Coach Dan

So, I finally read the All For The Game trilogy and…

- Neil Josten is The Purest Thing on Earth. Fight me on this. I dare you.

- So is his midget blond boyfriend.

- Kevin, after Riko’s death, is going to finally change his surname to Wymack.

- When he asks the Coach, he gives him a sarcastic answer, but he says yes. After Kevin’s gone, he cries a bit.

- Then he proposes to Abby. In front of the Championship’s trophy. She says yes but she makes the Coach promise not to tell the Foxes until the bet about them reaches a thousand dollars pool.

- The girls are Abby’s bridesmaids. Nicky, Neil and Kevin the groomsmen. Their wedding’s colors are the Team’s.

- At the reception, Neil kisses Andrew on the dancefloor. The Foxes immediately group up to sort the payments for the bets.

- Renee won the bet about who will kiss the other first in public. But no one on the team won the bet on Andrew’s reaction, so the money is still there, on the table. Nicky says that someone has actually won them. They don’t have the time to ask who is the winner because Abby takes the cash and stuffs in into her husband’s pocket.

- She bet on Andrew’s punching Neil after the kiss.

- The couple is still bickering on the dancefloor when Betsy taps on Neil shoulder to ask him if he would let her dance with his boyfriend. He accepts, looking at her just a tad less annoyed than usual.

- Aaron is with Katelyn. They are the cheesiest couple at the wedding.

- Right after Nicky and Erik, obviously.

- Thea is there too. She likes her boyfriend’s new stepmom.

- After the reception, they all go back to their hotel rooms, drunk AF.

- When Renee and Allison get into their shared room, more dollarbills fly among the team.

- When the newlyweds board their flight to Bahamas, the whole team is nowhere to be seen.

- They’re on a cruise. In Hawaii as they planned.

- Neil has paid for it as promised.

- They took the new Foxes too, as a “team-bonding experience”.

- The whole Team has befriended the Trojans. They Foxes are adopting their sportsmanship and the Trojans manage to snag from them some tips on resistance and one or two killer drills.

- Dan and Matt are the cutest ever. I kinda want a relationship like theirs.

- Those books ruined my life.

the foxes as popular text posts #1

neil josten: i hate that my first reaction to stress is always Time To Die™ like ok calm down edgelord.

andrew minyard: they call me… 7 Knives. because that’s how many knives it takes me to cook things because I keep puttin em in the fuckin sink without thinking about it

kevin day: me rollerblading into my therapist’s office this week with sunglasses and a piña colada: maurice, you’re not gonna fucking believe this,

nicky hemmick: *walks up to straight couple* which one of you is the bee and which one of you is the fully grown adult woman who left her fiance for the bee?

matt boyd: *begins breakdancing gently* what’s wrong, son

dan wilds: listen, I’m a nice person so if I’m a bitch to you, you need to ask yourself why.

renee walker: it’s all fun and games until you remember the person you were from 2007-2010.

allison reynolds: how to kiss a boy: 1. grab his waist, 2. slip your hand in his pocket, 3. steal his wallet, 4. dont even kiss him, 5. just run.

aaron minyard: Why are there 2 A’s in Aaron? Why not 6? What’s stopping us?

david wymack: you gotta put your heart into it! no. no, not literally– not your actual– no. how did you even manage to get that. is it even yours. put that. away.

betsy dobson: [at a session with neil, about andrew] It’s weird to think that people who are 5ft are only 5 subways long.

abby winfield: always practice safe sex!! until you have mastered it. then you are permitted to practice Danger Sex

ok but can we talk about this?

· this breaks my heart every time because neil really was thinking he would eventually have to tell andrew he had fallen in love
· and that he was trying to accept the heartbroken because he was the fool who forgot where the lines were
· but then andrew fought for him
· he broke aaron’s promise to keep neil
· and then neil knew he didn’t cross the line alone

you know what I think about a lot? Kevin being a total Big Brother towards Neil.

  • Kevin rustling Neil’s hair after he does something right
  • Kevin heartily smacking Neil’s back with a giant grin on his face after Neil shoots an awesome goal
  • Kevin and Neil shoving each other’s faces lightly on camera with happy smiles after winning yet another game
  • Kevin calling Neil a loser after Neil does something silly/stupid
  • Kevin standing in front of Neil with his arms crossed after some dick tries to get in Neil’s face
  • Kevin throwing the nearest object at Neil after Neil says something offensive to him but purposely missing because he doesn’t want to actually hit him
  • Kevin pulling Neil in for a giant bearhug after Neil has a breakdown (and Andrew isn’t around to comfort him)
  • Neil sending Kevin a stupid meme and Kevin replying with “why are you like this”
  • Kevin drunk-texting Neil saying “i kno i yell at u alot but i still lov u”
  • Neil texts back “I know, Kevin.”
  • Neil telling Kevin that he’s going to try something new and Kevin responds with “I know you can do it.”
  • Kevin calling Neil frequently and Neil jabbering about his adventures with Andrew and Kevin smiling while listening to how happy this boy and being so proud of all and how much he’s accomplished
  • but can you guys even imagine the Wild™ after party/yay-we-beat-riko’s-pathetic-ass celebration after the foxes win?? 
  • dan & matt have to go all out. they try to deck everything up in confetti & bright orange balloons. wymack’s got enough alcohol stacked up to power a vegas niterie. the only rule of thumb is to come dressed in orange.
  • but andrew’s group (with the exception of neil and nicky) still come dressed in black so it starts to look like a halloween party. 
  • neil wears his orange proudly, & even lets allison paint a glittery little fox paw on his cheek. 
  • everyone but andrew gets a fox paw. nobody is in the mood to get stabbed tonight. 
  • nicky and kevin get super drunk & start to awfully sing “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, NO TIME FOR LOSERS ‘CAUSE WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!“ with no melody whatsoever.
  • neil jokes that he’s going to leave the party deaf, but he’s all warm inside bc they did it, they actually did it, they won. and he’s home
  • matt gets extra-lovey-dovey when he’s shitfaced & goes on a drunken rant about his love for dan and this broken team & how he’d happily take a bullet for everyone in the room. and to everyone’s surprise, he says that despite his questionable methods, he has andrew to thank for his sobriety. andrew doesn’t seem to react to this, but neil gives his shoulder a gentle assuring squeeze, one andrew doesn’t dispute. 
  • matt & dan exchange promise rings. abby makes a congratulatory speech, nicky gets emotional & cries a little bit.  
  • renee & allison dance together, renee is happy bc this is the first time after seth’s death that she’s seen allison look so elated even if sloshed. "this is his win, too,” she whispers later, at renee’s ear, “of course,” renee agrees. “once a fox, always a fox." 
  • wymack makes a quick, thoughtless toast, "WE FINALLY SMOKED THOSE BITCHES!” the truth is he’s too speechless for words. this is why he does what he does, this is the pay off after years of being shunned, doubting himself & taking everyone’s shit. this is why his team, his good-for-nothing, nothing-to-lose team is going to make it to the big leagues. 
  • kevin & wymack exchange an intense glance, & wymack silently vows to be the dad he’d never gotten to be & to make sure kevin never gets hurt again - not under his watch. kevin doesn’t know what to do with this new unkempt emotion burning in his chest, but he thinks he’s willing to find out.
  • all the vixens come ofc, & neil can’t help but notice how smiley & full of life aaron looks when he’s around katelyn. like he’s a completely different person to the one they know. everyone has to make a bit of an effort to keep kaitlyn out of andrew’s line of sight (by andrew’s own demand), but it feels worth it. when aaron catches him staring & meets his eyes, his smile drops but he doesn’t scowl & in neil’s book that’s an improvement. 
  • bee comes to congratulate them all and whisks andrew to the side to talk to him in private, when andrew returns, he’s looking more at ease than neil has seen him since he got sober. that tension in his shoulders is gone, his expression is still numb but there’s a soft, fierce glow in his hazel eyes. neil thinks triumph looks good on him. 
  • renee stays sober & tucks everyone into bed once they’re all too wasted to move on their own. 
  • neil then lightly touches andrew’s arm, steering him away from all the chaos & silently thanks him for saving him from getting hit with that racquet. 
  • andrew shrugs, “it only seems appropriate since i’ve already hit you with a racquet once and the results bored me. the noise you made was pretty unattractive. i didn’t see the point in reliving that again." 
  • neil understands that this is andrew speak for "you’re welcome” & they ditch the rest of the party in favor of going up to the rooftop to smoke cigarettes and make out. 
  • the night feels different, neil feels different. the future is bright & unnerving & large & stretched out in front of him but right now, he’s just content being at home, with andrew’s breath on his tongue & the distant chorus in his head of a thousand ravens fans swallowing their tongues.

i have this headcanon where in andrew & neil’s apartment they have this giant ass bulletin board near the entrance, so it’s one of the first things you would see when you entered the place. neil originally bought it to put practical stuff up like their team practice schedules & assigned meal plans given by their team nutritionist (which andrew ignores). 

but eventually photos started making their way onto it. there’s a team picture of the foxes, of course kevin is the only one who took the team picture seriously but it’s them nonetheless. standing with them is abby, wymack & bee too. there’s a picture of dan & matt dancing horrendously at their wedding, one of nicky & erik they sent from one of their vacations, there’s a rare picture of nicky, aaron & andrew looking civil, a nice shot of renee & allison standing in front of a nice view, one of kevin getting pissed drunk which he makes an attempt to take down every time he visits.

and because andrew has a secret sense of humor, there are articles of neil from teen gossip magazines that describe him as “a sexy blue eyed beast on the exy field” neil pins up exy cards (kinda like baseball cards, roll with me here) of himself and andrew. plus the cards of their friends and teammates, like matt and even kevin makes his way up there. (andrew only tolerates kevin’s card up there because it means he can stick tacks through his picture’s face). they also have up various newspaper clippings & headlines like when they win the gold in the olympics.

and in the bottom right corners is the tack where they hang their keys. 

Please consider:

  • Wymack giving Andrew a “don’t be an idiot” warning talk
  • Andrew responding “Yes, Coach Dad” in a dry tone
  • Andrew no longer calls him Coach or Wymack anymore, suddenly it is always “Coach Dad” and it always comes off sarcastic
  • Dan Wilds (captain of the Foxes and the David Wymack defence squad) starts calling him Coach Dad in positive ways to show him how much they all appreciate the parental role he plays for them and to thank him
  • And to tell the other Foxes to “Listen to Coach Dad”
  • Matt quickly joins the cause at her side
  • It isn’t long before Renee joins in and Allison shortly after
  • Nicky uses it genuinely just as much as he does sarcastically
  • Neil joins in because everyone’s doing it and he wants Wymack to know he’s a way better dad to him than his ever was
  • When Aaron joins in no one can tell if he’s doing it ironically or not, but he says it way less than the others
  • Kevin joins in last when Coach Dad has been so normalized by the team
  • It’s the first time he calls Wymack “Dad”
  • Wymack is trying to act casual about it, but he is clearly so pleased
  • Neil suddenly realizes with utter certainty that this is the whole reason Andrew started the Coach Dad trend, since Kevin kept stumbling over what to call Wymack, but always ended up with Coach before and it was about time Kevin got a family where they value each other instead of Kevin bowing down to a title
The Foxes discover The Floor is Lava Game

so one of the foxes sees the video on their phone and insists that they all have to start doing this which includes:

-dan or nicky usually being the ones to call out “the floor is lava”
-coach threatening to sign them up for a marathon if they don’t stop playing this dumb game (even though he actually enjoys watching them play)
-nicky and allison fighting to the death over the same piece of furniture because they are not getting stuck in the lava!! (there’s another chair right next to the one they’re fighting over but nicky got there first and won’t give up)
-aaron flat out ignoring the game and everyone playing
-aaron finally deciding to play because katelyn is there, but he still stands in the lava while scooping her off the floor
-“but guys we have practice” “oh my god kevin shut up”
-“guys seriously we have to go to practice” “i’m sorry i can’t hear you because you’re being consumed by lava”
-andrew pushing nicky into the lava “by accident”
-neil finds it kinda stupid at first, but he loves how excited all his teammates get when they play so he plays along for their sake
-“andrew you’ve pushed nicky into the lava the past three games that’s not an accident”
-when not battling nicky for the same piece of furniture, allison and renee constantly sharing the same couch to save themselves from the lava as a team

The foxes as things my family has said

Neil:  (singing in the emergency room at about 1 AM) “Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me…” 

Andrew: “I love being short. No, really. It means I’m the perfect height to hug people and be smol and comforting. And kick them in the shins. Watch out, motherfuckers.”

Dan: “A lot of guys don’t like women who can beat them in a fight, which would be unfortunate for me if I gave a shit.”

Kevin: “Je suis sick of this shit.”

Allison: “Rank your pettiness on a scale from one to [me].”

Matt: “I’m in a polygamous bromance with them.”

Nicky: “Ooh he’s cute, Don’t say anything…” *five seconds later* “YAAAAAAS”

Aaron: “Can I get past without dying, or…?”

Renee: “They were a nice drug cartel, don’t worry. I had fun!”

Seth: “But moooom, I want a cool death!”


Wymack: “I lost control of everything once I had a kid…in the best possible sense.” 

Abby: “I listen to [the foxes] whenever I feel horrible, and then I feel worse.” 

Bee: “You know, honey, you can’t save everybody. Especially mansplainers.”

Kengou Moriyama: “I will name my firstborn child “coffee” so that they will grow to be dark and bitter but liked by a certain circle of anxious and terrifyingly reliant people who really want to leave but can’t manage it and always try to befriend my second child, who will be named “decaf” and made to be weak and even more bitter than their elder sibling.”

Riko: “Some demon is speaking through [me].”

Andriel: “This is NOT A GAY SUICIDE PACT.”

  • Neil [to Andrew]: Look, let's just agree to say "I'm sorry" on the count of three. One, two, three.
  • [silence]
  • Neil: Now, see, I'm just disappointed in both of us.