Apparently this is a photo of the exact moment Taylor’s bracelet scratched the car, which led to an extra $3200 paint job.

It didn’t actually get smashed in the video at all, what happened was at the end of the video, she put her hand down and scratched up the front of the car. They paid $3200 to have the whole car repainted, because you can’t blend in on fiberglass.   (X)

Your Fairy Tail boyfriend. ^^

Aries: Freed Justine

Taurus: Rufus Lore

Gemini: Rogue Cheney

Cancer: Gray Fullbuster

Leo: Hibiki Lates

Virgo: Doranbolt

Libra: Sting Eucliffe

Scorpio: Natsu Dragneel

Sagittarius: Gajeel Redfox

Capricorn: Jellal Fernandes

Aquarius: Cobra

Pisces: Loke

Major Camren Slip-Up

Focus on 7:51 - 8:17.

Listen to what Camila says at 7:55. Look at Lauren’s reaction afterwards. Also look the other girls’ reactions.

I can’t really make out what Normani is saying at 8:08 but it sounds like she said “You guys made that about yourselves”.

Then Lauren says, “That wasn’t me! That one wasn’t me!”

Ok, my thing is this, if they would have just acted like it was a joke (which it was meant to be) it wouldn’t have seemed suspicious. If they would have just laughed it off and moved on to the next question, it wouldn’t have seemed suspicious. As soon as Camila says that, they all kind of get quiet and act awkward/frigid. Lauren made it about Camren, because Ally also said that she was the mother of the group and Camila could have just as easily been talking about Ally. Normani even tried to cover it up by saying, “I’m the puppy.” But, as you can see, Lauren still made it about her and Camila. And the way Lauren had to specify that that one (that slip-up) wasn’t her fault. She makes it seem like they’ve been told about their slip-ups before in the past.They made a big deal out of one joke for about 25 seconds, which says a lot.

Also, look at 7:00 - 7:25. LOL! As we have all seen in the past, Lauren and Camila always act really weird, apprehensive, and somewhat hesitant to answer whether they are single or not. They stagger their answers. Lauren waits a split second to see how Camila will answer the question (other times, Camila has waited to see how Lauren will answer). Then they both say, “Don’t make any assumptions”, (while the other girls laugh awkwardly…lol look at Normani and Dinah). LOL! I mean, people wouldn’t make assumptions if they would just act natural and answer the question straightforwardly. For those who don’t understand the significance of this, in public they’re single; behind the scenes…lol well, that’s another story for another day. (lol and wtf does “separately single” even mean?)

This brings me to my next point. Have you guys ever heard of the Streisand Effect or the Cobra Effect? 

The more aggressive they get with their concealments of Camren (Lauren and Camila’s “colorful friendship”), the more obvious and suspicious they become. It’s also funny how they and their management think limiting their on-camera interaction is going to reduce the speculation of them dating or make things seem less questionable, when in reality, it’s just adding more fuel to the fire.  People are quick to say that we make too many assumptions, but Lauren and Camila bring attention to seemingly platonic situations and make stuff about Camren. Whenever people suggest that Lauren or Camila are in secret romantic relationships with Ally, Normani, or Dinah, they show no aversion to those rumors and they will actually behave in a manner that perpetuates those beliefs (touching, being more affectionate, etc…) and they actually encourage it. But as soon as the rumors about Lauren and Camila having a discreet, romantic relationship surface, they get aggressively defensive (well, more so Lauren than Camila) to fight those rumors tooth and nail. It’s like they use the other romantic pairings within the group (Alren, Laurmani, Laurinah, Caminah, Camally, and Normila) as a diversion from their own relationship. And that, to me,  is what makes Camren seem like more than a platonic friendship.

Here’s a brief, incomplete history of their past slip-ups:

When the interviewer asked Lauren who she was kissing under the mistletoe (lol Lauren’s slight smile before her feigned disgust always gets me):