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Chocobros/OT4 Flight Headcanons

I get really bored on flights and have been flying a lot so here are the results of my boredom.

-Ignis struggles a lot with airsickness, but it’s better now compared to when he was a child. He usually takes pills for it, rather than trying to drown himself in ginger ale, and tries his best to sleep through flights. He almost always flies with one of the other boys, so he always has a shoulder to lean on. 

-He only doesn’t sit in the window seat because Noctis and Prompto are notorious window seat hoggers.

-Rough turbulance makes the sickness nearly unbearable, though, and Ignis will go as far as changing flights if an unexpected storm develops the day–or hours– before his scheduled takeoff. 

-Ignis is a morning person on principle, and the added benefit of avoiding most delays and storms by booking morning flights works perfect for him. 

-Not perfect for Noctis, though, who has been dragged out of bed at 4am to catch a 6:30am flight far too many times. “You can just sleep on the plane,” Ignis always says. 

-Try as he may, Noctis is terrible at sleeping on planes. He has to be in the window seat so he can lean his head to the side or on one of the luxury international planes where the seat reclines completely. 

-Thankfully he’s royalty and gets to fly on such fancy planes often.

-If he must sleep sitting up, Noctis needs approximately 4 pillows to get comfortable. Two to lean against the wall of the plane, one to hug, and one to put behind his head. Plus an eye mask to block out light. And a blanket.

-Such a maneuver requires all 4 of the boys to carry a pillow onto the plane, despite all of them being for Noctis. 

-It’s completly obnoxious. It’s why he flies on luxury planes more often than anyone should. 

-Prompto is a window seat hogger for the photo opportunities. What other chance does he have to take shots 30000 feet in the air?

-This makes flights with both he and Noctis difficult because they have to sit in two different rows if one of them can’t suck up their need for a window seat. 

-When he does have a window seat, Prompto turns into a master Instagram photographer. Shots through plane windows on a DSLR aren’t ideal, but the quality of his phone camera is perfect for picturesque travel shots. 

-He never comes off a flight without a memorable photo. He’s got sunrises, sunsets, beautiful clouds, storms, cities and landmarks from above and even fireworks in the distance. Not to mention selfies with celebrities when he flies in First Class with Noct and the other guys. 

-Boring flights only mean that he turns his lens to the other boys, usually catching Noctis in some ridculous sleeping position or Gladio deep in concentration while reading his latest book. 

-The downside to a window seat for Prompto, though, is that it’s hardet to get into the aisle and restroom. This results in him climbing over one of the other boys 3-4 times per flight to use the bathroom, stretch his legs or chat with the flight attendants. 

-Gladio flies almost exlusively in first class. Not only because of his social status, but because he feels bad taking up so much space in the main cabin seats. After a stranger snubbed him for speading his legs too much and suggesting that he buy himself two seats, he swore to never fly anything but first class again. 

-It’s not his fault, though. He’s so tall and his legs can’t stretch out under the seat in front of him and main cabin seats are so tiny and his thighs are so thick- 

-He hates how comically small Iris or Noct or Prom look in the first class seat next to him. Their thighs don’t even touch the sides of the seat. 

-He secretly loves flying first class with Ignis. Not only will the other man fall asleep on his shoulder, but being two tall, well dressed men in first class makes them look like the ultimate power couple. He loves how intimidating and proud Ignis’ presence makes him feel.

-The upside to flying, for Gladio, is it being a prime time to catch up on reading. Both he and Iris are very productive on flights, reading or catching up on work, or–in Iris’ case–practicing makeup looks while asking Gladio his opinion on colors. 

-Prompto, on the other hand, is bored to tears once he’s done taking photos and Noctis is asleep. A fully carged phone, handheld gaming device and headphones are essential to his carryon bag. 

-Ignis definitely carries around vitamin-c gummies for everyone to take while traveling. 

~~~Warning, nsfw headcanons below here 😘~~~

-Prompto and Gladio have both given Iggy a hand job under a blanket to help him relax.

-Prompto wants to join the mile high club so bad, and Gladio promised him they’d do so the next time they’re on a nice plane on a long, international flight.

-Noctis, on the other hand, can’t be bothered. A bed on a plane is a luxury, in his opinion, and should be used for valuable shut-eye time, not sexcapades.