A gram of Scopolamine looks just like a gram of cocaine. But unlike cocaine, a gram of Scopolamine can kill 15 people.

When it doesn’t kill you, it renders you completely unable to exercise your free will. Come to my hotel room? Yes. Withdraw all your funds from the ATM? Sure. Cut out your liver? No problem.

But it get’s better. You could be walking down the street in Colombia and if this diabolic white powder is blown in your face — bam — you’re high, and their slave.

Oh, also, the world’s scariest drug grows in the wild.

Whereas the debate continues on whether cannabis is largely medicinal or recreational, it is clear none of the above applies to Scopolamine. It’s application is entirely criminal. And we’re still battling marijuana fearmongers.

I want to be your dirty secret.
Your daily dose of crack cocaine.
Your meth amphetamine.
I want to be the high
that money can’t buy.
I want to leave tracks
all over your flesh;
constant reminders
of losing yourself,
to an addiction
that has veins swelling
in readiness of the next hit.
I want to be your poison.
I want to be in you;
to consume you in your entirety.

tumblr executive: 

*youknow what woudl be a good idea* 

*does two dozen lines of cocaine off the tumblr masterserver*


*the rest of the tumblr staff is forced to go to his funeral instead of fixing this godforsaken husk of a website that we are all trapped on*

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eruri 19?

“things you said when we were the happiest we ever were”

Context: a drug AU. Slightly angsty. I’ve already done a happy one of these, which you can find…here

It flows through his veins, sparking electric in his brain and spilling through his arteries and capillaries with ecstasy and speed. Beside him, Levi is pinching at the bridge of his nose, eyes wide, powder dusting the shadow of his upper lip. Despite the way Erwin feels right now, the cocaine sending shivers up his spine, despite the way he feels like he can get everything done, forever, Levi looks unperturbed. 

Levi catches him watching out of the corner of his eye, grins apologetically. 

“It’s stronger for you since it’s your first time.”

The way Levi says this makes Erwin feel almost guilty, makes him feel almost angry, because it implies that Levi has a long and checkered past that Erwin has not, and will never be, a part of. But the next moment, swallowing down the shot of tequila Levi pours out with extraordinarily steady hands, Erwin decides that this doesn’t matter. 

He has Levi now, has him for the foreseeable future, and the thought sends him mad with joy, infectious laughter that has Levi giggling beside him as he taps out another few crumbs of white onto the glass coffee table and chopping it into fine powder with a credit card lying nearby. 

He offers another line to Erwin, which Erwin takes, happy, happier, happiest, no, far too much, slipping vaguely into paranoia in mere moments. Levi still looks unruffled. 

“What if this is the best it gets?” Erwin asks abruptly, reaching out and catching hold of Levi’s wrist. “What if we never get any happier than this?” 

Levi scoffs, shakes off Erwin’s grip, and leans over the coffee table, sucking up the white powder with a rolled up dollar bill. 

“Don’t worry about that shit, Erwin,” he murmurs, surfacing again, rubbing his index finger through the remnants of ivory scattered over the glass table and rubbing it along the insides of his gums. “A good life, and a short one.”

When Erwin finally drags himself out of the ebony pit of his addiction, he holds onto that quote, the last remaining vestiges he has of Levi, and has it carved on his headstone. 

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I showed my friend pictures of the boys and she said that Kou looks like someone who would give their lover oral just so he could attempt to push his entire head inside her vagina and eventually crawl fully inside, spend the night and then attempt to give birth to himself. Oh, and she said that Laito's fedora is probably made of old stolen panties and that Carla dyed his hair with cocaine.

{ I just can’t right now xD I love your friend , I swear it’s just so fun } 

Kou : What the hell ! That’s not me at all ! 

Laito : Hm , that’s not a bad idea , but those panties are in my special collection

Carla : . . That’s not true at all . My hair is natural like this 

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Moni I get so happy when I read about ur love for Mexico. I feel like Mexico is really under rated and that people just see it as this horrible place when it's like the best place ever

it gets such a bad rap??? its so infuriating lmao like part of it is that some really nasty ppl emigrate and the way the media portrays the country as a whole like if u didnt know a thing about mexico and only knew what the media says u would think that its this cocaine factory thats run by like 5 cartels that kill everyone who gets in their way like , first of all, the cocaine comes from colombia can we get that straight. the weed ok yea mexico grows it i can accept that lmao second, theres nasty ppl from every single culture group country etc and the good decent ppl greatly outnumber and overshadow the bad but the news doesnt report that the richest man in the world is a mexican entrepreneur or that mexico successfully started a soda tax which cut down obesity rates in children and adults when the nation had eclipsed the US in obesity. nah the media focuses on el chapo and those annoying ass 43 students like yea that was bad and all kinds of shady but how are yall gonna want the president to resign over that , what kind of pathetic ass ‘revolution’ that will only result in chaos that will turn the country to shit. the first months of protests were legit but then other has been presidential candidates who lost got all up in the melee and were like :) lets fuck shit up! why do yall let urselves be manipulated like this they dont actually care about the 43 students, they care about getting attention and trying to oust their party rival lmao

peña nieto is not the best but the ho is trying!! and making mexicos petroleum industry no longer be privatized to PEMEX was a HUGE step in moving mexico toward being a bigger global force. they have massive amounts of fields, reserves and the eagle ford shale extends far down like think of how BP Shell EXXON Total and those are huge companies here in the US, they are all foreign but we dont have our oil privatized, think of all the jobs those companies create here, the amount of money it gives the country and how theyve all helped position us in a place where we no longer depend on foreign oil, now we go head to head with OPEC, its so incredible omg now thats hopefully gonna happen for mexico. also mexico is getting a huge boom in jobs bc car factories are opening left and right, not only jobs are created but also helping the economy and making the country be in the top 10 in car exports. when i went to mexico, they were opening a mazda plant nearby and BMW is going to open one where i was, san luis like the country is doing so well!!! why doesnt the media report on all that :/

then the culture!!! its lovely the lifestyle, its honestly so chill. i love how the stores are 1 thing my capitalist living self was impressed with was that there were like 5 other big plumbing stores with really nice higher end merchandise like here, u have home depot and thats it, they control the market, a small business cant compete with home depot but in mexico, they can. i was so shocked and surprised lmao but yeah for real living there is so chill and completely makes u appreciate and understand soo much shit