Take back the weed, take back the cocaine baby
Take back the pills, take back the whiskey too
I don’t need them now, your love was all I was after
I’ll make it now, I can get off on you.

Here is just my two-sense and if you disagree I could care less but at least I have valid proof on my logic. I get that marajuana is the better of evils when it comes to drugs, and while its addiction rate is lower, it is still a drug. Nonetheless, a gateway drug. A gateway drug means that once the effects of that drug have been minimized as you use that drug frequently, you have to go to harder drugs. And once you get to harder drugs like cocaine, one hit can make you addicted. Therefore, I do not encourage the use of drugs. And there is much more proof to why it’s not great for you, seeing as you could receive laced weed and have an allergic reaction to it that could hospitalize you. And I do realize that it can help depression and other mental illnesses, and if it was synthesized into a pill, I would probably be more okay with it. But it still does the same damage to you as smoking. You can still get cancer and not to mention you can give people a second hand high if they are around you. And not everyone wants to be high. Okay, I’m done ranting.


Almost the whole hour is shot in some combination of golden light and midnight blue, separately at first… For instance, after Thack scares Lucy to a seat in the shadows like it’s an old-fashioned iris portrait, she stands up and meets him head-on. The yellow lamplight is on her side, the deep blue of the morning is on his, and he tells her how she can help in that singular Thack poetry: “You can find me an ocean of cocaine.” It feels like a crossroads, but Lucy is in his thrall. It’s Dracula.

Then Cornelia walks down the hall, camera on her the whole way through the blue light. When she steals Algie away for a chat in his office, the blue and gold come together, this time in an X, with her face and his coat soaking up the yellow lamplight and his face and her coat taking the heft of the deep blues. They’re opposites. (x)

Tales from the Band Banquet...

I was playing 20 questions with my friends and it turned out strange… I was trying to guess what my friend was thinking of and I had already figured out that it was white, inanimate, and could be used to kill someone unintentionally. I guessed that it was cotton and said “how can that kill someone?” and I replied without the blink of an eye “You could stuff it into someone’s mouth until they choke on it.” He said “that would be intentional” and made a comment about how I responded so fast then asked me how many people I’ve murdered… NONE. NONE AT ALL! I just can think of things like that quickly? Oh, and the answer was cocaine.

「 pyo;entry #8. 」

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✈ LOCATION: Seoul, South Korea

Introducing: Idolnet’s first subunit 3!JAY with their first single Cocaine Glur

Cocaine glur, you made me rad
Showed me the best I ever had
White as powder, just plain bold
You just put my world on hold
Cocaine glur, let’s get this right
I won’t put up another fight
Feel you surging through my vein
Fuck me up, then let it rain

Lyrics by me, vocals by Jin, choreography by Jongin.

Note: “glur” was the product of an autocorrect fail and now stands for blur + girl, indicating the haze a girl (or well, cocaine) can leave your mind in ;) The cocaine thing came from another autocorrect, because that’s just how creative we are.

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You know what grinds my gears?

The fact that they really try to lay gun violence and drugs problems at our feet. We have been socialized to envision a black man when we think of drug dealers. And with that, follows gangs and drugs. We don’t even own our liquor stores, how many bullets do you think we’ve produced this year? How many drug manufacturers come from “the hood”? Think of the sheer amount of imported cocaine that could be gathered in Black America at this very moment. I can’t get a full sized toothpaste on a plane, but tons and tons of drugs slip right on in. Did it happen organically that the drug trade, for the most part, settled in the black community, despite there being more white drug abusers than black? That’s a rhetorical question. The racist will say, “Why, the drugs are there because the blacks are criminals!” But he is just feeding himself poison. The criminal element was introduced into the black community with the war on drugs.

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Thoughts on cocaine?

Never done it, will not do it. Scared of it. Think it’s trashy in a very bad way. My dad used to work in the ER in the 80′s and he said to me many times in my life “I don’t condone drugs, but I understand responsible experimentation. But never with cocaine. I’ve seen people come in dying from their first time using it, I’ve seen their heart health vastly deteriorate from one use. Cocaine is like playing Russian Roulette, that shit can kill you.” 

Also as someone who takes stimulant meds and has had panic attacks trigger from being over-prescribed/ over medicated on those, I have no interest in party uppers. When I go out to party I like to NOT feel like I’m analyzing everything, talking too much, chemically hyped and shaky. I party to let loose, chill out, and just get out of my brain! And when I’m tired, I bid the party goodbye and go to sleep. I spent basically all of my college years forcing myself to stay awake when my body was tired, I have no interest in doing it unnecessarily while I’m “out”. But it does take a lot to tire me out when I’m having fun– secret is taking a nap before, drinking lots of water throughout, and being with people you don’t wanna leave, doing stuff you don’t wanna stop doing!