next to him and after the course he actually asked me for a hug and a picture. After talking to him a bit about lyric writing and music, I got a hug and left.

Overall I saw Black Veil Brides, Set It Off, and Pierce The Veil. I can’t wait for next year though. It was just amazing to meet so many of my inspirations and heroes.


DAY 15 - St. Petersburg, FL: JULY 3, 2015

Photos: Andrew Cramb


NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Set It Off - “Wild Wild World”


DAY 24 HARTFORD, CT: JULY 12, 2015

Photos: Andrew Cramb