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So. Dogma, Slick, and an unspecified amount of clones that were court marshaled or defective. What do you think happened to them? Execution/put down for defections. Or mind wipe, reset, back to the fight with a whole other unit?

oh man, I’ve been waiting for a question like this because I don’t have any answers myself. 

Disclaimer: from here on out, I tried to think in the mindset of a Kaminoan cloner, so references to clones as property, though not condoned by me, are necessary in order to speculate as to how the Kaminoans would treat clones like Dogma and Slick.

A mind wipe sounds like a decent idea, but the clone would probably have to be retrained afterwards, and that seems like a lot of resources. We’ve also seen Gregor recover from amnesia, so I wonder if other clones could recover from artificial amnesia/a mind wipe as well. What if a clone has tattoos like Dogma; would another clone recognize him even after the mind wipe and remind him of who he is, a la Gregor? 

I’d say that if we’re going with reprogramming, they probably keep the reprogrammed clones on Kamino, probably as either maintenance or guards (though the later is risky if the reprogramming doesn’t work), in order to reduce training costs and to be able to keep a closer eye on them.

On the other hand, while execution is the cheapest in terms of the short term, it’s a waste. I don’t like thinking about the clones as government property, but for the sake of seeing this like a Kaminoan I need to do so. The Republic taxpayers have put lots of resources into this one clone. He needed to be fed, raised, kept clean, supplied with weapons and ammunition, armor, etc. That’s a lot of money that the Republic has paid for this one man, and to execute him for an infraction seems like a waste, in that regard (no matter the concern about killing a person, but I’m sure the Kaminoans don’t see much issue with killing a defect in the moral sense). 

There are advantages and disadvantages to both (and I feel like I must clarify that I’m just wondering what happened to Slick and Dogma, same as you), and I’d love to hear anyone else’s imput

Red Queen Abilities


  • Animos~ Can enslave the minds of fauna (i.e. House of Viper)
  • Blood Healer~ Can heal themselves (i.e. House of Blonos)
  • Burner~ Pyrokinesis (i.e. House of Calore)
  • Cloner~ Can replicate themselves
  • Eyes~ Precognition (i.e. House of Eagrie)
  • Greenwarden~ Botanokinesis (i.e. House of Welle) 
  • Magnetron~ Ferrokinesis (i.e. House of Samos)
  • Nymph~ Hydrokinesis (i.e. House of Osanos) 
  • Oblivion~ Can cause explosions by contact (i.e. Houses of Lerolan and Titanos †)
  • Shadow~ Light bending (i.e. House of Haven)
  • Silver~ Cyrokinesis (i.e. House of Gliacon)
  • Silence~ Can nullify other’s abilities (i.e. House of Arven)
  • Silk*~ Perfect balance and enhanced agility (i.e. House of Iral)
  • Singer~ Can control people using their voice, though eye contact must be present (i.e. House of Jacos) 
  • Skin Healer~ Can heal anyone but themselves (i.e. House of Skonos)
  • Stoneskin~ Can transform their skin to stone (i.e. House of Macanthos)
  • Storm~ Can manipulate weather (i.e. House of Nolle)
  • Strongarm~ Super-strength (i.e. the Houses of Carros and Rhambos)
  • Swift~ Super-speed
  • Telkies~ Telekinesis (i.e. House of Provos) 
  • Whisper~ Telepathy, can control and read minds (i.e. House of Merandus)
  • Windweaver~ Can manipulate wind (i.e. House of Laris)


  • Energen~ Can manipulate different types of energy
  • Timer~Chronokinesis
  • Shield~ Generate force fields
  • Gravi~ Manipulate gravity
  • Magician~ Manipulate and create illusions
  • Dreamer~ Can manipulate dreams
  • Techno~ Manipulate technology
  • Breather*~ Can breathe anywhere
  • Tox~ Manipulate poison

*= Not technically a power

Feel free to add some to the possible section!


My favorite Bravat (and Cheslock) panels from Black Butler Chapter 110.

Note to self: Black Butler panels are way more difficult to clean up than Bleach panels (all that detail). Kind of gave up with Bravat’s cloak. Oh my sorry use of the cloner tool.