Lost Boys || Jody

{Saturday, July 23rd, 2016}

James was a little more relaxed since the MCAt was over and now he just had to wait for the results next week. He was terrified of failing again. He was finding himself more and more secluded in a bubble and he hated feeling trapped. Being at the lake was helping a little, warm weather, sand under his toes. After a night of drinking alone on the deck, he didn’t crawl into bed until 2am. By the time cody woke up, he already was out for a run. 

He laid on the beach with just himself and his thoughts, squeezing his eyes shut. He reached for his phone, chewing on his lip as he texted Cody.

Can you come down to the beach when you wake up? I’m going on like 3 hours of sleep and I just went for a run. Too much effort to go back to the house.