Coach K

Okay but imagine Lilia and Yakov as parents

As parents of their Russian skaters

Victor as the eldest and their most gifted child. The child prodigy that was the reason why the pressure is on their siblings to be as good as Victor (they are trying, but Victor really is a natural).

Georgi as the second born, who, while not as talented as Victor is still pretty good with skating (we don’t have much info about for now in canon unfortunately orz)

Mila as their only daughter and likes to bully their youngest sibling and uses him as practice for her weightlifting.

And of course Yuri who has that temper and still has that mouth that he has. Except when Lilia is around he’s actually a behaved kitten not the rampaging one when only Yakov is around.

Imagine Lilia as the parent that the children actually listen to so when Yakov tells them to do something they turn to Lilia first if they should listen to it what he’s saying. Sometimes she tells them yes. But mostly no. And the kids do listen to her more.

Imagine Yakov taking the children to the park and Victor immediately running around to inspect everything that he finds interesting. Especially that chubby Japanese kid that is so cute~ and gives him a tight hug and turning him to a tomato.

Imagine Mila lifting smol bby Yuuri up just because she can (and poor Yuuri goes limp from embarrassment)

Imagine a very smol Yurio bullying Yuuri in the park just because they have the same name and Yakov having to apologize for his children’s behavior who are anything but apologetic.

Just imagine the bby Russian skaters okay