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updated: august 23rd 2016


“what if she just went for a walk?” Brett suggested.

“no body just ‘goes for a walk’ in Beacon Hills dumb ass.” Liam stated, looking around.

Brett sighed, “why did you call me to help find her?”

“because, as much as i hate to admit it, you care about her just as much as i do.” Liam answered.

“or more.” 

Liam scoffed, “pfff. dont make me laugh, i was being nice by saying you’re even level with me.”

not ready for it to end ❤️😭


“do you know her?” Liam asked, showing the picture of you.

“she’s cute but no.” Brett answered immediately.

“well we know she’s dating someone and you’re her type.” Liam stated angrily, “you better not be lying to me. she’s my best friend.”

“then i assume your friend,” Brett said, “will tell you when she’s ready.”


Teen Wolf boys in their lacrosse uniforms😍😍😍

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Dating Brett Talbot Would Include…

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  • going to all of his lacrosse games
  • makeout sessions in the locker room after every practice
  • being his anchor
  • helping him on full moons
  • lots of flirting
  • him spoiling you
  • skipping class together
  • late night calls
  • always stealing his hoodies
  • him treating you like a queen
  • playing with his hair
  • lots of PDA
  • romantic dates
  • him constantly walking around shirtless
  • lots of hand holding
  • midnight drives
  • tender kisses
  • showing each other off
  • tickle fights
  • his little sister absolutely adoring you
  • hugs from behind
  • lots of piggyback rides
  • him getting jealous
  • being the little spoon
  • forehead kisses
  • play fighting
  • going clubbing together
  • him teasing you
  • kisses everywhere
  • lots and lots of cuddling
dating brett talbot would include...

  • cheering him on at lacrosse games even though his team is your school’s rival
    • watching him practice after school
      • because you don’t see him often during the week, he always spends the night at your house
      • sometimes instead of going out on actual dates you like to sit in bed with him and binge-watch netflix
      • or make out
        • you aren’t a big fan of pda, but secretly love it when brett grabs your butt in public
    • rough but sweet kisses
    • forehead kisses
  • brett loves it when you straddle him when you’re making out
        • he likes to be in control, but it turns him on when you call the shots, too
      • he likes to mark you so that other guys know you belong to him
    • he leaves hickies everywhere, but especially on your hips and neck
  • he’s really into spanking
      • sometimes for the fun of it he’ll make you count until you can’t take it anymore
        • movie dates
        • he prefers to sit in the back of the theatre so that he can tease you without anyone knowing
    • going to each others’ school dances
      • and then running off early to go make out in his car