What is this?

I have the world's most ridiculous bird

I’m sorry I didn’t get video of this but I was laughing too hard. I hope she does it again.

You may recall Smärg’s world-famous (well over 2,000 views on YouTube) carpet bath dance video. We’re in the middle of a fierce thunderstorm right now and Smärg got extremely excited and started doing her bath dance. This time she added a new move to her choreography: she now scoots/flops across the room on her belly like some kind of bizarre avian parody of a slip'n'slide.

I love this weirdo.


新しい靴下だよ。#cockatiel #オカメインコ #インコ #bird

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Benjamin’s reaction to his beloved Nutriberry.

Somebody lost their precious baby cockatiel in the Fenway area in Boston. Please signal boost this and if you live in the Boston area keep an eye out!!!
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