I just noticed that Delirious flirts with Vanoss so differently from when he’s flirting with the others.  

He’s far more cautious when it comes to Vanoss where as with the others, for example Daithi, he’s a lot more open with a straight forward kind of jokey flirting like ‘come suck my dick’ straightforwardness. With Vanoss he’s always denied anything slightly gay like when they where in the closet together and he pointed it out before going ‘No no no no’ and getting out. There are many other times too, to many to write in this essay I seem to be making! This makes it seem like a school crush, the way that he denies it and yet with others he’s fine with the flirting. Damn, I’m rambling. This actually makes me think that Del actually has a small crush on Vanoss in real life, even if Vanoss is straight (Idk if confirmed or not). 

I also think it’s rather strange that he’s the only one who gets singled out for being gay a lot. I mean, have you noticed how many times they’ve called him out. Like Carlos always asking him to Cockatoos and saying they’re partners/boyfriends when it comes to going there, then you have the fact Lui calls him a ‘gay clown’, Vanoss saying at the end of the song they sung together at the car wash: ’And he’s bi-curious’, Vanoss in another videos asking if certain people are his boyfriends -never girlfriends, may I say. Of course, you have to take into account it could be all jokes considering Del seems to be easy to ‘pick on’ as the BBS tend to do it to him all the time. But I still find it weird they do.


My poor shipper heart

I’ll let you go back to your shipping lives. 

Have a good day.     

Red-Pennywise X Reader

Hey there everyone! This is my first post on this blog and I wanted to share some ideas with this every growing sin-fest!

I am personally a closeted clown fucker and I wanted to maybe add to the pile of reasons while we are all going to hell in the end! So enjoy the start of this little Fic that i’m playing around with that i’m calling: Red


Thank you! And enjoy!  ——————————————————————————

It had been a few years since you saw you’re friends and family in Derry. Your family had taken off from the friendly, average American town after the last batch of children went missing and who could really blame them. You were their only child after all, their pride and joy, no way were they going to stick around after hearing about the disappearances. You remember how sad you were to leave your hometown behind, how hard it seemed to pull away from the woods and roads that almost beckoned to have you stay.

Your parents were far more insistent that the strange force holding you here though, and many people’s surprise you were swept away.

“Why would you want to leave?”

You could remember you’re neighbors asking, apparently it was a strange thing to move away from Derry. Everyone else in this town seemed to have roots in it, no one ever left and no one really seemed as though they wanted to. You’re family had moved here just as you were born, so it wasn’t hard for them to uproot and move once again. As a kid you never really understood why you had left, but you do remember the drive out of town. Dark green pine trees flashed past the windows, the shadows of the branches curling in around your family’s car as it raced down the road towards the state line. Against the backdrop of endless woods you remember something catching your eye, a flash of color, a red balloon.   

“Y?N? Are you alright back there?”

Your head snapped back from the window as the voice of your father brought you back to reality. It was strange riding in the back seat of your parents car again. You haven’t gone anywhere like this with your parents since the beginning of high school, and even that was more than 10 years ago. Being 21 and still in the backseat of your parents honda was more than a little weird, but it also felt nice to be with them as a family again. Living on your own during and after college has taken its tole, all you were missing was your gameboy and a copy of pokemon silver.

“Yeah dad, i’m fine! It’s just weird to be going back, yah know?”

You say, folding your arms into your lap as you try and think about something else. You chose to think about the friends you were meeting up with, Richie and Eddie would both be excited to see you, if they were still here. You had just assumed that they would be, after all, no one seemed to leave this town.

“I got yah sweetheart, just relax! We’ll be pulling in soon enough!”

You sighed and fell back against the seat, letting your gaze wander out the window once again. You noticed the forests that started to approach, you noticed how empty the road was and how the barren stretch of cement seemed like a silver ribbon against the green fields. Your eyes followed the road until you were met with a sign reading

“Welcome to Derry”

The sign was faded from years standing in the rain and sun, but the letters still seemed to cry out at you. You tried to look away but the letters seemed so bright against the pale summer sky. Just as the car whizzed past it, you caught a glimpse of something standing behind it. A wide smile, yellow faded teeth and a sickening sweet voice that whispered,

“Welcome back”

A bump in the road made your whole body shake as the suitcases and boxes around you bounced. You blinked and shook your head, looking back at the sign to see nothing but the weeds that grew around it. That was strange, you could have sworn something had spoken to you just then.

“Honey! Please, drive like you have some sense!”

You heard your mother say, scolding your father who laughed in response.

“Sorry sugar! You know these old country roads!”

You looked at your feet, still trying to absorb what had just happened to you and you shook your head again. It was probably just the long drive getting to you, you hadn’t slept since you had climbed into the car about 8 hours ago.

“Well i’m going to tell Auntie you shouldn’t drink tonight if this is how you’re dive sober”

your mother said sarcastically to your father, bringing up the reason you were here.

“Oh come on sweetheart! It’s not a family reunion without beer!”

He said back. To be fair it wasn’t really our family reunion, we just happened to be close friends with who was holding one of their own.

“Now now sugar look, we are here now, i made it this far!”

He said and as you looked out the window once again you were met with the roads and buildings you grew up on, you were back in Derry.


Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the first little bit! I will be continuing it and when i do you’ll be able to find the other parts here!  

anonymous asked:

I was going through these tags thinking it was a joke 2 days ago and now I'm a closeted clown fucker help

no one can help us. accept your fate and join the clown club

anonymous asked:

Anon is a fucking creep. Stop stalking their profile dude. That shit's scary. Do you seriously look up/click on a profile and carefully read their fanfic just to comment that? I might start thinking you're the one who wants Penny

Closeted clown fuckers! They exist!
Anon, listen to me. It’s okay. We are here for you, dude. Just accept who you are. Get off the hate train and get on the clown fucker train. It’s fun. I promise. We have popcorn too. 

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I'm new to this whole clown thing and am a closeted clown fucker but I was listening to music a bit ago and thought Gone with the Sin by HIM is a great Pennywise song so yeah I just needed to tell someone that 😅😅😅

Awesome !! Welcome to the club of sin, by the way, haha, and you are welcome to share anytime ^^ I will go and listen to this song, haha, I have a whole playlist of songs that remind me of Pennywise if anyone would be interested in me posting? gotta love those music vibes!!

anonymous asked:

p.s. that thing about fucking Pennywise was a secret.

Don’t worry anon your secret is safe with me …we clown fuckers keep everything on tumblr…or amongst ourselves…hell I’m a closet clown fucker and no one outside of tumblr or the discord chat I’m involved with knows I am one. Not even my fiancé


"Win a date with (Y/N)"- Niall (Requested)

I’m sorry if this is bad, I literally stayed up all night re-typing whole story it’s 5.18 am now and I’m really sorry if it’s not the best one I’m really tired.
Hope you like it :) xxxx

Yet another interview for our new album. It was actually fun, I don’t know but the others, but I really like it. We’re were  doing our interview with Ryan Seacrest.

“So here we have Noah, Liam, Mason, Jacob and lovely (Y/N) here. Average everyonee!” we all cheered as Ryan introduced us.

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With You

Summary: Dean and Reader have a day off and decide to watch some movies together.

A/N: Hey Guys!!! I know that this isn’t the best, but I’ve been trying to get some of these fic’s done so I can get to Bobby’s House Part 2! Hope you enjoy and I don’t mind getting some tips!! Once again, thank you!

“Dean!” You screamed at the top of your lungs.

“What?” A gruff voice asked from what sounded like the garage. You traveled over to the garage and saw Dean pull out from one of those wheely things from underneath the Impala. He gave you a cheeky smile as you entered.

“I’m bored.” You out on your best puppy dog face. Dean laughed as you tried.

“Well find something to do,” your face fell into a frown.

“But I wanted to do something with you today, considering nothing else is happeneing.” The truth has been spoken. Everything supernatural had all of the sudden became quiet. Nothing was happening. At all.

Dean, again, gave you a cheeky smile and got up. He got a spare rag from off a nearby workbench and wiped some grease off of himself.

“I’m all yours.” He lifted both of his arms off his sides slightly. You smiled as wide as you possibly could. Grabbing his wrist, you managed to get out the words “come on” before exiting the garage.

As you dragged Dean through various hallways, you stopped at random rooms and went inside. Coming out of those rooms, you pulled out a bag from each room. By the time you both were at the movie room, you had at least eight different bags. Dean arched his brows in confusion.

“What’s with all the bags?” You smirked and pulled out a pecan pie from one of the bags. His eyes went wide.

“Why would you hide this from me? Jesus Christ Y/N.” Again, you smirked as he started to stuff his face.

“There are at least two other pies in some other bags.” He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him. He kissed you on the cheek and said, “This is why I love you.”

You got up and walked over to the rack of movies. Looking over everything, you finally chose one and happily put it into the DVD player.

“What are we watchin?” Dean asked, mouth full of pie. Smirking, you rolled your eyes and sat down next to him. As the title screen popped up, you heard Dean laugh barely to himself as ‘The Lord of the Rings’ came up on the screen.

You hit play, and began a mystical journey through Middle Earth.

Every few minutes, Dean scooted closer and closer to you, trying to be as sneaky as possible. Right before he was going to put his arm around you, you lied down in his lap and rested on him. You looked up at him and smiled as he chuckled.

Both of you stayed like that throughout all of the trilogy. You threw popcorn at him occasionally and he would catch it in his mouth. Or he would feed you licorice and any other candy you had in the assorted bags.

All was well until Dean decided it would be funny to watch ‘Poltergeist’. Even though you hunted things that go bump in the night, you hated that movie. Anything and everything about it disturbed you. The tree, the closet and especially the clown. You weren’t afraid of clowns or anything, but damn, was it terrifying.

As you watch the movie, you sat up in Dean’s lap and curled up in his lap. He continuously laughed as you herded when there was a jumpscare.

The best part, though, was when Sammy walked in right as the clown appeared. He let out the most girly scream, and you and Dean couldn’t help but die of laughter.

Sam walked out of the room, throwing out a “Not funny guys” as he left.

Once the movie finished, you began to move out of Dean’s lap, but as soon as you stood up, you were pulled down. In his lap, both of you just stared at each other.

“Yes?” You asked, arching one of your eyebrows. He smirked and moved towards you.

Your lips crashed onto his as a firework went off in your belly. He put one hand behind your neck and the other on your lower back.

The kiss was exploding with passion and love as Dean moved his lips with your’s. Pulling apart for air, both of you locked eye-contact and smiled.

“Why are you so damn perfect?” He just stared. You shrugged and pulled him up.

“Maybe because I’m with you.”