Cody McLeod vs Adam McQuaid | Oct 5th, 2017

how Cody McLeod is like in bed

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what Cody McLeod is like in bed:

- foreplay takes forever

- Cody starts by kissing your neck and then slowly wandering lower

- he really wants you to enjoy it so he takes his time getting you desperate

- the callouses on his fingers feel amazing when they wander all over your body

- he likes to focus on your breasts

- rarely goes down but is good at it

- looks like he’s super rough but is actually totally vanilla

- his favorite position is missionary

- okay i lied he’s a lil bit kinky

- likes blindfolds and handcuffs but only on special occasions 

- he really likes sweet little kisses during sex

- also peppers them all over your body

- mainly focuses on your clevage

- wait i said that already

- … is a boob guy

- he’s not really into marks but sometimes he’ll have scratchmarks all over the back and his teammates tease him

- afterwards he turns into a cuddle monster

his dick:

- big & thick

the experience:



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