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think about the coarse hairs on his thighs scratching the back of yours as you bounce up and down on him. his warm large hands running along your sides and back. his face buried in your cleavage. have a nice evening!

…i hate you anon


The following is what an elephant’s tail looks like up close. The African elephant’s tail is covered in virtually hairless skin except at the tip where thick, tough hair sprouts out and hangs downwards. This tuft of coarse hair at the end of the tail is useful as an insect swatter when the tail is flapped against the body or waved around. (Source) 

There is this misconception that Madame C.J. Walker was the lady who “invented perms.” I know I thought that too for a long time. That’s not necessarily true at all. She patented hair care products and cosmetics specifically for black women that included natural hair care as well as products that helped thick and coarse hair become straighter. The hot comb was one of her inventions but she wasn’t some woman who was like, “I’m going to invent these products so black women can have straight hair and not that nappy shit.” She had a lot of products for our hair, not just straightening ones. She simply was the first black woman to create hair care specifically for our hair since there weren’t many if any products for our hair health. She was a scientist and entrepreneur. She also did a lot for African American rights, so just saying, “She created the first perm/relaxer for black women,” is a gross oversimplification of her legacy and work.

Shout out to all the girls with dark, thick,and/or prickly/coarse hair on their bodies.

Shout out to all the girls with hairy tummies, thighs, backs & booties.

Shout out to all the girls who have ever felt ugly for having hair on their bodies.

I feel ya and you’re all gorgeous, exquisite beings.

 Any person who is worth your love will love you for all of you. Even your hair. 

OMFG! I stepped on an ant hill with out shoes!! That shit hurt like a bitch! That’s it I give up wearing chancla (or chinelas as they call them here). At least today is the last full day at the campo. I showered and it was pretty beautiful. I wore a two piece bathing suit and got to shower outside viewing the mountains. My hair right now is really coarse (meaning dry). I don’t know if it is a combination of not putting on conditioner and not combing it. I was going to ask my host family to let me borrow a comb but I looked at it and it was all nasty. -_-

Uhuh I don’t want any lice. That’s partly why showered today, my head was getting itchy.

—  Diary Excerpt, 9/21/11

So it has come to my attention that there are some members out there in the trans community who do not find me representative of what the trans community looks like. My question is, what exactly do you expect me to look like, and also what is your idea of how the trans community looks? Everyone’s journey is different, and is at a different place in their transition. I’ve been on hormones for a little over two years now. But there are many who have begun earlier and later in life. Perhaps it is because I do not post many photos of myself as I am shown above. My hairpiece (yes I wear a wig and have for years as my hairline is slightly receded though my hair is growing) is off. I’m not wearing makeup. I’m clean shaven, because even after 1500$ later and six laser hair sessions I still have stubble and coarse facial hair. So here is me…natural and what I look like when I’m at home by myself taking it easy from the constant mental struggle of identity I’m going through. On these days I relax and let my worries disperse. I’m not afraid of the journey ahead, just focusing on the now. To me this is representative of my community.
To me..this is what trans looks like.

Girls with strong jaws are beautiful, girls with prominent chins are beautiful, girls with big or crooked or hooked noses are beautiful, girls with dark facial hair are beautiful, girls with bushy brows and monobrows are beautiful, girls with coarse and dark hair all over their body are beautiful. They are a blessing and a treasure.

Beard - Luke Hemmings Smut

Note: This is awful, but I was feeling inspired by the beautiful pictures of Luke and his beard today.

The moment you saw Luke walk through your front door following his flight from Australia, you swear you almost melted into a puddle on the floor. He was wearing your favorite red flannel of his that made his shoulders look even more broad than usual and his new shoes that he had excitedly told you about on the phone a few days before. But what really got you was the beard that he had been growing since the start of the break the band was currently on. The coarse blonde hair on his face accentuated his strong jawline and made him look more mature and SO sexy.

While you watched him bringing his luggage into your apartment, your mind began to wander, imagining his face between your legs and the scratchy feeling of his stubble on your most sensitive area. The thought alone made your panties wet, and you weren’t sure how long you would be able to wait for Luke to get situated before you would be begging him to stop and pay attention to you.

Luckily, Luke didn’t make you wait long, kicking off his grown up shoes after everything was moved inside and striding over to you to plant a firm kiss on your lips. Grabbing the sides of your face with both hands, his tongue entered your mouth, deepening the kiss and making you feel slightly dizzy.

He pulled back a few moments later, his hoarse voice whispering, “I missed you so fucking much, baby,” before he reattached his mouth to yours.

After what felt like hours but what was really only a couple minutes, you found yourself naked in the middle of your bed, Luke’s sweaty body pressed tightly to yours as he peppered kisses down your neck and to your chest. He left dark marks all over your skin, branding you as his and smirking at the sight of each one.

When you saw him reposition himself so that his face was aligned with your heat, you let out a sigh of relief knowing that you would soon be receiving the pleasure that you had been craving all night. You felt Luke’s head nuzzle into the space between your inner thighs, his beard tickling your skin as he kissed each one while he threw your legs over his shoulders.

Now, Luke eating you out was not something that was new for the two of you, but for some reason it felt even better than usual this time. You loved that he went slowly, making up for all of the nights he had been away, and you especially loved how his facial hair scraped at your sensitive skin and added to the feeling of euphoria that Luke’s lips and tongue provided.

And when you woke up the next morning, you could still feel the burn between your thighs, your flesh raw from his facial hair continuously rubbing against it as he went down on you. It made you wince as you waddled to the bathroom, trying to keep your legs from touching each other. Once inside the bathroom, you took a second to inspect yourself in the mirror, enjoying the sight of the marks all over your torso. As your hands fell down to the sensitive skin on your upper legs, your fingers grazing over the red and raw skin that you secretly loved, you heard the bathroom door open and watched as Luke looked at you in the mirror and caught sight of your movements.

A frown took over his face and he quickly walked towards you, spinning you around to face him. “Are you okay, baby girl? I’m so sorry, I totally forgot to shave and I feel so bad because I hurt you and I promise I’ll shave right now so that it doesn’t happened again.”

As Luke rambled, you almost let out a laugh at how concerned he was over a little bit of irritated skin, but you stopped yourself the moment he mentioned shaving. Maybe a little too eagerly, you shouted, “No! Don’t shave!”

Raising his eyebrows, Luke looked at you questioningly. Changing your tone so that you didn’t sound so aggressive, you calmly added, “I kind of really like your beard Luke. And I love the burn it leaves between my thighs because whenever it stings I can just think about how it got there and it turns me on all over again.”

You gave Luke a devious look as you ended your statement and he stared back at you with hooded eyes. Leaning in closer to you, he placed his lips next to your ear and said, “Well I guess that means the beard isn’t going anywhere.”

Body positivity needs to be about more than size and armpit hair. It needs to be for the girls with patches of beard hair on their chins and necks and long dark coarse hairs that grow out of places that usually only grow soft baby hairs. It needs to be for the girls with thin patchy hair that falls out too much and leaves them figuring out how to hide a bald spot. It needs to be for girls who have broken or crooked teeth who are afraid to smile or speak in public. It needs to be for the girls who put medicated creams on their skin and wear long sleeves to hide the rough red dry patches or who never take selfies because they hate the sight of red bumps on their nose. It needs to be for the girls who can’t afford to buy clothes that flatter their bodies. It needs to be for girls who look at their peers and wonder if they’re doing something wrong, who wonder if they’re the only one that can’t seem to get their body to do anything right.

I mean it’s not revolutionary to see a creature race as nonwhite (as so many of us have already waxed poetic on)  but  I am very glad Bull has curly hair and that Cass put out the call for the arts from all the art wizards.

Iron Bull with textured hair is my shit. I feel like between Par Vollen and Rivain, the demand for tea tree, olive, and coconut oil is too damn high. Not to mention the sheer array of butter mixes they’ve got between them. I know the Rivaini towns surrounding Kont-Aar got butters that folks in Afsaana etc barely even know about. Like you fuck around and get some shea-kasaanda root blends that keep your shit shining until the next wash day with one application.

Everybody glistenin, got the moisture retention on lock. 


Lemmi put you on to This evil demon called shrinkage… just shy of 18 inches shrunken up to about 8!(😞) Lol Everything isn’t always silky and blowing in the fucking wind .I do a lot of heat damage to my hair trying to stretch it and smooth it when i wear it down for the look ,but I have EXTREMELY coarse tightly wound hair! It’s a head ache and usually dries before I can even comb conditioner through it , and my wash days usually end in tears . (Like today ) but it’s all I got ! . So i learn to respect it (love gon take a lifetime lol ) but S/o to all my fellow kinky not so silky ladies (And my silky ones too )  !💜Hell It’s just hair anyway

Ever notice makeover shows on TV, how the black woman has natural hair (coarse, coily, kinky, or curly) in the ugly “before” picture, and in the pretty “after” picture, somebody’s taken a hot piece of metal and singed her hair straight? Some black women, AB and NAB, would rather run naked in the street than come out in public with their natural hair. Because, you see, it’s not professional, sophisticated, whatever, it’s just not damn normal. (Please, commentors, don’t tell me it’s the same as a white woman who doesn’t color her hair.) When you DO have natural Negro hair, people think you “did” something to you hair. Actually, the folk with the Afros and dreads are the ones who haven’t “done” anything to their hair.

- Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Americanah

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