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Gerza *Finally, she’s thinking*

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CobraxKinana *they deserve a sweet wedding*

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A Sister's Sin

Summary: Erza, Juvia, and Kinana appear at Crime Sorciere with some exciting news. 
Pairings: Jerza, CobraXKinana, Stingyu, slight Gruvia reference. 
Note: This is largely an Angel-centric fic

It was an average, unremarkable day within the walls of Crime Sorciere’s hidden fortress. The independent guild’s members lounged around waiting for Cobra’s hearing to pick up any unrest nearby. 

“I can hear it,” the poison dragon slayer drawled. “Three fairies coming this way.” Cubellios was among them, or Kinana, as she was called in her human form.

Meredy smirked at this piece of information. “Erza’s been visiting a lot lately, nee, Jellal?”

“I know,” Angel added, inspecting her nails with an air of superiority. “You’d think he would have found some balls by now and popped the question. I mean, you’re already in your thirties.”

“As are you, Sorano,” the blue haired man retorted, completely unfazed by her teasing. 

“Don’t I know it,” the pale haired mage said with a groan, gazing up at the ceiling. Where had the time gone? When she was a child she imagined being married with her own children by now. She was going to live in a stylish townhouse in a quaint little city, right across the street from her little sister, so she wouldn’t get lonely. 

What a fantasy.

In reality, Angel hadn’t seen said sister in the better part of twenty years. Had her crybaby been lonely all this time? She sure hoped not.

“Aww, do you guys want a sensory link to feel what it’s like to be young again?” Meredy teased.

The rest of the group hadn’t the time to properly maim her for that comment before Erza, Kinana, and Juvia arrived. 

“Meredy-san!” The water mage exclaimed, rushing to embrace her pink haired friend. 

“Juvia!” Meredy giggled. “How’s everything? Been getting along with Gray!" 

At this her cheeks flushed immediately. "Well, you see…” she paused, a cavernous grin breaking out on her face. “It’s wonderful! Gray-sama and I have consummated our eternal love!”

Angel and Cobra shared an incredulous look. Twenty-three years old and she’d only just lost her virginity? 

“About time,” the sensory mage declared. “I was beginning to wonder about him.”

“How were your travels, Erza?” Jellal asked her in a soft voice. He was sure she grew even more radiant each second he looked at her. 

“Pretty pleasant, actually,” she noted. “When Natsu’s not with us we can take as much transportation as we need to get around. But, how are you?” Her eyes softened noticeably. “I heard  you were in a tight spot with a dark guild recently.”

“Nothing to worry about,” he assured, brushing some scarlet strands of hair out of her face. 

“I always worry,” she admitted, somewhat shyly. “You’re hopeless.”

“She speaks the truth,” Meredy chimed in. 

“Erza,” Jellal wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into him, touching his forehead to hers. 

Angel shook her head at the display. “Alright, seriously? Get a room.” A woman couldn’t watch lacrima vision in peace anywhere in this world. “That goes for you too, Cobra.” She didn’t even want to turn around and see what kind of freaky shit he and his lover were up to in the doorway.

“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea,” Erza admitted, sending Jellal a suggestive smile.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Juvia chimed in. “Before you all, um, express your love, Juvia has to present the invitation." The water mage took a moment to fish the cream colored, lavender scented envelope from her purse. "It’s for the Sabertooth wedding next month!”

Meredy’s eyes widened in interest. “No way! Sorcerer’s Weekly has been covering it nonstop! It’s going to be the event of the year!" 

"Sabertooth wedding.” Angel repeated. “That guild’s a pretty big deal, right?”

“They rival Fairy Tail in power,” Meredy informed, “Although many would say they win in style. Natsu and Lucy’s wedding didn’t get nearly as much press as this.”

“It’s probably because Sting-san is Saber’s guild master,” Kinana inferred. Even now, she had to admit that the light dragon slayer being taken was a loss to women everywhere. The world of magic had never seen such an attractive guild master before.

After this thought, she received an annoyed look from Cobra. 

“Oh, Erik! I didn’t mean it that way.” The Fairy Tail barmaid grappled for a way to mitigate the effects of it. “The focus has been more on the bride, anyway. Yukino Aguria’s been known for her fashion sense.”

Angel felt as though a lightning bolt had struck her when her sister’s name came tumbling out of Cobra’s lover’s mouth. Yukino was in a wizard guild, a very powerful one at that? And she was was getting married to her guild master. 

She could tell Jellal was watching her for a response, but wasn’t willing to cause a scene in mixed company. “Yukino Aguria,” she contorted her face as would a person trying to remember something. “I think I’ve heard that name before. Who is she?”

“She’s among the ten most powerful wizards in Sabertooth, although the guild has done away with such ranking systems in recent years,” Erza informed. “Although, you probably know her for her skills as a celestial spirit mage, seeing that you were once one yourself.”

Skilled? Powerful? Those were hardly words she’d use to describe the skittish and deferential little sister of her memories, but she knew that the two Yukinos were one and the same. 

“I need some air. You can go back to your love fest now.” Swiftly grabbing Meredy’s magazine off the table, Angel stalked away.

Hours later, after reading through every scrap of information she could find about her sister, Sabertooth, and the wedding, Angel was joined on the balcony by none other than Jellal. 

“I assume you’ll want to leave a few weeks early,” he suggested. “Make up for lost time?”

Angel glanced at him indignantly. “I’m not going to that wedding, Jellal." 


“I can’t show myself to her the way I am now! I’m not her ‘cool older sister’ anymore, look at me. I’m a fucking fugitive hiding out in the woods! A connection to me will only bring trouble to her and her guild.”

Jellal lowered his head, thinking. He couldn’t say he didn’t understand.

“Sorano,” he said. “I don’t know much about the situation, but your sister wants to see you.” He thought back to Simon’s death, as he did multiple times each day. “Not everyone separated by the tower of heaven had the chance to reunite with their loved ones.”

“I will see her eventually,” she conceded, after a sizable pause. “After I have atoned for my sins. When she can be proud of the person I’ve become. Before then I’ll only be a burden and, well, she’s never done well under stress.”

Jellal drummed his finger against the railing. “Although I believe you’re making a mistake, I will respect your choices.”

“Damn right, you will.” That part had never been up for debate. “Now, before you go see Erza off just answer one question for me.”

“What is it?”

“That guy my little shit’s marrying. Is he a good person?”

Jellal nodded thoughtfully. “The best kind,” he assured. “He’s actually a lot like Natsu Dragneel.”

Angel rolled her eyes at this. “Oh god! So he’s an idiot.”

The blue haired wizard shrugged. “Your sister has enough sense for the both of them." 

Angel couldn’t help but smile as he left. She would see for herself when the time was right. At least now she knew where to look. 


Yukino sighed, exhausted, as she entered her fiancé's office. "Sting-sama,” she groaned, situating herself in his lap and opening the day planner she carried on his desk. “Wedding planning is hard.”

“Fro thinks so, too!” exclaimed the exceed who had been helping her on her errands. 

“Agreed,” Lector chimed in. Tasting cake and choosing flowers didn’t sound like much work at all in the beginning. 

Sting shook his head, amazed at how worn out they all looked. “Tired?”

The celestial only nodded, and Sting took this as a cue to start massaging her shoulders. 

“Why didn’t we just elope?” Yukino asked, only half-jokingly. It was strange for her to always be in the public eye. 

“Because,” the dragon slayer kissed the top of her right shoulder. “You wanted a big, high-profile wedding so your sister would be able to find you.”

The pale haired mage rubbed her eyes tiredly. “It wasn’t the best plan, now that I think about it.” She leaned further into his touch. “Do you really think it’ll work?”

“I do. Even if she doesn’t come out for the wedding, I think she’ll find you when she thinks the time is right.”

Yukino smiled and pressed a kiss against his cheek. “Sting-sama, what would I do without your optimism?”

“You’d be Rogue.” He pecked her lips. “Just a lot more attractive.”

“Speaking of attractive,” the celestial mage turned back to her book of all things wedding with new vitality, “should the bridesmaids wear turquoise or cornflower?”

And when the time was right, his lovely sister-in-law could prate in his ear about what the difference between those colors was. 

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CobraxKinana for the ship meme

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses: Cobra
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive: Kinana
  • Takes care of on sick days: Kinana
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: KINANA
  • Gives unprompted massages: Cobra ((because Kinana does so much for him and he doesn’t really know how to show his thanks))
  • Drives/rides shotgun: Kinana drives, Cobra sits shotgun
  • Brings the other lunch at work: Kinana
  • Has the better parental relationship: Neither tbh
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed: Neither
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer: COBRA WOULD BE
  • Still cries watching Titanic: Kinana
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes: Neither
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: Kinana
  • Makes the other eat breakfast: Kinana
  • Remembers anniversaries: Actually, it’s Cobra
  • Brings up having kids: Kinana