Q: Do you worry about getting old? Why or why not?

Dara: I believe ageing and death is something everyone is afraid of. Sometimes, I imagine how I look like in my old age and even talk about it with friends. Once in a while, I feel a little bit sad about it. However, ageing is inevitable so I stay positive and anjoy what I have at this very moment. Every day counts and I am confident I will anjoy life to fullest in my old age too.

modern muses: clio

the histories of a thousand cultures dominates her mind. they bleed together and mix, but somehow she always knows the answer for any of them. she writes the histories, just to let them out, page after page filling room after room. her sisters have no clue what it’s like to have the history of the world always there, always waiting. how painful it is to see everything repeat again and again and again. they have no idea how desperate she is to see only the future, to see when it will end, when she no longer has to look at the past and weep.

Watch: Jerry Seinfeld destroys the advertising industry right to their faces

Ever wished you could tell someone, to their face, how much and exactly why you hated them? Jerry Seinfeld did exactly that earlier this month when he called a banquet hall of celebrating advertising executives wastes of space while accepting their honorary Clio award for “pushing the boundaries of creativity and his longstanding contributions.”

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