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wAIT! When did Luke slip up and call Del Johnny?! I NEED TO KNOW!

I can honestly not remember which one, but it was a co-op video with Cartoonz. I’ll try to find it but if anyone can remember, please help!

I’m almost positive it was Halo 5 but I could be totally wrong.

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Hi again! Please could you update the grumpy! Derek tag? xx


It’s not called gym-nice-tics by countrygirlsfun (1/1 | 2,429 | PG13)

It’s Beginner Gymnasts Camp and Derek has to help work it.

Who knew putting up with his mother would land Derek a date with the cutest gymnast Derek has ever seen?

Ovens Are Not Murder Machines by Farscapegeek (1/1 | 5,786 | PG13)

In which Derek is a grumpy food critic that just wants to go run his co-op in peace. On a forced leave from work he mets the captivating coffee shop owner Stiles who makes him actually want to write again.

“Oh for the love of god can we please order?” Boyd interrupts. Derek blushes at that and realizes he had completely forgot about his beta next to him.

“Sorry. Um your sumatran please. And he squints at the name of a pastry. “Are those donuts? Paczki?” He asks surely slaughtering the pronunciation.

“Close enough. Paczki, polish donuts,” says Stiles rocking back and forth on his heels. “We have an Oregon huckleberry filling if you want to try one? I’m fresh out of the kale tarts with carrot remoulade, but I can try and hold one for you next time. I mean hopefully there will be a next time. If you like my stuff that is.”

Melting Through The Cracks In My Hands by buttsecks (1/1 | 4,374 | PG13)

“Why is this so important to you?” Derek asked with an annoyed sigh.

“Because I can’t afford a basket full of candy everyday and this is the only time of the year where I can get one for free. So are you coming or not?”

(Stiles really wants candy and Derek really wants Stiles. So they go trick or treating)

Camping Nights I share with You by Schmandolini (1/1 | 2,293 | R)

When Derek gets cursed by witch, there are some unexpected events about to happen. Not completely unpleasant.

How They Met and Other Disasters by ArientheSun (1/1 | 11,801 | PG13)

The story of how Stiles and Derek met, which involved one destroyed diner, a bus fire, an uncomfortable Native American god, some murdered reindeer, and one emotionally scarred child. And Christmas. ‘Tis the season!

Image: Langston Hughes (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

In the 1920s and ‘30s, Langston Hughes was at the heart of the Harlem Renaissance. And after the movement ended, he didn’t go far: The writer moved into a brownstone on Harlem’s 127th Street, where he lived for the last 20 years of his life. The building is a national landmark, but it’s been mostly empty for decades. In that time, Harlem has begun to gentrify. Now, in an effort to keep Hughes’ former home from becoming one more high-end co-op, a neighborhood nonprofit is raising money to lease the building as an arts center.

Langston Hughes’ Harlem Home May Get Its Own Renaissance — As An Art Center


True story : I really want to work at the local food co-op. I applied two months ago, and got a nice “sorry but no” email. They’re hiring again, and I just sent over an email and cover letter/resume and let them know I’m still looking and would love an interview. I feel needy and shit, but I think one reason why I didn’t get an interview before is because I was honest about how much I made at my last job. I definitely made good money in health insurance but it was seriously not worth it. I know I’ll make less at the co-op but not wanting to cry in the bathroom at work is worth the pay cut!

Maybe think nice thoughts my way? 😊


Knights and Bikes 

developed by Foam Sword  |  Platforms: PC, Mac, & Linux

“A co-op action adventure game set in a beautifully hand drawn 3D world. You play as our two heroines, Nessa and Demelza. Nessa is an orphan from the mainland, who has run away to the island searching for her past and her identity. Demelza is a video game-obsessed islander searching for the truth using clues from her favorite game.”

Being created by a developer and an artist who also worked on Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet, and Ratchet & Clank.

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developed by The Balance Inc  |  Windows, Mac, & Linux  

A mech fighting game where you control all of the limbs individually.  It has support for up to 4 players in one mech, each controlling a different limb, which will probably have hilarious results and lead to broken friendships.

“Engage in different challenges such as duels with other robots, controlled either by single players or full teams, compete on who can wreak more havoc on the city, survive several hordes of enemies trying to take you down, or simply work to get rid of the pesky media who insists on shooting only your bad deeds.”

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