Shout out to all the girls with dark, thick,and/or prickly/coarse hair on their bodies.

Shout out to all the girls with hairy tummies, thighs, backs & booties.

Shout out to all the girls who have ever felt ugly for having hair on their bodies.

I feel ya and you’re all gorgeous, exquisite beings.

 Any person who is worth your love will love you for all of you. Even your hair. 

How to shave your vag without enduring a week of burning crotch

Shaving ~down there~ can be hella tricky. I have extremely sensitive skin, and coarse-ish curly dark hair, so it’s taken me a few years to figure out what combination of methods works best for me (since I’m incredibly prone to razor bumps), but here’s what I find works best:

1. Trim your hair so it’s maybe a centimetre short at the most? You can’t shave a full bush and you’ll clog up the razor too quickly if your hair is super long.

2. Have a hot shower or bath, and give the hairs some time to soften.

3. Use an exfoliating glove or loofah to gently buff away any dead skin cells. If you’re going to use some kind of scrub or wash, try to go for something hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, ESPECIALLY if you’re not just shaving over the pubic bone. You do not want a yeast infection.

4. Use baby oil to lather up. Sounds weird, I know, but it’s cheap, hypoallergenic, makes it near impossible to nick yourself, and acts like shaving cream.

5. You’re gonna want an intense razor for this, and men’s ones are usually best. Go for something that has 4 blades (I usually use some random Gillette Turbo thingamabob one), and don’t use it if it isn’t new.

6. Shave with the grain (downwards) first. Don’t apply anymore pressure than you need to, or you’ll risk irritating the skin. If you have a handtowel, it’s useful to wipe the razor on it every stroke or two, since the baby oil clogs the razor easily and it’s hard to wash the hairs out.

7. Some people say to only shave with the grain (since the chance of getting razor bumps is decreased) but I think most people who do that probably don’t have very coarse hair - I’m usually left with a bunch of hairs that are still half a centimetre long, which is pointless and looks ridiculous. So after that step, shave against the grain (using quite light pressure) until it looks all good. Try to be as efficient as possible and avoid going over the same area twice.

8. Rinse off, and use a handtowel or exfoliating mitt to wipe off any excess baby oil, leftover hairs, and dead skin.

9. Once you’re out of the shower, pat yourself dry, and apply some rubbing alcohol wherever you shaved. This step burns quite a lot, but it makes it verrrry unlikely for you to get an infection. Seriously, it’s important, don’t skip it.

10. Apply a decent, fragrance-free moisturiser, since the rubbing alcohol can dry your skin out a bit. Wear cotton undies if possible, so your bits can air out properly.

11. Make sure you exfoliate gently each day afterwards. I sometimes get lazy and forget to do this. BIG MISTAKE.

12. Enjoy your dolphin-esque genitalia. Go love yourself down to celebrate.

As a sidenote, make sure you take care of your razor properly. Rinse it off with cold water, replace the head every week or two, and dry it off (or if you’re super-pedantic, store it in a cup of rubbing alcohol).


DIY Moisturizing Deep Conditioning Mask

I’m not very big on spending tons of money on deep conditioning masks in stores, because they usually come in such small quantities and I have a LOT of hair, lol. So I tend to just make my own healthy hair fixes. Sometimes, I will add castor oil, jojoba, or sweet almond oil to the mask, but what is listed below are the true, major components when it comes to moisturising my dry, coarse, kinky-curly natural hair. 

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Alien Essence.

In my world, gender variance is just… normal.
My long hair and my beard.
My chest lay vacant of the breasts I desire. Sometimes.

In my world, gender fluidity is just… normal.
My bright eyes and my narrow jaw.
My crotch occupied by a flaccid organ that gets in the way. Sometimes.

In my world, gender queer is just… normal.
My soft skin and curve-less body.
My thick coarse hair that feels so uncomfortable. Sometimes.

For most everyone else,
I am just of alien essence.

-Elliott Alexzander

(This two piece skirt & crop top are available in my thrift shop.)

OMFG! I stepped on an ant hill with out shoes!! That shit hurt like a bitch! That’s it I give up wearing chancla (or chinelas as they call them here). At least today is the last full day at the campo. I showered and it was pretty beautiful. I wore a two piece bathing suit and got to shower outside viewing the mountains. My hair right now is really coarse (meaning dry). I don’t know if it is a combination of not putting on conditioner and not combing it. I was going to ask my host family to let me borrow a comb but I looked at it and it was all nasty. -_-

Uhuh I don’t want any lice. That’s partly why showered today, my head was getting itchy.

—  Diary Excerpt, 9/21/11

So it has come to my attention that there are some members out there in the trans community who do not find me representative of what the trans community looks like. My question is, what exactly do you expect me to look like, and also what is your idea of how the trans community looks? Everyone’s journey is different, and is at a different place in their transition. I’ve been on hormones for a little over two years now. But there are many who have begun earlier and later in life. Perhaps it is because I do not post many photos of myself as I am shown above. My hairpiece (yes I wear a wig and have for years as my hairline is slightly receded though my hair is growing) is off. I’m not wearing makeup. I’m clean shaven, because even after 1500$ later and six laser hair sessions I still have stubble and coarse facial hair. So here is me…natural and what I look like when I’m at home by myself taking it easy from the constant mental struggle of identity I’m going through. On these days I relax and let my worries disperse. I’m not afraid of the journey ahead, just focusing on the now. To me this is representative of my community.
To me..this is what trans looks like.

I mean it’s not revolutionary to see a creature race as nonwhite (as so many of us have already waxed poetic on)  but  I am very glad Bull has curly hair and that Cass put out the call for the arts from all the art wizards.

Iron Bull with textured hair is my shit. I feel like between Par Vollen and Rivain, the demand for tea tree, olive, and coconut oil is too damn high. Not to mention the sheer array of butter mixes they’ve got between them. I know the Rivaini towns surrounding Kont-Aar got butters that folks in Afsaana etc barely even know about. Like you fuck around and get some shea-kasaanda root blends that keep your shit shining until the next wash day with one application.

Everybody glistenin, got the moisture retention on lock. 

It’s a lazy sunday morning and Draco’s wrapped up around Harry, his head is pillowed on Harry’s chest and his hand’s playing with the dark coarse hair there. Harry sighs in contentment and lets his fingers continue their slow caress on Draco’s hair.


Lemmi put you on to This evil demon called shrinkage… just shy of 18 inches shrunken up to about 8!(😞) Lol Everything isn’t always silky and blowing in the fucking wind .I do a lot of heat damage to my hair trying to stretch it and smooth it when i wear it down for the look ,but I have EXTREMELY coarse tightly wound hair! It’s a head ache and usually dries before I can even comb conditioner through it , and my wash days usually end in tears . (Like today ) but it’s all I got ! . So i learn to respect it (love gon take a lifetime lol ) but S/o to all my fellow kinky not so silky ladies (And my silky ones too )  !💜Hell It’s just hair anyway


Late Night hair smoothie!

Winter has been oh so harsh on my super dupe coarse curls and my mother, who is also natural (she moisturizer ALL THE TIME) is always stressing about taking better care of my hair. So here you have it mother dear, my intent is to make you a proud naturalista!

Main Contents include:
1) Organic apple cider vinegar
2) one avacado
3) Extra virgin olive oil
*Threw in some Carols daughter hair elixir and hair butter since I didn’t have any real Shea butter.

Results: this mixture really added a lot of moisture. It softened and detangled the kinks and hair balls. I def recommend this to everyone looking for an affordable moisturizer mixture for their curls!! Best of luck to you!

P.s I believe I have 4d-4f type hair. It’s super coarse and I absolutely love it. Only thing is…..I am soooooo tender headed. However, with this smoothie, i was able to comb through my hair without any tears! I give an A+