Did I ever mentioned to you guys how does the full CORE looked like?

Cus this is how the full CORE looks like

The upper part was supposed to be shown as we get to higher floors using the elevator but Toby decided to not include it (source from the official undertale artbook)

So for your viewing pleasure, this is what the full CORE would look like. Maybe there’s even more in the upper part but I think this is the full picture.

Then I proceeded to fangirl aobut how awesome Gaster is, an absolute genius. 


The strength of her core is phenomenal.

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Chapter 02 - Part II - :

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Sans… Drinking ‘ur coffee at 4am is a bad idea. A very bad idea. :>

Big thank to a good friend for finding an ideal song for this scene. The lyrics are based off Debbie Gibson - Lost in Your Eyes.

Also, the colored version of young Salphys can be still found HERE.


Couldn’t decide which version I like more, so have both of them!

Anyone else that wondered if Eyeballs and the other Rubies flying around through space met some robotic leftovers? That are blissfully in space?

The other gems wouldn’t believe Eyeballs probably. 


So this happened while I was doing my afternoon calisthenics 😅 he really likes jumping on my back 💪 #

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