My baby hand for reference

Despite smolness it’s packed with useful things!

  • Tea light (all 5 elements)
  • Acorn cap (chalice)
  • Quartz shard (serves as wand)
  • Red jasper (for grounding, represents earth)
  • Silver jingle bell (air)
  • Match (fire)
  • Conch (water)
  • Nail (athame)
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon shaving
  • Mini-broom (a sprout of rosemary)
  • Red thread
  • Black pepper grain
  • Clear marble (for scrying)
  • Marble holder
  • Pendulum
  • Pendulum mat
  • Match striker (glued to the side of the box, my personal strike of genius, pun intended)

To be added in the near future:

  • Altar cloth
  • Major arcana tarot deck or oracle deck
  • Replace the pendulum for something heavier and more balanced

I have SO MUCH ROOM STILL. I’m definitely going to find more things to put in here!

page 4

photography ft. my handmade wooden wand

Cinnamon & Clove - some of my favorite flavors! some associations and flavor pairings. Someday I’ll post my grandma’s recipe for instant spiced tea, which uses both of these spices. (as a side note, please never consume oils or extracts that are not food grade!!!)

**please don’t remove my caption**


I like Clove, I think she’s pretty cool. Cool enough to spend a good amount of time drawing her in various different outfits. Just as a side note Saber and 2B are a cheeky little jab at my pal, I’m sure he’s going to “enjoy” this. ( by that I mean he isn’t.) Next time I’ll post something of quality, that isn’t just a topic I personally like to draw.

Also an older comic that I drew a while ago, I personally think I’ve improved quite a bit when drawing Clove since then.