Electric Feel

For the first time since graduating from college in 2011, I’m living in an apartment of my own. My roommate is a great guy in the same premed program that I am. And while the road ahead will be a challenging one, the way is lit and I know what I must do. 

There is the potential for a sense of rootedness, agency, and security that I haven’t known in many years. All of those qualities fall into the purview of the Muladhara chakra, the root chakra. Therefore when I first moved two weeks ago, I decided to involve my first chakra in my spiritual practice.

Ever since my teenage years, I have experienced a surplus of nervous energy in my system. My mind could be calm and even still my body would be rattled and overflowing. Typical symptoms of being ungrounded. 

However, things took an interesting turn when I went to physical therapy for the first time this week. Some of you may remember that about two months ago I had an episode in which both of my knees locked up for days and strangely aggressive muscle spasms wracked my legs before spreading throughout my body. It was diagnosed, after quite an exhaustive process, as patella femoral syndrome.

But it was at physical therapy that they finally got at the root of the problem: my coccyx. The physical therapist said that not only was my coccyx borderline dislocated but that it was also twisted to one side. Additionally, my sacrum is also twisted asymmetrically. Sound much like lower chakra issues?

Just one day of physical therapy and I already started feeling in a way I haven’t since childhood. The palpable effect of even just a sliver of release was mind-boggling. 

For those like me who don’t know much about the coccyx, the essential point that she explained to me was that not only is there a nerve cluster at the coccyx but it’s also an important place where certain leg muscles attach. The muscle spasms I had experienced occurred as a result of those nerves being aggravated. 

All of this felt like the final piece to a puzzle that’s been baffling me for years. Another interesting thing I learned through my research on the lower chakras was that sometimes instead of opening from the bottom up, for some people the chakras open from the top down. Given that I was playing with my third eye in seventh grade, I think I’m a top down person. 

So now I’m learning myself in the ways of grounding. I’m using certain stones, walking barefoot on grass and earth, and engaging in specific physical exercises. The whole thing feels like revisiting the electro-magnetism chapters of physics. I can feel the electricity in my body–in fact the very act of feeling is itself the electricity. 

I was once told that the first person a healer must heal is him or herself. The wounded healer is an interesting Jungian archetype as well. This new breakthrough is the opportunity I’ve been looking for to help me sort out my life on the physical plane within society. We’ll see what comes of it. 

Bombs away!

Namaste :)


Coccyx: The sharp projection at the inferior end of the sacrum containing 3-4 fused vertebrae 
Medial Sacral
Crest: The spinous ridge on the posterior side running sagittally from the superior end down to the Coccyx
Posterior Sacral Foramina: The holes just lateral to the medial sacral crest on the posterior aspect of the sacrum
Anterior Sacral Foramina: The holes just lateral to the medial sacral crest on the anterior aspect of the sacrum
Auricular Surface: The ear-like surface on the superior lateral sides of the posterior end of the sacrum which articulates with the auricular surface of the illium of the os coxae
Ala: The lateral wings of the superior anterior portion of the sacrum 
Promontory: The ring-like region at the superior aspect of the sacrum 

The Manly Man
  • Anatomy Prof:Talking about broken bones..
  • Big Guy:I dislocated my coccyx once.
  • AP:How'd you manage that?!
  • BG:I was playing rugby and yeah..
  • AP:Wow, that's amazing
  • BG:*a little embarrassed* yeaup..
  • AP:Wait, so how exactly did it happen?
  • BG:*hesitant* I tackled somebody, then the guy behind me ran into it with his head.
  • AP/BG:*silence*