You tell me. No jokes or puns, this is serious. 

President Donald Trump, after ‘consulting his generals,’ has decided to ban Transgender people from serving in ANY military position, because of the cost “burden.” 

Friendly reminder that Donald Trump dodged the draft 5 times during the Vietnam War, 4 times due to school, the 5th time due to “bone spurs in his heels.” 

In a 1997 interview with Howard Stern, Trump called avoiding STDs his “personal Vietnam,” calling himself a “brave soldier,” for navigating the ‘dangerous world’ of having sex. 

Let’s also not forget his smearing of Sen. John McCain, who was captured and held a Prisoner of War while fighting in Vietnam, but according to Trump, “[McCain] is not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured? I like people who weren’t captured.” 

And of course, there is the time that Trump told Sergeant First Class Alvaro Barrientos “Congratulations” while presenting him with a Purple Heart for being wounded while fighting in Afghanistan. 

But that is okay, because Donald Trump has a Purple Heart himself - remember when Lieutenant Colonel Louis Dorfman gifted his own Purple Heart to Trump during a campaign rally in Virginia? Trump responded by saying “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart, this was much easier.” 

This fucking scumbag lunatic has no idea what it means to serve this country, to sacrifice anything, and he now “leads” our military by calling 15,000 current Transgender service members a “burden?” Get the fuck out of here. 

It is time for Trump and every member of his administration to be removed from office.


“Today is the day we put aside to remember fallen heroes and to pray that no heroes will ever have to die for us again. It’s a day of thanks for the valor of others, a day to remember the splendor of America and those of her children who rest in this cemetery and others.”  -Ronald Reagan  

Let us not forget what this day is really about.    

Donald Trump is banning transgender people because their existence is too expensive, meanwhile the US spends more for the military than the next 7 countries combined. We can afford to spend $610,000,000,000 on the military, but can’t afford to have trans people serving in it?

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Thank you for your service, transgender military members and veterans

President Truman issued Executive Order 9981 on July 26th, 1948 to desegregate the military.
President Obama lifted the ban on gay/lesbian service members in 2012 and lifted the ban on transgender people serving in the military in 2015.
Today, July 26th 2017, Trump took a giant step backwards and announced that the military will no longer accept transgender service members due to “the burden of tremendous medical costs and disruption.” There are an estimated 7-15 thousand transgender services members actively risking their lives to protect our rights, our freedom. Trump just disrespected all of us. He is denying us our rights. He needs to be resisted.
Let’s stand together against this harmful policy.
Remember you are valid and beautiful and deserve full human rights. I love you 💖💙 Love will win.

It’s not about a three day weekend for Memorial Day. It’s about remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

My service in the Air Force doesn’t hold a candle to what men and women went through in all of America’s wars that saw combat. Let’s take a moment and remember their bravery and the ones that didn’t come home.

Unofficial “Milso” Playlist

I’ve seen multiple “milso” playlist and they are all old & usually only one genre. I’m only sharing one that I made. Its a list of relatable of songs that I listen to when I’m in that funk. This is also probably good for Long Distance Relationships in general! Bolded ones are personal favorites!

  1. Willow Smith : Drowning
  2. Gym Class Heroes : Back Home
  3. Beyonce : At Last
  4. Bryson Tiller : Exchange  
  5. Carina Round : For Everything a Reason 
  6. Ciara : Jackie (for when you need a boost)
  7. Daniela Andrade : Thinkin Bout You
  8. Daughter : Numbers
  9. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros : Home
  10. Florence & The Machines : Over The Love
  11. India Arie : The Truth
  12. Jaden Smith : PCH 
  13. Janine & The Mixtape : Hold Me
  14. Jhene Aiko : W.A.Y.S. & Promises & For My Brother 
  15. Lana Del Rey : The Man I Love 
  16. Lauryn Hill : Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
  17. Mac Miller : Objects In The Mirror
  18. Miguel : Pussy Is Mine / Coffee / Simple
  19. Moldy Peaches : Anyone Else But You
  20. Paramore : My Hero / The Only Exception
  21. Rihanna : Stay / We Found Love
  22. Roy Orbison : In Dreams
  23. J.Cole : Hello
“Did they get off?”

Few outside of the Coast Guard would recognize the name Douglas Munro but those that do recognize the name of a hero.

73 years ago today during the Battle of Guadalcanal Signalman First Class Munro took charge of ten landing craft in order to ferry three companies of U.S. Marines under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Lewis B. Puller from a staging point at Lunga Point Base to the western coast of Guadalcanal. The initial landing was successful and with the Marines ashore, Munro and his boats withdrew to their original staging area.

The Marines advanced 500 yards inland before being overcome by Japanese forces. The lack of radios made it hard for the Marines to communicate their plight and resorted to spelling out the word HELP using white t-shirts on a low ridge near the beach. Munro volunteered to navigate his landing craft back to the beach and extract the marines, risking enemy fire as they did so.

As the evacuation progressed, Munro recognized the dire situation that was developing. The Japanese were firing from points only 500 yards away from where the Marines were retreating. Munro immediately directed his own landing craft in between the Marines and Japanese forces, providing much needed covering fire.

With the marines embarked, Munro’s landing craft began pulling back out to sea except one that had come too far ashore and beached itself. With Japanese forces now closing in, Munro ordered a landing tank to pull the immobilized craft free while he continued to provide cover. 20 minutes later the stricken landing craft was free and headed out to sea under a barrage of Japanese machine gun fire.

It was during this time that Munro was struck by a single bullet. He died before reaching the staging area but according to reports, the Signalman remained conscious long enough to utter his last words; “Did they get off?”

For his actions Munro was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. He is the only member of the Coast Guard to be given the award.

Happy Veterans Day to our real-life superheroes! Today we give thanks to all who put the freedoms and safety, we all take for granted, before their own. We give thanks to those who’s selfless nature and sacrifices too often go unnoticed. So reach out to those veterans in your life give them a big ol’ hug and thank them. To all the veterans out there, THANK YOU!! Today you will be noticed. 🇺🇸