Head canons // Clones x Flirting


+Believe it or not, this doofus can be suave when he wants to be. 

+Like you could have been dating for months before hand but he’s still on dial ten when he takes you out.

+it can be subtle things, wrapping an arm around you, rubbing your arms up and down when you’re cold (he’d give you a jacket if he had one), holding doors open, buying you a drink, ordering for you at restaurants, picking you a flower or two / pretty rocks  while y’all are on missions. /the p e r f e c t  gentleman/

+or he can just be sitting across from you at 79′s and say, “You are absolutely, stunningly gorgeous, and somehow that’s the least interesting thing about you.”

+”If I had a star for overtime you made me smile, I’d have the entire galaxy in my hands.”

-let that sink in. woah. 


+Fives is cheesy as fuck. 

-”Your eyes are bluer and deeper than the oceans or Naboo, and, baby, I’m lost at sea.” “Fives, my eyes aren’t blue.”

-”If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put ‘U’ and 'I’ together.”

+It’s worse when he’s drunk

-”I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by YOU.” “No, sweetheart your drunk.”


+He’s super awkward (also terrified of being as embarrassing as Fives)

+He mostly ends up saying really beautiful things that he may or may not have seen on the star wars equivalent of Pinterest. 

-”You’re kinda, sorts, basically, always on my mind.”

-”If stars would fall overtime I thought of you, the sky would soon be empty.”


+Wolffe doesn’t flirt with words.

+He gives you certain /looks/ and uses body langue. Good luck with that. 

+When he’s looking at you like /that/ it’s not hard to believe he thinks you’re beautiful. 

-“You’re the reason men fall in love.” 


+He flirts only in medical jokes. Please someone stop him. 

-The human body is 65% water, and darlin’, you got me thirsty. 

-Smoking is a hazard to your health, and baby you’re killing me.

-Rejection can lead to emotional stress for both parties involved and emotional stress can lead to physical complications such as headaches, ulcers, cancerous tumors, and even death! So for my health and yours, JUST SAY YES!

Requested by @13skullyhorror13  I’m always a slut for cheesy pick up lines.

Troopers giving their S/Os hickeys // headcanons


+he’s definitely not opposed to them as long you’re comfortable.

+He puts them in places that are easy to hide, to save you and himself from his brothers teasing.
-Also, I feel like Rex doesn’t like bragging about his bedroom adventures.

+It’s not his go to thing, but it happens a lot if he gets carried away.


+My headcanon is that Wolffe is really rough in bed.

+so he loves giving you hickeys.

+he likes putting them under your ear, or of the base of your neck.

+he’s definitely not opposed to biting either. (may or may not take his name a little too seriously)


+The first time his did it, he was so proud of himself.

+makes it a goal to give you a hickey every chance he gets, and to give them to you in different places.

+He likes the visual reminder to himself and others, that you’re taken. That you’re his.

+Especially if you’re not that into tattoos.


+he’s like a mix of Fives and Rex.

+He loves planting them anywhere, but it’s not his mission statement.

+He’d much rather escalate a little faster than giving you a hickey.
-But he doesn’t mind lazily planting them afterwards.


+he’s super nervous about it at first.
-It looks like a tiny bruise ???
-Are you sure it doesn’t hurt ???
-It feels good???

+eventually he moves past that once he gets the fact that it doesn’t hurt.

+Once he read an article about a woman who went into a cardiac arrest after getting a hickey, so he has that subconscious fear.

Requested by: Multiple Anons

Up next: Wolffe Reacting to his Daughter having the Wolffe Glare™

anonymous asked:

Hi Mollo! I'm Patryk. (In English Patrick, from Poland. My English is very poor :/ but I will do my best :D ) I'm really like your work!!! You have such a big talent!!! I fall in love with Japanese culture, anime etc .. I have so many questions about this, but this is not place for it. :/ So... Maybe you try to draw a clone shortly after the battle?Standing so sad, but proud. With a little dirty and destroyed armor. I really would like to see this on your blog. Greetings from Poland!

Hi Patryk!!
Thank you for your message from Poland!  I’m glad you say that!!
Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you XD
I drew a comic because thanks to your request I came up with a story :)
Yes… They all are heroes… There are as many stories as there are Clones… ;_;

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Warrior Culture : Mandalorian

A proud conglomeration of Warriors, Mandalorian soilders have fought through the galaxy nearly conquering it by force on multiple occasions. The Mandalorian Warrior Jango Fett gave both his genetic material and training to the creation of the Clone Army, a footnote in that proud conquering tradition.

Mandalorians value strength and skill even amongst the enemy and are always seeking to test themselves against greater foes. In modern times they have exited the galaxy conquering business and have become the premier bodyguards, bounty hunters, and mercenaries, proud shadows of former glories.


More headcanons! Clones w/ reader getting hurt. Requested by @13skullyhorror13. Once again in pictures bc I’m terrible at formatting and refuse to type of tumblr mobile. Remember requests are open, (I finally figured out how to turn an ask box on!)
Have a fantastic day!