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OKAY *rolls up sleeves* headcanon meme: First Date+Flatmates. First Time on their own with a newborn+Plus One and/or canon. Fighting/arguing+canon. Sick+Except You. Snuggles+Anna Begins. Getting Hurt+Bowl of Stars. Stargazing+Bowl of Stars. Nightmares+Close Quarters.

Blimey Charis

Well you don’t get the Bowl of Stars ones because reasons. But you may have the others.

First Date+Flatmates. - Anna insisted on an official First Date but it was a bit weird because they already knew each other so well. Anna also took great delight in kissing Kristoff goodnight demurely at her bedroom door, then closing it and going to bed. Then getting up half an hour later to join him in HIS bed.

First Time on their own with a newborn+Plus One and/or canon. - I think in canon the first time they were properly alone with a newborn (as in completely responsible for it) was when they took it to meet the trolls. Kristoff had never driven the sled that slowly before.

Fighting/arguing+canon. - I have Anna as someone who gets angry, lets it all out, then five minutes later feels terrible and apologises. Kristoff is a sulker and needs a bit more time to come round, and he can’t keep up with the shouting anyway, so it’s just as well they don’t have many serious disagreements.

Sick+Except You. - Kristoff comes to the palace to see Anna and is told she’s not well, in a very so-off-you-go voice. He asks if he can just see Asta for a minute and ends up spending all afternoon playing with her in the nursery, then sneaking into Anna’s room once Asta’s asleep.

Snuggles+Anna Begins. - happen frequently.

Nightmares+Close Quarters. - Anna has a key to Kristoff’s flat so when she has weird pregnancy dreams she lets herself in and climbs into his bed. 

I’ve gotten some requests so here’s a roundup of all the knowledge I gained at Colonial Williamsburg:

  • The role of George Washington was actually played by 1,776 clones of Emperor Washingtine.
  • Tench Tilghman is an urban legend and he sucked my dick.
  • Alex and Eliza bonded over making fun of what a loser George Washington was, as well as his poor spelling. Every typo Eliza made was actually an inside joke.
  • Due to their close quarters and the insufferability of Lams, Meade received no fewer than 6 accidental facials until the aides officially mandated that Alex had to swallow.
  • James McHenry was an stripper in college. He only got money because his stage name was “Lafayette.”
  • After he gained his freedom, James Armistead became an insult comedian who traveled the country following his former bosses around and mocking hem remorselessly.
  • No one liked John Andre except Alex, Eliza, and Lafayette. People cried at his hanging from relief, knowing they were free of the burden of his terrible acoustic guitar.
  • One time Lafayette got lost in a corn maze and tried to eat his way out.

A little shameless self-promotion.  (I learned it from Publicist Tyreese!)

A Thousand Shards of Glass
Midnight Quarry frontman Rick Grimes is not happy that his ex-band is still under contract for one final tour. Rick and Shane can barely stand the sight of each other, and the close quarters of the tour bus just make the tensions spike even more. Luckily for Rick, there’s a free seat available with one of the roadies. All he has to do is get through this damn tour, then he’s done.

Will they find true love and happiness??  (well, let’s face it… I wrote it, so probs yes)


Sharp green.

U.S. soldiers with Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment (D 1-5), 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, conduct close quarters marksmanship training at Firebase Maholic, Bagram Air Field, Parwan province, Afghanistan. D 1-5 conducted CQM in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

(Photos by Spc. Alexander Naylor, 11 AUG 2013.)

Close Quarters Pt. 1

Sherlock and Molly don’t get on so much post-hlv. During one of the evenings Sherlock finally gets Molly to work with him they get exposed to some disease and put under quarantine. Ensue the two bickering it out behind locked rooms for almost a week. Someone write it.

conchepcion posted this prompt some time back and I couldn’t resist and started this story while waiting an eternity at the registration office. Not sure how many parts it will have yet. Anyway enjoy!

Other chapters:

Close Quarters Pt. 2

Everything had happened so fast. One moment they had been examining the body, the next they had been locked inside the morgue. She couldn’t recall how exactly they had been sprayed in blood. It must have been her fault. One wrong movement, one little cut, just an inch too deep. It didn’t matter now anyway. Now it was too late.

Now Molly was standing under the decontamination shower, cleaning herself as thoroughly as possible while her clothes were already carried away, sealed into plastic bags. It was the standard procedure, nothing to worry about. At least that was what she kept telling herself over and over again. Stick to the list, everything will be fine. And still she couldn’t quite push away that tiny bit of fear, this nagging feeling at the back of her mind, constantly reminding her of the fact that it actually could be something bad; something really bad, judging by the dead body lying on the cold steel table next door.

A gentle knock on the door pulled her out of her thoughts.

“Molly? Are you ok?” John asked through the door.

“Yeah, nearly done. I will be out in a minute,” she shouted back turning the water off and stepping out of the shower.

Pulling on the fresh scrubs the morgue had stashed away for a case like this she thought about what would happen next. Broad-spectrum antibiotic shots first, then isolation until the blood tests were through. They would start with the more worrying fatal diseases, working their way through a long list of possible viruses and pathogens. That John had to go through all of this was only a precautionary measure. He didn’t stand close to the corpse, the dead man’s blood never touched him but you could never be too careful. But that surely meant that he would be separated from them. Great, just what I needed. A potentially deadly disease and being locked away with Sherlock for God knows how long. Molly took another deep breath before reaching for the door and stepping outside.

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Close Quarters Pt. 5

Sherlock and Molly don’t get on so much post-hlv. During one of the evenings Sherlock finally gets Molly to work with him they get exposed to some disease and put under quarantine. Ensue the two bickering it out behind locked rooms for almost a week. Someone write it.

conchepcion posted this prompt some time back and I couldn’t resist.

Other chapters:

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+ Close Quarters Pt.3

+ Close Quarters Pt.4

all chapters can also be found on AO3

„We found him asleep in the chair beside her bed; must have been there all night. His fever was quite high this morning but we have that under control now. They have to stay in quarantine for another few days but now that we isolated the virus we’re certain that they will both be back on their feet in no time.”


“So you see, we have everything under control. You really didn’t have to come in person. Your schedule must be packed, we know what a busy man you are.”

“Oh, of course I didn’t have to; your hospital’s reputation precedes you. I just wanted to make sure that your standards are still as high as they were when we discussed your last funding.”

Sherlock didn’t have to open his eyes to know who was speaking to the doctor beside his bed. He could practically hear Mycroft’s insincere smile in his words, oozing with fake politeness. It was obvious that there were no sympathies between the two men but diplomacy and British manners dictated a certain level of decorum.

“Of course they are. And your brother and Miss Hooper have been our first priority since they were infected.”

“I never expected anything less. The minister will be glad to hear that St Bart’s is living up to its name.”

“Thank you, thank you,” the doctor said noticeably relieved.

“Good. That’s settled then,” Mycroft said looking at his watch. “My assistant will give you my contact details; I want to be informed right away when either of them wakes up. But now I’ve got a meeting I have to attend.”

“Of course, that will be no problem at all.”

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