Sehun, the real cockblocker

The last time Andrei and Polly interacted in terms of money I quipped that Andrei didn’t make a condition of receiving one million simoleons an on the spot blowjob, sooooo he got nothing.

Autonomously, Polly decided to hold his hands after receiving his gift.

Sooooo… one million simoleons gets you a pat on the arm?

A four million simoleon gem gets you a hand hold?

I don’t….


As of this moment: yes, four million simoleons gets you a hand hold.

And that’s all.

Matty went and cockblocked him.  While speaking with Artyom, I might add.

Can you imagine, you’re talking to some dude and all of a sudden his bladder lets go on your shoes?


You’ve shamed your ancestors and your descendants for seven generations.

He doesn’t seem too broken up about this.  … again.

……. >_>;  And that’s where I ended for now.  xD

anonymous asked:

I agree - Liv is a pointless character. There is no need for her to be there tbh. And I'm not even saying it because I'm a robron fan who sees her as some kind of cockblock, I genuinely do not like her as a character. We already have enough moody, misbehaved teenagers in the show.

Exactly. She adds exactly nothing. I mean, I’m all for giving Aaron a sibling. It’s a great idea, giving him more family that’s just his. And Isobel is great. I just…it’s so boring and it’s making Aaron look so bad. I’m a Robron fan, obvs, but I much prefer Robert and quite frankly this boring circle of Liv “pushing boundaries to see if Aaron loves her” is bullshit and the more he just ignores her behaviour the more I lose respect and the more I want Robert to have someone better. Just saying…