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The Powerpuff Girls, Ed Edd N’ Eddy, Destiny’s Child, Miley Lilly and Oliver, Raven Chelsea and Eddy, Zack Cody and Woody, Me Myself and I, pancakes bacon and eggs, Alex Justin and Max, Cory Topanga and Shawn, Sabrina Zelda and Hilda, Harry Hermione and Ron, Will Coco and Edwardo, Mickey Goofy and Donald, Riley Maya and Farkle, Pearl Amethyst and Garnet, and The Kanker Sisters are superior trios to Kim, Kendall, and Kylie.


it was kind of odd, being in the chimera pack. the dynamic was… off to say the least.

you were a bad ass were jaguar, but certain pack members (Tracy and Theo) coddled you like you were a flower.

“i just dont get it.” you sighed, sitting next to Corey, “its like they think i cant handle myself or something.”

“no. they’re just in love with you.” Corey stated absentmindedly. then he froze, slowly looking at you, “forget i said that. god. Theo is going to kill me… if Tracy doesnt get to me first.”


requested by anon <3

it was specified to be for a bi girl but i think it can be read by pan people as well. i dunno. im going to add some sexuality terms to the tags and maybe it will help people navigate.

hope i get more like this in the future! love you guys <3 <3 <3

Crossovers that are still better than Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa

The X Files/ COPS

That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana

Family Guy/The Simpsons

Freddy Vs Jason

TMNT/Power Rangers

Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana

Everybody Loves Raymond/The King of Queens

Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour

I am pretty sure there should be spin off related to the chimera pack and their background and they are all alive and we’d get to see their families but also their struggles and friendship and relationships and we need this


Tracy + Theo | Nightcall