Louis Tomlinson's Pancakes Are So Bad They Have Their Own Twitter Page

Even though One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is currently residing in Los Angeles he still made sure that he fully embraced the Brit tradition of ‘Pancake Day’ aka 'Shrove Tuesday’.

The star took to his Twitter page late last night to quip how Pancake Day was one of his fave ever days and later took to Instagram to share a pic of his delicious efforts:

…Only, they weren’t *exactly* up to the same Insta quality as every other photo of pancakes that had been clogging our feeds all day.

In fact, the broken and slightly burnt treat caught the attention of his millions of fans for all the wrong reasons, with Louis’ followers flocking to the photo to comment on the pic - and their reactions were so ruddy hilarious that Louis’ pancakes have landed their very own Twitter page.

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No, actually.

@PancakeComments has quickly ammassed almost 500 followers, with the fan behind the page simply writing: “If you even wanna call them pancakes.”

The tweets consist entirely of hilarious comments left on Louis’ photo, including gems such as: “I love you and I just want you to not have to eat these wack a*s pancakes.”

“Your pancakes are how I feel inside.”

“I did not almost die from a panic attack because of this notification for you to post a pic of pancakes gone wrong.”

Others added: “If you listen closely you can hear Gordon R[amsay] screaming in the distance.”

“This ain’t no pancakes, way to make us Brits look like we don’t know the difference between pancakes and burnt eggs.”

“Harry didn’t quit working in a bakery for you to cook this type of sh*t.”

And: “Thank God you’re good looking.”


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Louis didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with his dish, simply captioning the pic: “Pancake day….” and he is yet to respond to the backlash.

To be quite honest, we’d probably eat anything that the 24-year-old cooked up for us… Even those pancakes.

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I dunno about dalish fetishization or anything like that, but the main reason I dislike Sera is because she phrases all her arguments as 'that's stupid' with no backing or respect, and that her attitude on elfyness kinda stinks of uncle toms and stupidity considering all elves get when they stop being elfy is plagues and marriage rape.

Oh and sorry if I came off as insulting, I just wanted to hear your opinion since youve proven yourself to be well thought out and enlightening, its a learning experience, thats why they call it ‘getting schooled’ (sorry for clogging your inbox)

Here’s how I look at it - Sera isn’t great with words! She has trouble expressing herself verbally, she’s very emotional, and she’s still working on thinking before she speaks (which is both a maturity thing and a brainweird thing - she comes off as very, very neuroatypical to me) - so what comes out of her mouth in a heated moment is, “Ugh! That’s stupid!” It’s a very teenaged thing to do, which makes sense since… she’s a teenager.

But given more time to think, or less pressure, and she can explain herself - like how she explains her fear of magic to Cassandra. She’s been taught to fear magic all her life, she can’t unlearn it just like that. It’s not going to stop scaring her

It’s kind of disturbing to me that you say her attitude on elfiness stinks of ‘Uncle Tom’, because that term refers to someone ‘who is slavish and excessively subservient to perceived authority figures.’ That is pretty much the opposite of who Sera is. She isn’t particularly trying to be human, and she sure as hell doesn’t take bullshit from any authority figure, especially not human ones. What’s up with her is she’s caught between cultures - humans who see her as less than a person because of her pointy ears, city elves who it’s heavily implied think she doesn’t measure up to a certain standard of elvenness, and Dalish who already tend to sneer at city elves. It’s pretty clear to me that she doesn’t feel she has the right to self-determination, and that makes her angry!

This is why she heavily emphasizes working for ‘people people’ - she wants to be seen as a person. Not less than a human, not failing at being an elf, just a person, and she wants to be able to determine what being a person means to her. She wants to deal with what’s now, not obsess over a culture thousands of years lost. She doesn’t get that acceptance from most people, which has led her to a lot of rigid thinking and stubborn, knee-jerk reactions.

Yeah, she has some growing up to do. She wants the world to be simple and is painfully finding out that it isn’t, no matter how she rails against it. But she wanted to join the Inquisition to explore that, even though she’s afraid of finding it out, which is a pretty big step in the right direction. Given time to process the things she initially dismisses as stupid, she’s much more able to deal with them maturely - like the elven god thing, where she’s rude and dismissive after WPHW, but she’s come to be much more understanding and supportive by the time of Trespasser.

Anon is baaaaack *spoooy music*

Silly me, but I just realized instead of answering every anon ask one by one and clogging up my dearies dashboards, I could simply just answer a bunch of asks in one post on separate days! 😝

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Freechamp Headcanons

Who cooks normally?


Rita, she has more times when she’s not having to work than Connie. Although Connie does like to cook on occasions when she has the time. But the kitchen is usually dominated by Rita who has many times kicked Connie into the living room claiming she’s clogging up valuable working space.

How often do they fight?

Rarely, but when they do it’s usually a professional disagreement rather than a personal one. And their home arguments are usually over petty things that they end up giggling hysterically over.

What do they do when they’re away from each other?

They are usually working separate shifts. So if one is working days and the other nights they will be in bed when the other isn’t there. Or curled up watching tv.


Nicknames for each other?

They don’t really have nicknames as such. Connie likes to call Rita ‘Reets’ or 'Pixie’

Rita likes to call Connie 'Con’ or 'Constance’ (but only when she’s does something wrong)


Who is more likely to pay for dinner?

Connie! She will not let Rita pay. She always insists that Rita shouldn’t pay.

Who steals the covers at night?

Rita. She’s terrible for rolling over and hitting the bed with a thump and dragging all the covers off of Connie as she does so. Meaning Connie is woken up by her body shivering.


Who kissed who first?

Rita kissed Connie first. It was a heat of the moment action. Rita didn’t know she was going to kiss her, she just stepped forward onto her tip toes and brushed her lips lightly against Connie’s. Connie responded by leaning down into the kiss.

Who remembers things?


Both of them are pretty good! It comes with the territory. Both of their jobs require a fast pace and the ability to remember facts and figures. But dates within their relationship they are both excellent at and love celebrating anniversaries of important mile stones.


Who started the relationship?

Rita initiated the relationship with a kiss which then lead onto more…

Who cusses more?


Connie! She’s terrible, especially after a hectic shift she gets home and loses it.

What would they do if the other one was hurt?

If Connie got hurt Rita would go into meltdown, all her professional calmness and beliefs would be thrown out of the window and she would be thrown into a mad panic thinking the worst.


If Rita was hurt Connie would try to control her emotions and remain in control! But if it was serious she would rush to Rita’s bedside demanding to know every detail of her lover’s condition!

Who drives when they go out?


Connie, she will never trust Rita behind the wheel of her beloved car!


Who gives the best back rubs?

Rita! When Connie’s had a stressful day at the office Rita loves nothing more than handing her girlfriend a glass of the best white wine, making her sit on the edge of the sofa and climbing behind her, removing her shirt and running her hands across the warmth of her skin.

Who worries about their weight most?


Connie. She’s very self-conscious, and always feels she should be perfect. But since being with Rita this has eased a little.

Dogs or Cats?


Dogs! Always dogs.


Who forgets to brush their hair most?

Rita! Who has time to bother with hair brushing when you get to spend an extra hour in bed!


Who always has to clear the table?


They both work together! The live in the belief that a couple who plays together stays together. And let’s face it them clearing the table always ends in so kind of game.

Who insists on singing Disney songs?

Rita! She loves all things Disney and insists that Connie and herself must watch at least one Disney film each week without fail! And Rita always has to join in with the songs.

Who eats all the chocolate pudding without asking?


Connie! When she gets home from work earlier or takes the day off she curls up on the sofa with a blanket and a good film and takes the chocolate pudding from the fridge. Rita ends up coming home to be greeted by Connie fast asleep and the empty chocolate pudding tin on the floor beside her.

Who hates visiting with the others relatives more?

Connie! She just can’t seem to click with Rita’s family. She can’t get over the fact they seem to think Rita has some blame in her ex mark. Which both upsets Rita and annoys Connie. So they hardly see them anymore.

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well I'm not sure if they sell them in Canada ( but I'm not gonna speak for the entire country so...) but I don't own a garbage disposal... to me it just seems like an American thing on tv and stuff or something like that

dude…….. I’m kind of blown away by this. What do you do when your sink overflows? Or clogs full of nasty gunk??? Are you okay????
The Problem With the Paleo Diet Argument | Care2 Healthy Living

As the Editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Cardiology noted 25 years ago, no matter how much fat and cholesterol carnivores eat, they do not develop atherosclerosis. We can feed a dog 500 eggs worth of cholesterol and they just wag their tail; a dog’s body is used to eating and getting rid of excess cholesterol. Conversely, within months a fraction of that cholesterol can start clogging the arteries of animals adapted to eating a more plant-based diet.

Even if our bodies were designed by natural selection to eat mostly fruit, greens and seeds for 90% of our evolution, why didn’t we better adapt to meat-eating in the last 10%, during the Paleolithic? We’ve had nearly 2 million years to get used to all that extra saturated fat and cholesterol. If a lifetime of eating like that clogs up nearly everyone’s arteries, why didn’t the genes of those who got heart attacks die off and get replaced by those that could live to a ripe old age with clean arteries regardless of what they ate?

Because most didn’t survive into old age. Most prehistoric peoples didn’t live long enough to get heart attacks. When the average life expectancy is 25 years old, then the genes that get passed along are those that can live to reproductive age by any means necessary, and that means not dying of starvation. The more calories in food, the better. Eating lots of bone marrow and brains, human or otherwise, would have a selective advantage (as would discovering a time machine stash of Twinkies for that matter!). If we only have to live long enough to get our kids to puberty to pass along our genes, then we don’t have to evolve any protections against the ravages of chronic disease.

To find a population nearly free of chronic disease in old age, we don’t have to go back a million years. In the 20th century, networks of missionary hospitals in rural Africa found coronary artery disease virtually absent, and not just heart disease, but high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, common cancers, and more. In a sense, these populations in rural China and Africa were eating the type of diet we’ve been eating for 90% of the last 20 million years, a diet almost exclusively of plant foods.

How do we know it was their diet and not something else? In the 25 year update to their original paleo paper, the authors tried to clarify that they did not then and do not now propose that people adopt a particular diet just based on what our ancient ancestors ate. Dietary recommendations must be put to the test. That’s why the pioneering research from Pritikin, Ornish, and Esselstyn is so important, showing that plant-based diets can not only stop heart disease but have been proven to reverse it in the majority of patients. Indeed, it’s the only diet that ever has.

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The disposal grinds up food bits so they're small enough to go through the plumbing without clogging. They make plastic bins and little metal covers for if one wants to bathe a baby in the sink, though most people use plastic bins in a tub or shower.

No offense man but that sounds like the kinda thing created with the express intention of disposing of bodies and the fact that people just have them casually built into their homes sounds sketchy af


check check check it out, a new and improved commission post!

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i didn’t want it to clog up anyone’s dashboard so much so i guess i should mention that: 

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so with recent giant influxes of followers due to undertale fanart i’m gonna say that. well. i answer almost every single ask i get– the ones i ignore are extremely few and far between. but i’ve been getting a lot more, a lot of which are kind of… creepy, and so i might start answering fewer or answering privately even when it’s not requested

any genuine pressing questions are stuff i’ll try to answer but passing comments might not be taken into account; i don’t want to clog up dashboards and i don’t want to respond to asks that are downright creepy (it takes an extreme amount of creep to get into that territory though– if you’re worried that you were creepy chances are you’re not)

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if we have an issue w a mod or an answer should we keep sending asks abt it? its abt the slurs and race too so i dont want to clog the inbox, but idk abt going to one specific mods personal bc it does have to do w this blog

Send it to their personal bc tbh the reason we have diverse mods is bc none of us as individuals can speak on every topic. Like I’m not gonna be talking about the intricacies of transmisogyny or the struggles Jewish people face because I’m neither. We have trans feminine mods and a Jewish mod for those reasons. So chances are your shit’s just gonna stay in the inbox until that specific mod gets around to answering things anyway.


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I missread your title as "TS's butt clog" and im telling this cause i was really tired and grumpy and that made me laugh for a long time and just wanted to say thank you. Have a fun day!

well I’m glad it made you laugh!