More lighting and color keys for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2! These color keys were my first real test in painting keys - and it was definitely trial by fire. This is actually part of a much larger sequence that myself and three other vis. dev. painters (Seonna Hong, Dean Gordon, and Jerry Loveland) worked on together. It was such a unique experience to paint this way - since we each took a section of the sequence, we had to make sure what we were painting linked up to the paintings of whoever was doing the sections before and after our section. I loved painting this - I think I got the most exciting part, even if I did get sick of painting coconut milk after a while! And let me tell you, painting coconut milk in direct sunlight, against a yellow sky… not easy.

Seeing this sequence in the film was so gratifying - the shots, especially the shot of them flying down the fruit waterfall, look exactly like my paintings. It was surreal and wonderful to see my work on the big screen - which is why I also included an image of my name appearing in the credits at the end of the film (along with the names of the many other talented artists I worked with). I hope you forgive me my giddy-ness, this was my first time getting to see my name “in lights;” and to have that moment be alongside people, and for a project, I truly love… well, it doesn’t get much better than that!

(Top image designed by Pete Oswald.)

Huge craving

…For a Sparkswood smut. I’ve been looking around on Google for FlintxSam smuts, but I can’t find any. I swear mine, which isn’t much of a smut (sorry I haven’t posted it yet. When my schoolwork simmers down, I’ll try to post it.), is all I have. DO I HAVE TO BEG I-SHIP-YAOI-LIKE-FEDEX TO WRITE ONE??? I want to draw it so bad because, you know, it’s Sparkswood and all. You know how you get those cravings for some smutty stuff sometimes. It just hits you like FEELS-SPLOSIONS. I just got into smuts, including a Homestuck one my friend is writing, so please can anyone write a FlintxSam smut and send it to me or post it on or something? Thanks for reading my rant of how much I love Sparkswood. :3 (P.S. I will draw something for the person/people that writes the smut. FlintxSam anyone?)

Steve Jobs Reincarnate

I’m a sucker for a pun, and ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2’ really outdid themselves. The foodimals are outrageously and unashamedly hilariously named (su-sheep, shrimpanzees…etc), and the ridiculousness of it all is just too much to take at times. Who cares though, as the main character Flint actually says at one point: “It’s best not to think about it too much”.

What transferred this movie from top ten to possibly all time favourite animated film was Chester V - a charismatic cult leader of inventors, who sells the world his 'food bars’, numbered to represent their newness and inventiveness. Sounds familiar. He is totally Steve Jobs.

I’m not an Apple person, so it would be easy to argue that I’m seeing evil dictator comparisons where there are none, but let me convince you otherwise. Here are some direct comparisons I saw with the two worshipful inventors….Make your own mind up.

1. They both have glasses and a beard

Ok, so I’m starting obvious and small. However, this is undeniable. 

2. They number their all consuming products

(wonderful image from

Just as the latest iPhone becomes the centre of Apple, the newest edition of the 'foodbar’ (Foodbar 8.0) becomes Chester’s everything. His evil pursuits and decisions all stem from his belief that the new foodbar is the greatest thing ever invented. Nothing could ever be as good as this invention, not the products before it. Hence the numbering.

3. Namaste

Both these men appear to be serious practitioners of Zen Buddhism. Chester often uses the greeting “Namaste!” and can often be found chilling with his holograms in a weird state of meditation. Steve Jobs often engaged in lengthy meditation retreats. I wouldn’t put him past having holograms either.

4. Inspirational quotes

“Can your ideas change the world?!” The creepy Chester V inspiration pod exclaims time after time in the Live Corp headquarters. Jobs didn’t exactly have a catchphrase, but he is certainly one to look for if you want an inspirational quote or two. Google them if you care.

5. Loyal following of idiotic consumers

Steve.. I mean, Chester is Flint’s idol. He foolishly hangs on Chester’s every word throughout the film, not recognising the evil undertones of his words. People queue up for days to buy the first Apple shit. To some, Steve Jobs could do no wrong.

6. Angry tendencies

Chester V Often loses his temper, and exclaims “MONKEY” at his sidekick. Jobs was famously cruel to employees and critics, and pretty damn bad mannered. I don’t have any pictures for this. It’s too specific. 

7. The Company

Ok, the logo doesn’t look anything like Apple and the name is totally different. They couldn’t exactly call it Orange could they? Or Grape? You have to do some of the thinking yourself. 

Regardless, the high tech facility where Chester resides is minimal, nerdy and ridiculous. Part of it is also shaped like a lightbulb. I don’t think it’s built yet, but this isn’t much less absurd as a hq.

I could go on and on about blue jeans and weird squiggly limbs, but I won’t. I’ve made my point. I don’t think Apple are going to embark on a weird mission to scramble a load of animals and transform them into iProducts in Steve Jobs’ memory, but the general idea still stands. The genius mind behind a corporation may be bright, but he may also be EVIL.

Think about that!


Harlem Shake (Cloudy Edition) (by cloudenshaken)

So pumped to see Sony Pictures Animation get this out!