And now for something completely different: a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach giving birth. 

What, you say? You thought cockroaches just laid eggs? Well, they do! Just… some species incubate their eggs - still within their eggsac- internally and then ‘birth’ them once they’ve hatched. (This is called being ovoviviparous). 

It’s cool and gross and fascinating and not something most people ever get to see, so I got permission to share this great video my friend Cindi took of one of the collection cockroaches giving birth. I’ve tried to tag it as thoroughly as possible. 

048-SMOKROACH [Smoke-Cockroach]
- The Roach pokemon
-Ability: Stench/Filter- Liquid Ooze(HA)
-“This pokemon lives on places filled with garbage and waste, laying very close to the floor. If by accident you step on a hidden SMOKROACH, it will expel a noxious cloud of gas that can knock you out”
    -Bug Bite
    -Poison Gas
    -Acid Spray

049-KEMIKROACH [Chemical-Cockroach]
- The Toxic Gas pokemon
-Ability: Stench/Filter- Liquid Ooze(HA)
-“This mysterious pokemon live in places too toxic for humans to enter without proper protection, among the waste. In its back it has developed a tank-like bladder where it creates toxic gases and liquids that can be expelled at will”
    -Sludge Bomb
    -Clear Smog