I just noticed that Delirious flirts with Vanoss so differently from when he’s flirting with the others.  

He’s far more cautious when it comes to Vanoss where as with the others, for example Daithi, he’s a lot more open with a straight forward kind of jokey flirting like ‘come suck my dick’ straightforwardness. With Vanoss he’s always denied anything slightly gay like when they where in the closet together and he pointed it out before going ‘No no no no’ and getting out. There are many other times too, to many to write in this essay I seem to be making! This makes it seem like a school crush, the way that he denies it and yet with others he’s fine with the flirting. Damn, I’m rambling. This actually makes me think that Del actually has a small crush on Vanoss in real life, even if Vanoss is straight (Idk if confirmed or not). 

I also think it’s rather strange that he’s the only one who gets singled out for being gay a lot. I mean, have you noticed how many times they’ve called him out. Like Carlos always asking him to Cockatoos and saying they’re partners/boyfriends when it comes to going there, then you have the fact Lui calls him a ‘gay clown’, Vanoss saying at the end of the song they sung together at the car wash: ’And he’s bi-curious’, Vanoss in another videos asking if certain people are his boyfriends -never girlfriends, may I say. Of course, you have to take into account it could be all jokes considering Del seems to be easy to ‘pick on’ as the BBS tend to do it to him all the time. But I still find it weird they do.


My poor shipper heart

I’ll let you go back to your shipping lives. 

Have a good day.     

Creepy Story Master list part two! Some amazing creepypastas and nosleeps that I think you will all enjoy!
*If you click on a link it will open up in a new tab

Carnival/Clown Stories:

  1. He does birthdays: Ok this is a total gross out horror, but it was written really well
  2. The Clown, the Paint, and the Circus: this one will make you never want to visit a circus again, but its written so well and makes you just want more
  3. Closet of Clowns: Makes Pennywise seem like Barbie
  4. Clown in the window: just another reason not to look outside at night
  5. Slappy’s Happy Mirror Maze: Creepy Clowns are pretty damn entertaining 

Personal Rituals (for your safety, please do not try): 

  1. The bath game: ok this one doesn’t seem that bad but holy shit it really is scary
  2. If you lost a loved one: Ok, maybe whats dead needs to stay dead
  3. A little gift: Not too simple, but it is very, very purswading
  4. The Soul Game: Do not read if you are easily creeped out, or if you dont like looking over your shoulder every five seconds
  5. Carolette’s Web: Children are fucking terrifying


  1. What Hurricane Sandy Uncovered: Extremely creepy, and made me thank god I don’t live anywhere near where hurricanes can go
  2. The Old Mossbeard: this one isn’t so much as a work of fiction as it is more of a cryptozoology type thing, still very interesting, and the documentary linked in it is definitely worth a watch
  3. Visiting Mrs. Burnage: First installment of a three part series that will have your moth open the entire time
  4. A Sketchy Interview: This is the kind where you know what is happening exactly, yet it somehow manages to surprise you in so many ways (note: with this link you have to scroll down pretty far to get to the story)
  5. Proxies: If there is one thing I wont be doing after reading this story, is walking around after dark. Even with a group of people.

Longer reads (but definitely worth the while):

  1. The Pastel Man: Makes you think, and also makes you terrified 
  2. Fenter Woods: Absolutely terrifying and will have you on the edge of your seat
  3. The Red light in the warehouse: This story is just great, detailed, and exciting! A must read!
  4. Kagome Kagome: If you like vocaloid or just being freaked the fuck you, this one is for you!
  5. Working at Disney: You know, the more stories I read about this place the more I think my childhood is more fucked up than I thought.

Bonus! Not a real Category, just some really good stories:

  1. Jeff Went Left: I can’t even tell you my love of this story, its just perfect.
  2. Butterflies in Your stomach: This gives the expression a whole new meaning
  3. Clifton Bunnyman/Bunnyman Bridge: this is just one of those stories that you can read over and over again and still love it
  4. Ronald McDonald House: Wanna get rid of those McDonald cravings? Read this!
  5. The other internet: one of those stories that you just think is terrifying because it might be true
Sleepy Hollow April Fool's Texts - Part 3 (Getting back at Jenny)
  • Crane: Miss Mills, do you wish to talk about it?
  • Abbie: No I do not. I just want to go home, take a shower and forget it ever happened.
  • Crane: Very well then. I will leave you in peace. Good Evening.
  • Abbie: You had ONE JOB, Crane!
  • Crane: So you ARE upset.
  • Abbie: Of course I'm upset! We had a plan. You agreed to the plan, then you did not follow the plan.
  • Crane: I do not understand what I did that was so wrong!
  • Abbie: You were supposed to come out of the hall closet dressed as a clown - the only thing Jenny is afraid of - so that I could tape her reaction.
  • Abbie: Instead... I got a grown man dressed as half a horse.
  • Crane: I was a centaur!
  • Abbie: Centaurs have four hooves and two human hands. You were short two hooves. You were literally dressed as as a horses' ass.
  • Crane: I did not like the clown's costume, so I improvised. I thought the goal was to surprise her.
  • Abbie: The goal was to scare her. Not whimsy her to death.
  • Abbie: Not to mention, now we have the other thing to deal with.
  • Crane: Meaning?
  • Abbie: Meaning, Jenny Mills now has a video of a man in a horse costume gyrating under her cop sister.
  • Crane: I was not expecting her to react so quickly and push you on top of me! Your sister moves surprisingly fast!
  • Abbie: Her cop sister is grunting on top of said horse-man and yelling "Get me off! Get me off!"
  • Crane: She would not possibly show that video to anyone.
  • Abbie: Have you met Jenny? She'll have that edited and set to music by the end of the night. She'll show it to the State Police to get out of her next speeding ticket. Hell, she'd show it to a cashier to get a free Frosty at Wendy's.
  • Crane: Abbie - you have my sincerest apologies.
  • Abbie: Uh-huh. You owe me big time.
  • Crane: Indeed.
  • Abbie: Where did you even find a horse costume that was anatomically correct?!
  • Crane: That wasn't...
  • Crane:
  • Crane: Walmart.