…Hanging out with background friends, Vancouver, 16/07/2015.

While I was in Vancouver, a bunch of us that worked on different films all caught up and spent the afternoon by the beach. I met Shiva and Luke on Step up 5 and Nathan and Joanna on the set of a TV Pilot. 

We all got takeaway from a local Greek Restaurant and walked to English bay and ate by the beach, while Joanna got attacked by birds for her food. Was a pretty chill afternoon, we ate and then walked along the water. Nathan pointed out some rock balancing and mentioned he had done it before and it wasn’t as hard as it looked. So Schiva, in an attempt to actually do more outdoorsy  invigorating activities, made us stop and do some rock balancing. While everyone tried their rock balancing (as I definitely don’t have the patience to do it), I went around and took photos, of course!

Funny story - the next day I walked past the same spot we were doing the rock balancing, the tide was way out and a small yacht had actually hit the small rock peninsula and got stuck while the tide was higher. Not the right kind of rock balancing! 

We continued along English Bay towards Stanley Park when we ran into some bubble buskers. Nathan was going crazy for the bubbles and tried getting pictures of them with his phone. Trying all angels he insisted on getting the perfect shot - regardless of how funny he looked! And even more funny we all tried taking a selfie with the big bubbles flying behind us but couldn’t time it right. So as there are about 20-30 others around watching the bubbles, the buskers specifically tried to make the bubbles fly our way while we got a random person to take our picture. One would think we’d never seen bubbles before - it was hilarious!! 

We then walked through Stanley Park, along the sea wall towards the waterfront train station. But before we departed, we went to Cactus Club and got a Bellini! It was an awesome night!!