Teen Wolf doesn’t deserve Theo Raeken and the Teen Wolf Fandom doesn’t deserve Cody Christian, so I think the Chimera Pack Spin-off should be made by Netflix, with all the same actors and characters of the Chimera Pack, but with different names, so all the wank can stay away from our occasionally homicidal Chimera Babies.

Phineas and Ferb fandon

Since we are all drowning in feels right now, someone needs to make a cartoon about when Phineas closes the door at the end of the episode, he, Ferb, and everyone else are in this white space, with a glowing light. Out of that light steps Kim Possible, Zack and Cody, Miley Stewart, Alex Russo, Lizze Miguire, The Proud Family, and everyone else from the ended Disney shows. The greet the gang, and walk them all into the glowing light. Perry’s hat flys out, and Perry comes out to get it, chased by the kids. He looks at his hat, looks at his owners, and smiles as the boys hug him. Before they all walk back into the portal, the boys and Perry turn around and wave. The End.
And I can not draw so someone else who can should. Please.