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people who are and are not allowed to die on the final three episodes of Teen Wolf as told by me


THEO: because he deserves a chance at happiness and he’s more than made up for being an asshole

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LIAM: because he’s a cute lil puppy and there would be no Thiam without Liam and let’s be honest we all need more Thiam in our lives.

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NOLAN: because Nolan is a misunderstood smol bean and if we’re stating facts Froy Gutierrez legit invented cuteness.

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SCOTT AND MALIA: because they’re goals as fuuuuucccckkkk

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MASON, COREY, JACKSON, AND ETHAN: because gosh they make cute couples

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LYDIA: because Lydia is a bad bitch and you can’t kill a bad bitch

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MELISSA: because we seriously do not deserve this woman

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DEREK: because we get him back tonight and if they kill him off I’ll burn down the Teen Wolf set

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STILES AND NOAH STILINSKI: because they’re literally the only ones who hold the pack together sometimes.

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GERARD: because he should’ve died in season two

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MONROE: because she really needs to get over herself

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GABE: because you shot at my babies and now shit has hit the fan

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ALL OF THE HUNTERS: because you all need hit in the face with a shovel (except Nolan)

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lowkey i’m kinda pissed we didn’t get to see the pack all dressed for graduation in cute little caps and gowns…

not ready for it to end ❤️😭



Au Meme

Story time

So my mom and I went to go see American Assassin, and if course I was fangirling throughout the movie because dAMN DYLAN 👏🏽YOU 👏🏽LOOK 👏🏽GOOD.👏🏽 We get out and I’m rambling abt how I grew up on Dylan/Teen Wolf and I’ve never seen Dylan shirtless so many times iN MY LIFE. So my mother goes “Well Teen Wolf is for kids.” I LAUGHED FOR A SOLID FIVE MINUTES AND SAID “FOR KIDS???? FOR KIDS???? FOR???? KIDS????”

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*cackling* If you say so mother.

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Angus Macgyver:

~ Put In Harms Way

Alex Summers:

Mutant and Proud

~ Bozo

Scott Summers:

Blind Date

Brett Talbot:

Hate To Love You | 2

Liam Dunbar:

~ N/A

Stiles Stilinski:

~ I’ll Be Okay

They’re Blue

Theo Raeken:

~ I Do Care

Peter Parker:

~ Feelings Unnoticed

~ Not So Gentle | 2 | 3 | 4 (Mini Series)


 ~ You Could Be Twins (P.P & T.H)

Tom Holland:

~ Accused of Murder | ? |

A Little Bit More

~ Can I Be Her | 2 | ? | ? (Mini Series)

~ Can I Be Her (Alternate Ending)

Can’t Stand Being Away From You

Chance of A Lifetime

~ Chaos Walking (Series)

~ Didn’t Think I’d Get A Response (Mini Series)

~ Famous In Love (Series)

~ My World, My Life

~ No Guy Needed Here

~ Obsessed

Opposites Attract

Same Level

Sing To Me

Stable Boy

~ Storms Don’t Last Forever

Te Amo

~ The Better Kisser

~ The Lost Princess (Series)

~ There’s No Crying In the Club

~ Unexpected Love | ? |

You Before Me

Shaun Murphy:

~ Saving Your Life (Visual Imagine)


- theo raeken

- brett talbot

- the pack

- liam dunbar

- dylan sprayberry

- young derek hale

updated: august 23rd 2016

*SPOILERS* Why do all my favorite characters die?

Can we talk about this? Today I was watching the latest episode of Teen Wolf and one of my favorites, Brett Talbot, dies.

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I feel like Brett is such a sad but wonderful character. His parents died in a fire making him and his sister orphans. Then he was taken in my Satomi. He was an ass to Liam, especially when he was first introduced, but he still cared enough to make sure Liam was ok. He cares so much for his sister that he got a scholarship through lacrosse to Devenford, made them take her if they wanted him, just  so she could make friends at a new school. He’s smart, caring, protective and just so, ughhhh! 

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On a more personal level he is one of the few bisexual characters on TV and probably the only one on Teen Wolf. I really liked that they had him be bisexual not only because I myself am bisexual but because you typically see bisexuality more commonly in females than male which adds to him being a pretty great character. 

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Though he was only a minor support character that cocky little shit was able to make his mark on me and so many other fans. The reason why he died was to bring forth more drive for the pack and reveal more of this season (the final season ‘que the waterfall of tears’) plot. As a student in video production I say, development wise, that it was a good call but the emotional side is just screaming “WHY JEFF DAVIS?! WHY?”

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My point is, I know why the writers did it. Hell, I’ve done that in the screen plays I’ve wrote for school but being on the other side is just sad. 

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But on the bright side we can still look at Cody Saintgnue (the actor of Brett)

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