“I don’t yearn to play Scully in the same way I do Stella or Blanche. Part of that is because she is not particularly complex. People appreciate that fact and that there are other complexities in the show, but as an actor, I don’t have the same passion [to play the role]. What I do know is that she’s a great character, I was extraordinarily lucky to play her, and to be a part of an incredible moment for television – there is a formula and a flavor to [The X-Files] that hasn’t been recreated in anything else.”

modern muses: clio

the histories of a thousand cultures dominates her mind. they bleed together and mix, but somehow she always knows the answer for any of them. she writes the histories, just to let them out, page after page filling room after room. her sisters have no clue what it’s like to have the history of the world always there, always waiting. how painful it is to see everything repeat again and again and again. they have no idea how desperate she is to see only the future, to see when it will end, when she no longer has to look at the past and weep.