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Omg what? Don’t be upset. Honestly, where these “Victor will die” theories are coming from???? I understand people love angst, drama, heartbreaking things (I love those too). But this is such a cute, refreshing,optimistic show with lots of humor and funny moments. How come people think there will be a dark and dramatic ending like that??? Let’s not forget, that this is sports anime and sports anime is about building bonds, teamwork, seeing new sights, finding dreams, achieving goals, etc. Plus have you seen the ED? It gives such warm and happy feeling about the characters and their relationships. I’m 1000000% sure that this anime will have a happy ending Victurio family spending time together and Yurio cockblocking all attemts of Victor and Yuuri to make out with each other.

i wanted to say something about yuuri and viktor’s beach scene this last episode, where viktor playfully offers to be yuuri’s boyfriend;

a lot of people were saying, “man, yuuri just cockblocked himself, why did he do that? why’d he say no?” and generally complaining about it which i get and understand but like…

yuuri is still scared of viktor. he sees viktor as a completely different entity than regular people, like some sort of god, and thinks from the moment he met him, “i don’t match up to this person at all, this person is too good for me, this has to be some long drawn out dream or prank.” it’s like every time we look away he’s driven himself into another pit of insecurity, its horrible

and since he’s still terrified and in awe of viktor, he doesn’t see him as another person, so it’s hard for him to see eye to eye with him.

the other part is that viktor is a playful guy at heart; he has amazing accomplishments and has done and seen incredible things, he’s an adult man, but he’s still someone who likes a good laugh and wants to tease others (not maliciously of course– though he can be tactless and careless, he doesn’t have a genuinely mean bone in his body). he likes to have fun and one of his favorite pass times is to poke at yuuri and yurio. yuuri is now used to viktor teasing him all the time, so he never really takes anything to mind besides his coaching.

yuuri definitely likes viktor, but since he’s scared of him, LOSING him, he puts up walls, even higher ones because he assumes viktor is always just making fun of him.

yuuri admires and loves every inch of viktor, but doesn’t take him seriously, and that’s why he shuts down anything he finds off in viktor’s speech or wording. to yuuri, viktor is not a person; viktor is his god. a dumb, willful, silly god but a god none the less and their relationship is never going to progress until the both of them get their heads out of their asses

so yeah. thats all i have to say bye

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The 1st place video you were talking about, no only were people cockblocking Jikook. From I feel like when Jungkook was trying to get closed to Jimin, which was a lot of times, he was hesitating and end up turning away or Jimin would avoid it. I don't know what it going on, I could be completely delulu but something's definitely up.

Although people have been taking the mindset that Jimin’s the one who’s pushing Jungkook away…

…I feel like it’s more like Jimin has had a sort of “makeover” recently, and he’s kind of overwhelmed by it. Kind of like: “dayum, I knew he was hot but not THIS hot.” Which is why he keeps casually commenting on Jimin’s sexiness and being overtly aware of it lately. Also why he kind of keeps his distance because it’s almost like Jimin is an extremely attractive stranger when he puts his stage outfit on, and he just can’t find it in himself to approach his hyung as he normally would ;)

But I’m sure it’s just a temporary, fleeting thing…I think he’s gotten used to it already and they’ve been extra clingy lately …


glad you guys are back. we missed you so much, our dorky kings♥

Gwaine’s relationship with Merlin is/was so underappreciated and heartbreaking. Like, here’s this man who absolutely would risk anything for his only friend who he loves, but is always overlooked because Merlin has give so much attention to Arthur, yet Gwaine totally understands and would still do anything for Merlin. That’s friendship. That’s love.