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"Closer, so much closer to the place I’m longing for."What I Long For. with Hiro

Hiro is going through some stuff lmao

Hiro looked at you through heated eyes, his eyebrows lifted up in slight want as he watched you bend over a table to grab a half full glass of water. Swallowing back an unknown lump that had long formed in his mouth, he cleared his throat and tried to focus that half complete blueprint sitting in his hand. Deep down, he knew what was going on and why he all of a sudden had a fascination with staring at you throughout the day, thinking things that shouldn’t be said out loud. But outwardly, Hiro didn’t want to admit to anything that he mind was thinking.

“Do you need anything, Hiro?” You asked, watching with intent eyes as the sixteen year old boy jumped slightly out of surprise. He cleared his throat once again, and looked up at you with wide almond shaped eyes. Shaking his head, his hair moving fluidly with him, you smiled gently before walking away. The puff of air that escaped his mouth as you walked away was nearly unbelievable, and the beating inside of his chest and ears was unbearable to the point where it was driving him up the wall. If the sound of your voice did that to him, then he’d hate to see himself when he brought himself to actually physically touch you.

Not in the perverted way, he thought and looked at you once again, though that would be nice. Tilting his head to the side, he ran a hand through his thick hair before humming under his breath.

I just want to get close enough to her so that I can feel the heat of her heart.