Itay Ohaly etches onto black walls to reveal colored memories

Ohaly explores this technique in two spaces, creating two diverse experiences. the first space, painted in all-black, invites the museum visitors to participate and etch on it freely. Adults and children alike are asked to scratch the walls. Revealing the vibrant color beneath.

The second space is the artist’s own interpretation, autonomously planned and carefully etched using a CNC machine. The project binds together a playful, analog world with a professional, adult one, while stretching the boundaries of the color etching technique with the use of digital technologies.


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Slow motion vid of some machining action- making a thing to make some fancy things…. #machining #CNC #cncmachine #fabrication #usmade #specialproject

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My second circuit board project. A few minor issues to be tweaked but overall I am happy with the result. I used FlatCam to create the gcode for cutout/tabs, engraving, and drilling/milling. I used Rhino and Fusion 360 to make the gcode for milling the recess in MDF. An Arduino running grbl connected to a PC running Grbl Controller was used to drive the CNC.