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some stories just don't have a happy ending (Stiles Stilinski)

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“y/n stop!” Stiles screamed from his jeep but it was hard to hear in the pouring rain.

I didn’t pay attention, I just kept walking. Stiles pulled his jeep over, climbing out and running to catch me.

“stop and let me talk!” Stiles said roughly yanking my arm so I would stop walking.

“there is NOTHING you can say to change things Stiles.” I said yanking my arm out of his grasp and continuing to walk forward.

“I don’t even know what this is about?” Stiles yelled running a hand through his hair.

I tried to think back to the exact moment when things changed. Eveyrthing and everyone was different.

“you won’t even tell me?” He asked coming to stand in front of me.

“no, I don’t need to hear anymore of your lies!”

“y/n talk to me!“ Stiles said more desperate now.

“talk to you? why huh? Its not like you talk to me! I had to find out everything from Theo!” I screamed angry tears streaming down my face.

“Theo? what did he tell you?” Stiles asked grabbing my hands in his.

“you know what he told me.” I said glaring at him and ripping my hands from his.

“y/n I didn’t mean to, it was a mistake okay.” Stiles said taking a step back.

“a mistake that didn’t have to be made!” I screamed pulling my hair, completely frustrated by now.

“yeah well y/n some people have to make mistakes okay! Some of us are human!” Stiles screamed standing directly in front of me again.

Never once has he brought up the fact that I was different. I discovered my abilities when my name was on the deadpool list. I was called a djinn, I could create powerful hallucinations in people’s minds. Stiles was there for me, helping me to learn control that much power. He even went as far as taking a bullet to the shoulder when someone was shooting at me. Along the way we fell in love but now everything was falling apart. I felt a few more tears fall down my face.

“y/n i’m sorry I didn’t mean it that way.” Stiles said a few tears rolling down his cheeks as well.

I walked around him continuing to walk away but this time he didn’t stop me, he just let me go. I arrived at my house freezing and soaked from the rain.

“i’ve been waiting for you.” I heard a familiar voice say from a dark corner of the room.

“well here I am.” I snapped flipping on the light switch.

Theo sat in a chair across the room, his claws extended. He laughed as he stood up sauntering his way over to me.

“what’s wrong? trouble in paradise?” He asked with that same stupid look on his face.

“you were right, he admitted to it.“ I said slamming my bag down on the table.

"he did?” Theo asked almost as if he were surprised.

I gave him a look warily. Yesterday Theo told me he saw Stiles kissing his ex-girlfriend Malia Tate.

“why do you seem so surprised?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

“I just didn’t know if he’d own up to his mistake.” Theo rushed out.

I sighed walking up the stairs to my bedroom. I could feel Theo on my heels. On my bedside table was a picture of me and Stiles. I grabbed it throwing it across the room. The glass shattered in pieces, but that wasn’t enough for me. I picked up the picture, slicing my hand on a piece of glass in the process. I ripped the picture until I couldn’t rip it any further.

“feel better now?” Theo asked standing in my doorway with his arms crossed over his chest.

I was breathing heavily, all my anger flowing through me.

“that right y/n get angry, anger makes you stronger.” Theo said clapping his hands together.

my blood was boiling at his encouragement.

“you know who you should really be angry at? Malia. She kissed him too. You should show her who is really in charge.” Theo growled coming to stand by me.

I thought about his words for a second. At this point I was so angry I was considering what he said. I was probably the most powerful of the pack, next to Lydia and Parrish. I could totally incapacitate her, make her feel pain, my pain. That was exactly what I was going to do.

“lets go.” I growled clenching my fists.

Theo and I walked out to his truck climbing in. I knew where she’d be, she’d be with the pack.

“you know the pack may try to stop you.” Theo said glancing over at me.

“than I’ll take them out too.” I growled still feeling my blood boiling.

“i’m sure you will.” Theo smirked returning his eyes back to the road.

We pulled in the school parking lot. I didn’t take anytime in getting out and rushing to the library.

“Malia.” I growled seeing her standing with Scott, Stiles, and Lydia.

Malia gave me a confused look before placing her hands on her head. She let out a scream of pain as I entered her head. Her eyes turned completely white, experiencing the hallucination that I was making her see. I brought her back to the night of the car accident, I made her see herself ripping her family to shreds. She fell on the ground passing out from the pain.

“y/n stop! what are you doing?” Scott said rushing over to me and grabbing my shoulders.

I directed my powers at Scott, getting into his mind now. I made him see Allison dying again, but instead of the oni killing her, he did. Scott growled bringing his hands to his head. He followed the same actions as Malia did.

“stop y/n this isn’t you!” Lydia cried.

I turned my attention towards Lydia now. She tried to fight me off but I still got inside her head. I made her see herself getting attacked by peter over and over again.

“Y/n.” Stiles said stepping closer.

“stay back.” I growled getting out of Lydia’s head.

“y/n babe do you remember what you told me, huh you told me that you didn’t want to be a monster. I promised you that I wouldn’t let you. I’m keeping my promise.” Stiles said stepping even closer.

I could feel the tears slip down my cheeks as I thought back to that night.

The assassin was quickly gaining on me and Stiles. I took a deep breath turning towards the assassin. I tried to control my powers, getting in his head. He screamed placing his hands over his head.

“please stop.” The guy begged falling to the ground.

I didn’t stop. I didn’t have control over it.

“y/n stop.” Stiles said placing his hand over mine.

“oh god stop.” The guy screamed again.

“Stiles I don’t know how to stop.” I cried.

Stiles turned me around placing his lips on mine. I kissed him back feeling like my heart was about to explode. I felt myself get out of the guys head and focus on my kiss with Stiles.

“Y/n look out!” Stiles screamed pushing me out of the way.

The guy pulled the trigger of the gun shooting Stiles in the shoulder. I ran over knocking the gun out of his hand and punching him in the face, knocking him out. Stiles was gripping his shoulder in pain. I ran back over to him taking his head in my hands.

“Stiles i’m so sorry.” I said feeling the tears fall down my cheeks.

“It’s not your fault.” Stiles said placing a bloody hand on my cheek.

“yes it is, I’m a monster.”

“y/n you’re not a monster, okay I won’t let you become one either. I promise.” Stiles said kissing my lips again.

I believed every word he said.

I snapped out of my thoughts feeling the tears fall down my face again.

“Stiles.” I breathed.

Stiles ran over taking me in his arms while I sobbed.

“Stiles I’m so sorry I was just so mad about you kissing Malia and..” I started but was cut off by Stiles.

“I never kissed Malia.”

“you didn’t?” I asked confused.

“No, y/n I killed Donovan okay? I didn’t cheat on you. Killing Donovan was an accident, I would never intentionally hurt you, y/n remember I love you.” Stiles said putting a hand on my cheek.

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I was about to respond when I heard clapping from behind us.

“damn y/n I almost had you killing the whole room.” Theo said laughing.

Stiles put a protective arm around me.

“you lied to me so I’d hurt my friends. Well too bad your plan didn’t work.” I growled through clenched teeth.

“you see I thought about that, that’s why I always have a back up plan.”

Before I had time to react Tracy Stewart had scratched me and Stiles, paralyzing us with her kanima venom. Theo walked over pulling a jar out of his pocket.

“you see these y/n?” Theo asked showing me the contents of the jar.

“These come from a powerful creature who could take others power. They let me take power. Y/n I want your power.” Theo said pulling out the talons from the jar and putting them on his claws.

“if you touch her I swear to god.” Stiles spat from beside me.

I felt my heart beat pick up as Theo got closer.

“Theo don’t!” Stiles begged.

But Theo had already made up his mind. He bent down sticking the talons in my stomach. I felt the power and life being drained from me. I coughed up blood as Theo stuck the talons in deeper. Theo sucked in a sharp breath as my power surged into him.

“Theo stop!” Stiles said screaming.

“awh come on Stiles at least you’ll know she died loving you.” Theo said.

I felt my vision starting to get blurry, and my eyes start to close.

“y/n hold on okay, I’m gonna help you.” Stiles said but I didn’t hear him.

the last thing I thought about before my eyes closed was Stiles. I never got to tell him that I loved him too. But I guess that’s the way it goes in life. Some stories just don’t have a happy ending.

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“do you know her?” Liam asked, showing the picture of you.

“she’s cute but no.” Brett answered immediately.

“well we know she’s dating someone and you’re her type.” Liam stated angrily, “you better not be lying to me. she’s my best friend.”

“then i assume your friend,” Brett said, “will tell you when she’s ready.”


- theo raeken

- brett talbot

- the pack

- liam dunbar

- dylan sprayberry

- young derek hale

updated: august 23rd 2016

Just Friends

Pairing: Brett x Reader

Requested: Yes by a fab anon, thank you so much for the ideaaa

A/N: gif is not mine, sent in by the fab and amazing @joeynihil who understands my needs for a little Brett smut <3

NSFW, 18+

masterlist / coming soon

I listened to this song (fall out boy if you’re interested) mainly.

You stepped off the Devenford bus, arms linked with your 6’2 best friend who had a scowl rested on his face as he looked out over the crowd of students surrounding the bus. “Lighten up, Brett, it’s only a friendly.” You smiled, bumping your hip against his. Brett eased up at the sound of you laughter as you skipped through the crowd away from him in search of friends that you new in Beacon Hills, he stared at you weaving your way through people like second nature.

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“what if she just went for a walk?” Brett suggested.

“no body just ‘goes for a walk’ in Beacon Hills dumb ass.” Liam stated, looking around.

Brett sighed, “why did you call me to help find her?”

“because, as much as i hate to admit it, you care about her just as much as i do.” Liam answered.

“or more.” 

Liam scoffed, “pfff. dont make me laugh, i was being nice by saying you’re even level with me.”

prompt #34, #35 (Derek Hale)

34.“look at you sacrificing yourself for others, I was starting to think you didn’t have a heart.” 35.“that was a sad attempt at an apology.” “well I’ve never actually apologized to someone before.” “never?” “I guess you could say you changed me.” Requested @kristinag-1997

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The music was so loud in the club I could barely hear myself think. We had to stop Jackson tonight, or else he was just going to keep killing people. He didn’t know he was doing it either which made the situation a thousand times worse. 

“anybody have eyes on him?” Scott asked.

He knew the werewolves in the room would hear him, I wasn’t one of them, but I was right near Isaac and he did. I was supposed to dance with Jackson to distract him and then Isaac would knock him out so we could catch him and hopefully find out who was controlling him. I caught Jackson making his way over to the DJ. I took a deep breathe. I wasn’t exactly the sexy type, I mean I only ever kissed one guy and it was Stiles on accident.

“you reek of anxiety, just relax you got this.” Isaac said squeezing my shoulder.

I took another deep breathe before feeling myself being pushed by Isaac. I landed straight on my face. I turned around glaring at Isaac, before getting up and brushing myself off. I ran over to Jackson pulling him over to me. I backed up and started swaying my hips against his body. He put his hands on my hips slowly putting them under my shirt. I tried my best not to freak out, waiting for Isaac. Jackson started moving his hands up higher so I quickly flipped around so I was facing Jackson. Isaac came over dancing with us too.  I never had two attractive guys grinding on me at once.

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This plan would’ve been better if it involved Derek, but unfortunately he had no idea what we were planning. Erica and Stiles were outside waiting for me and Isaac to bring out Jackson. I suggested Erica be the one to dance with him but she insisted that Jackson has a thing for me. Jackson had a thing for everyone, including my brothers girlfriend Allison. Isaac was about to inject him but he saw. He threw me to the ground knocking Isaac down, and causing the vile to roll away. I was trying to collect myself but there were so many people in the club. Isaac picked up the vile stabbing it in Jackson’s neck.

“you take him, I need to go find Scott.” I told Isaac scanning the crowd for Scott.

I didn’t see him anywhere. I stood by the DJ so I could get a good look at the whole club, but still no Scott. I pulled out my phone sending him a text message. I stood there for a few minutes scanning the crowd and waiting for a response. I saw the intended target of tonight’s murder. I watched her going backstage so I decided to follow just in case.

“I see you.” The girl snapped crossing her arms over her chest.

“I’m sorry. I was just making sure you're okay.” I said stepping out of the shadows.

“why wouldn’t I be okay?” She snapped again turning away from me.

It all happened so fast. The girl was there and then she wasn’t. I felt blood splatter all over my face and my shirt. I looked up as her body fell from the rafter, her throat slashed. Jackson lurked in the rafters in his kanima form, making eye contact with me. I could feel the panic settle in as he dropped down right in front of me. I screamed trying to warn the others in the club, but I have a feeling no one heard me over the loud music.

“Jackson wait don’t” I said backing away from him.

He lurched forward catching me off guard. He grabbed me by my leg pulling me to him. I tried to grab something but Jackson was too strong. He raised his claws ready to slash my throat as well. I let out one final scream hoping someone would hear me. Jackson was tackled off of me. I looked up at Derek’s alpha form fighting Jackson.

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Derek got one over on Jackson, knocking him to the ground. Derek picked up Jackson throwing him into the wall repeatedly. Jackson got up, retreating back up the rafter. Derek came over pulling me up from the floor.

“are you okay?” Derek asked using his hand to wipe some of the blood from my face.

“i’m fine, where’s Scott?” I asked worried for my brother.

“he’s fine, he had to go take care of something.” Derek said taking off his jacket and putting it over my blood covered shirt.

“so he left me here.” I said rolling my eyes and letting Derek lead me out.

“In his defense he thought you were with Stiles.” Derek said opening the door of his black mustang for me.

“well I wasn’t! I was looking for him! He bailed on our plan! I can’t believe him!” I screamed letting out all my frustrations.

I was almost killed and Scott was nowhere to be found. I loved him, he was my brother, but lately I was wondering where his loyalties lie. He spent so much time fighting to be with Allison that he neglected his relationships with other people. Derek drove me to his loft. 

“are you going to be okay?” Derek asked opening the door for me.

I sat down on his bed looking at my shirt. Seeing the blood made me think about what just happened. I couldn’t get the image of the girl with her throat slashed out of my head. I’d seen dead bodies before, but none that up close, and I certainly hadn’t talked to them right before they were brutally murdered.

“y/n, I’m talking to you.” Derek said waving his hand in front of my face.

“yeah sorry i’m fine, no thanks to Scott.” I scoffed rolling my eyes again.

Derek sat down next to me. There was an awkward silence. His jacket around my arms was warm and smelled just like him.

“how did you find me?” I asked looking at him.

“I heard you scream, I came.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

look at you sacrificing yourself for others, I was starting to think you didn’t have a heart.” I smirked laughing at him.

“yeah well I almost didn’t.” He said standing up.

“uh okay? I mean you didn’t have to save my life.” I said confused and a little hurt.

“I’m sorry that isn’t what I meant you just took it the wrong way. ” Derek said running his hands through his hair.

that was a sad attempt at an apology.” I said laughing at him again.

well I’ve never actually apologized to someone before.” He admitted crossing his muscular arms over his toned chest.

never?” I questioned standing up now as well.

I guess you could say you’ve changed me.” Derek said not looking at me.

I was a little shocked hearing Derek admit that. I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew Derek wasn’t the guy to just say that to anyone.

“I meant I was scared that I wasn’t going to make it to you in time.” He said grabbing my hands and looking me straight in the eyes.

I could feel my heartbeat pounding in my ears.

“but you did, and i’m fine.” I said offering him a small smile.

“I know you’re not, and that’s okay, you were just almost killed.” Derek said getting interrupted by his phone ringing.

I didn’t know who was on the other line but they sounded panicked.

“Isaac needs me, you can stay here, this is probably the safest place for you right now. I’ll be right back.” Derek said kissing my cheek and walking out the door.

I held my cheek where he kissed me. I don’t think he even realized he did it. I sighed falling back on his bed. I entangled myself in his sheets that smelt like him. It wasn’t long until I felt myself drift off to sleep. I woke up to the sun shining in my face. I sat up looking at my surroundings. I realized I was still in Derek’s loft. I slept here last night. I looked down at my body, but my blood stained shirt was replaced with a black long sleeve shirt. I realized it was Derek’s. He must’ve put it on me while I was sleeping. I blushed at the thought of him seeing me in my bra.

“I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t want you to have to stay in the blood stained shirt.” He said bringing me a cup of coffee and sitting down beside me.

“no, thank you Derek.” I said offering him a smile.

I sipped the coffee feeling some tension in the air.

“did you uh sleep.” I started not knowing how to phrase my question.

“no I slept on the couch.” Derek said pointing to his sofa that had a blanket and a pillow on it.

I nodded my head feeling some of the tension ease.

“you could’ve, I wouldn’t have minded.” I said looking at him from the corner of my eye.

I could’ve swore I saw Derek smiling.

“next time.” He said grabbing my coffee and letting me stand up.

Derek’s shirt was like a dress on me, but somehow I’ve never been more comfortable.

“hey Derek, I never did say thank you for saving my life.” I said looking at my toes.

Derek walked over to me taking my chin in his hand. He leaned in softly placing his lips on mine. I was stunned at first but found myself kissing back as soon as I realized what was happening. Derek cupped my cheek pulling me closer to him. The best way to describe it was pure bliss, definitely better than my accidental kiss with Stiles.

“you saved my life too, you just don’t know it.” Derek said resting his forehead against mine.

I knew now that I was in love with the alpha Derek Hale.

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moving on ➳ brett talbot

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    summary: After getting your heartbroken by your ex, Liam, two months ago. You’re still trying to move on.

pairing(s): brett talbot x fem!reader

warning(s): heartbroken!reader, cute!brett

a/n: another reuploaded imagine, hope y’all enjoy though!

I huffed, glaring daggers at the smiling couple down the hall from me. My glare changed to a small whimper after Liam kissed Hayden. I turned away from the sight, and went back to gathering my books from my locker. I jumped in surprise when I felt a hand on my shoulder, which turned out to be my best friend, Lydia Martin.

“Y/N,” Lydia sent me a sad smile, “It’s been two months, doll.”

“I know,” I snapped at her, “You think I want to feel like this? You think I like waking up, and feeling like I’m never good enough? You think I like still being stuck on his dumb-ass? I don’t, Lydia, and I’m sorry if me being heartbroken is kinda an inconvenience for you.”

A look of hurt flashed across her face, and I sighed, feeling guilty. I know Lydia didn’t mean harm, but I really couldn’t help it. I felt eyes on my back, and I peeked over my shoulder to realize it was the pack. After the breakup between Liam and me, I stopped talking to the pack. It was really awkward whenever I was around, along with Liam and Hayden so I choose to exclude myself from the little group. I only talked to Lydia now, as she’s been my best friend since we were 5, and we live right next to each other.

“I’m sorry, Lydia,” I told the strawberry blonde gently, “I know you don’t mean harm, but it’s hard.”

“I had no right to say that,” She replied, “I know what you’re going through, I mean I went through it when Jackson left. I’m really sorry, Y/N. Best Friends?”

“Best friends,” I laughed, hooking my pinky with hers. I closed my locker, and we began making our way to our first class.

“Soo, are you ready for the Devenford Prep vs Beacon Hills game tonight?” asked Lydia, with a sly smirk.

“I am,” I chuckled, “It should be an interesting game.”

“Mhmm, what about seeing your loverboy?” She teased me, and I rolled my eyes but a blush crept upon my cheeks.

“You know how I feel, but Brett is just a friend,” I told the smirking strawberry-blonde as we found our seats. She sat in front of me as usual. She just sent me a smirk before class began.

“Y/N!” I heard Lydia call my name, as I made my way over to the lacrosse field, where Devenford Prep players were practicing.

“Hey, Lyds,” I greeted my best friend, taking the empty seat next to her. I bit the urge to roll my eyes as the pack sat behind us, “Don’t start.”

“What?” She asked in ‘fake shock’, and I gave her a look, “All I was going to say was you were looking quite cozy with Mr. Talbot.”

“He’s a friend, Lydia,” I huffed, shaking my head at her bright grin. I turned my attention back to the field, where Brett was now looking straight over at us, shirtless and with his lacrosse stick on his shoulders, behind his head.

“Doesn’t seem like it,” She hummed, “Ooh, he’s making his way over here.”

“Hey Y/N,” The green-eyed boy said, with a smirk on his face, “Lydia.”

“Hey, Brett. You ready for the game tonight?” I smiled, at the handsome boy in front of me.

“Of course I am. You’re coming right? I need my cheerleader,” He winked at me, as Lydia let out a little squeal that I barely heard, “How about a date afterwards also?


Brett left, giving me a wink and I couldn’t help the blush that spread across my cheeks, and the huge smile that broke out on my face.

“Sure you guys are just friends?” Lydia teased, raising an eyebrow. I bit my lip, looking back and forth between her and Brett. I knew that the best way to get over Liam, would to try and forget him.

“HEY, BRETT!” I yelled to the blonde haired boy, who stopped and faced me with a raised eyebrow, “HOW ABOUT THIS, YOU WIN TONIGHT AND I’LL LET YOU TAKE ME ON THAT DATE.”

“YOU’RE ON!” He screamed back, before jogging back to the rest of his teammates.

“I hope we aren’t,” I answered Lydias’ question from earlier. I laughed as Lydia threw her arms around me.

“I’m so happy for you, doll,” She told me quietly, and I sent her a smile.

“I feel happy,” I bit my lip as I looked out on the field.

“Well, let’s go get you ready,” giggled Lydia, pulling me to my feet, and dragging me off to her car. With her dragging me, I ended up tripping on my own feet and fell to my butt, blushing when I realized Brett was staring with a goofy smile.

“Isn’t this too much?” I asked Lydia as she applied another layer of Power Driven (Dark Red) on my lips.

“Never,” She smiled, finally closing the lipstick and stepping back.

I was dressed in a casual black dress, with stockings underneath and my black ankle boots, topped with a crimson red cardigan. My hair was put away in a messy braided bun, and I had a smokey eye look.

“Let’s go,” I chuckled, and yet again I was dragged to her car

/ Lacrosse Field /

Arriving at the field, we quickly took our seats. The game started no later than 5 minutes after.

Brett quickly took possession of the ball, and scored a shot. I bit my lip, as Lydia nudged me with a huge smile on her face.

“Is it bad that I want them to win?” I asked Lydia as Brett scored another shot. He sent me a wink as soon as I met his gaze.

“No,” She grabbed my hand and squeezed it with a warm smile, “you’re finally allowing yourself to move on.“

/ After Game /

Devenford Prep won the game with 10-8. I decided to wait around so Brett could shower or whatever, and Lydia was with me as the pack stumbled over. When I seen Liam with his arm around Hayden, I strangely didn’t feel any hostility like usual. Jackson wrapped an arm around Lydia, kissing her forehead. I smiled at the PDA, they were adorable.

“I think you owe someone a date, Y/N,” Lydia sang teasingly, motioning her head to behind me, where Brett stood. He was cleaned up, and rubbing the back of his head, sheepishly.

“You are right,” I gave her a quick hug, before making my way over to Brett, “Congratulations, Brett.”

“Thanks,” He continued rubbing the back of his head, “So, about that date..”

“Where are you taking me?” I asked, catching a surprised look spread across his face, “What? Did you think I was lying about the date?”

“No - no. Let’s go,” Brett held out his hand, and I gladly took it, lacing my fingers with his.

prompt #13, #14, #31 (Theo Raeken)

13.“you’re a surviror, it’s written all over your body.” 14.“I will love you unconditionally.” 31.“sometimes i’m not angry, i’m hurt, and there’s a big difference. Requested by @aimee-a-teenwolf

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just a little warning it gets a little smutty so if you don’t like that I’m sorry lol I didn’t intend for it to be until I wrote it out.

"her conditional is terminal.” That was the last thing I heard before I died.

That’s right, I died. But I didn’t stay dead. I was brought back to life by Theo Raeken. He was working with Scott McCall trying to save me when the Dread Doctors killed me. I knew though that Theo had a more sinister plan in mind. I wasn’t as naïve or stupid as Corey, Hayden, Josh, and Tracy. Theo knew that too. Maybe that was why he treated me differently than the other four. He knew I was the stronger than them too. I was a werewolf coyote hybrid. There was always a tension between me and Theo. Almost as if it was a power struggle.

“y/n we need to talk.” Theo said opening his door and gesturing for me to come in his room.

I walked in slowly, keeping my eyes on him.

“yes master?” I said rolling my eyes causing Theo to smirk.

“I am your alpha you know that right?” He asked closing the door and standing in front of it so I was trapped in.

“my alpha? you’re not even a real werewolf. This isn’t even a real pack.” I scoffed.

“yes you’re alpha. You’re not a real werewolf either baby and I’m still stronger.” Theo said coming up to me and grabbing me by the neck, pressing me against the wall.

He let go of my neck and pressed me against the wall with his own body. I was struggling to get out of his grip.

“you drive me crazy, you know that?” Theo said bringing a hand to cup my cheek.

“welcome to my world.” I snapped back.

“I can see that there’s some unresolved tension here baby so lets resolve it right now shall we?”

Theo threw me on his bed and was on top of me within seconds. I didn’t know what I was doing exactly but I kissed him back. I didn’t protest either as Theo reached his hands up under my shirt and pulled it off.

“how does that feel?” Theo asked kissing under my bra and down my stomach.

I let out a moan putting my hands in his hair. I wanted him. I shouldn’t want him but I did. Theo unbuttoned my pants sliding them off.

“are you going to tell me why you’ve been protesting me?” Theo asked kissing along the top of my lace panties.

I was breathing heavily trying to control my moans.

“I don’t want to die again.” I admitted between breaths.

“you’re not going to die baby. You’re a survivor, it’s written all over your body.” Theo said unhooking my bra.

Theo put his lips back on mine kissing me slowly, teasing me. I reached my hands up putting them under his shirt. Theo grabbed my arms pinning them above my head.

“I’m not done talking baby.” Theo said kissing down my jawline to my neck.

I let a little growl growing frustrated at his teasing.

“why are you so angry all the time?” He asked using one of his hand that was pinning my arms down to take off his shirt.

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Theo looked like he was sculpted by gods.

“I could ask you the same thing.” I said struggling to get my arms free.

“we’re not talking about me baby.” Theo said letting go of my hands so they could roam his body.

“sometimes i’m not angry, i’m hurt and there’s a big difference.” I said panting at how turned on I was.

“now why would you be hurt?” Theo asked standing up and taking off his shorts.

“I can’t read your mind but I know you don’t care about us.” I said grabbing his hand and bringing his lips back down to mine.

“that’s where you’re wrong baby. Them I don’t care about, but you, you have something I want.” Theo said taking off my panties now.

“and what’s that?” I asked smirking reaching my hands and slipping them in his boxers.

“you, I want you. I’ve tried to stay away, I’ve tried to fight these feelings but I can’t do it. You drive me crazy because I will love you unconditionally even though you test my patience.” Theo said slipping out of his boxers.

He hovered over me bringing his lips back on to mine. This was the night I lost my virginity to Theo Raeken.

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lol this totally went in a different direction than I thought it was going to. I’m sorry for this lol.

Smut Prompts ❤

{some of these I found online}

1. I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue… wanna see?

2. Your knees are gonna be black and blue

3 You’ve gotta keep quiet

4. It’s not going to be that easy

5. You can model for me if you want, but you and I both know those clothes look better on the floor

6. Beg. You’ve got to beg

7. Come on. You don’t have to be shy

8. It’s just a fantasy

9. You’ve got me hypnotized

10. I didn’t imagine my first time being with you

11. Belts have multiple purposes

12. You’re fucking gorgeous

13. We’re going to hell for this

14. I think someone’s coming

15.Please, oh god, please

16. I love you

17. I want this to last forever

18. I need your help

19. I’ll be gentle, I promise

20. Are you sure you want this

21. Is that gum in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?



he knew what you had done. the trade, your life for his. but so help him god if he was going to live without you.

you two always got into this position. two lovers who loved so much you would do anything to save the other. a weakness often exploited by others. except was it a weakness at all?

a ferocity driven by passion, to protect the other until your last breath. you were a team, a force to be reckoned with, and your love was undeniable. 

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