Huge craving

…For a Sparkswood smut. I’ve been looking around on Google for FlintxSam smuts, but I can’t find any. I swear mine, which isn’t much of a smut (sorry I haven’t posted it yet. When my schoolwork simmers down, I’ll try to post it.), is all I have. DO I HAVE TO BEG I-SHIP-YAOI-LIKE-FEDEX TO WRITE ONE??? I want to draw it so bad because, you know, it’s Sparkswood and all. You know how you get those cravings for some smutty stuff sometimes. It just hits you like FEELS-SPLOSIONS. I just got into smuts, including a Homestuck one my friend is writing, so please can anyone write a FlintxSam smut and send it to me or post it on or something? Thanks for reading my rant of how much I love Sparkswood. :3 (P.S. I will draw something for the person/people that writes the smut. FlintxSam anyone?)


More lighting and color keys for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2! These color keys were my first real test in painting keys - and it was definitely trial by fire. This is actually part of a much larger sequence that myself and three other vis. dev. painters (Seonna Hong, Dean Gordon, and Jerry Loveland) worked on together. It was such a unique experience to paint this way - since we each took a section of the sequence, we had to make sure what we were painting linked up to the paintings of whoever was doing the sections before and after our section. I loved painting this - I think I got the most exciting part, even if I did get sick of painting coconut milk after a while! And let me tell you, painting coconut milk in direct sunlight, against a yellow sky… not easy.

Seeing this sequence in the film was so gratifying - the shots, especially the shot of them flying down the fruit waterfall, look exactly like my paintings. It was surreal and wonderful to see my work on the big screen - which is why I also included an image of my name appearing in the credits at the end of the film (along with the names of the many other talented artists I worked with). I hope you forgive me my giddy-ness, this was my first time getting to see my name “in lights;” and to have that moment be alongside people, and for a project, I truly love… well, it doesn’t get much better than that!

(Top image designed by Pete Oswald.)


Harlem Shake (Cloudy Edition) (by cloudenshaken)

So pumped to see Sony Pictures Animation get this out!