Official Tagline: “The story of a love that can never be, and a hate that always was.”
Final Fantasy VII [Tales of the Abyss Opening]

Drawthread fill: Someone wanted to see Vincent rising out of his coffin while saying, “I live… AGAIN!” and I ended up going…uh, a little far with that.

Originally was just going to have Vincent’s headband and cape and the black parts of everyone’s outfits and bodies, plus the background, as the only colors. Going a bit further seemed to have worked out.


So, this is really happening…!

  • Sora:Cloud, these conspiracies aren't real, right?
  • Cloud:What do you mean?
  • Sora:Like that one over there that says all the major wars of the past fifty years were ordered by members of the council.
  • Cloud:(suddenly on edge) Sora, I'm not at liberty to discuss that with you. (Walks away, looking at him suspiciously)
  • Sora:Wh- Well, you're not a member of the council, are you? Cloud? (To Leon) Is he? (Leon mumbles and leaves) Is he? Leon?

okay but what about a star trek dissidia au where

  • warrior is the no-nonsense captain that would put the wellbeing of his crew above absolutely anything
  • firion is the chief engineering officer and everyone’s favorite face around the ship because he’s just so darn friendly (he’s also warrior’s first officer)
  • onion knight is the super eager yeoman and literally the human embodiment of a golden retriever puppy he’s just so adorable and hyper
  • cecil is the gentle yet hardworking chief medical officer that everyone hates but loves to see, who spends his days wringing his hands over the especially danger-prone crew of this ship
  • bartz is the bubbly chief communications officer who likes to compliment people in alien languages and gives out free CDs of intergalactic bands
  • terra is the half-vulcan chief science officer who’s terribly lonely because not many people seem to understand that vulcan =/= heartless asshole, but she’s the absolute best at her job and nobody dares question that
  • cloud is the snarky helmsman with an attitude problem, a penchant for risk-taking, and the best piloting skills in starfleet (which he doesn’t hesitate to brag about)
  • squall is the chief tactical officer that’s actually rude as hell but people try not to take it personally because he’s singlehandedly saved the ship from getting blown to bits about a thousand times
  • zidane is an engineering officer who’s always tinkering around and adding ‘enhancements’ to the ship’s computer and playing pranks on his fellow crewmen 
  • and tidus is the navigator who acts kind of childish most of the time but he’s probably the sunniest, friendliest, and most empathetic person on board – and almost everyone knows it