20 Seconds (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky x Reader


Word Count: 2, 242

Warnings: Mentions of sanitary items?

Notes: This is messy! But I hope you enjoy! Because I’m trying really hard to get back in and write, and this is the first thing I’ve been proud of in a while! Let me know what you think (as always), thank you for being so patient and lovely, and yes I’ve been meaning to write this We Bought A Zoo reference in a one shot for a while so don’t be surprised if it pops up again xx

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Cross (3/?) - Avengers x (f)Reader

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Words: 1483
Pairing: Avengers x (f)Reader
Featuring: DC characters
Warnings: I honestly can’t remember I’m sorry
Requested: #no but when will I have Internet back
Authors Note: Im so happy you guys like this

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Part One Two


Superman- Clark Kent
Batman- Bruce Wayne
Green Lantern- Hal Jordan
Martian Manhunter- J'onn J'onzz (John Jones?)
The Flash- Barry Allen
Green Arrow- Oliver Queen
Black Canary- Dinah (Laurel) Lance
Wonder Woman- Princess(?) Diana

“How did you manage…” Steve looked at the list.

“Vision decided to help.” You smiled and Steve cocked an eyebrow. “Okay, my powers went out of control again and Vision felt it. That Clark guy shot lasers out of his eyes to escape but Vision stopped him and they saw that we could beat them so I made them give their names.” You smiled.

“Good job, kid.”

“Did you get anything out of clown guy?” You asked.

“He goes by The Joker. And the girl is Harley Quinn.” Steve told you when he set the notebook down.

“I’ve never heard of any of these people.” You said. “It’s like they’re not even from here.”

“(Y/N)!” Bruce and Tony came running in. “You’ll never believe what we discovered!”

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Once the Avengers and friends took a road trip, doing the whole route 66 thing.
While passing through towns Darcy brings up Man vs Food, the competition begins, while going through Texas they hit up the Big Texan.
Thor eats three 72oz steaks while Bucky and Steve manage 2 apiece.
Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Pietro, Wanda, and Sam manage 1 while the rest eat like normal people. Except Tony, he makes fun of everyone doing the challenge. In retaliation Pepper puts a jalapeno in his food.

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Imagine Avengers #3

Imagine having to attend a meeting with the Avengers.

Tony: Now we have to infiltrate from the left of the army base and then that should get me and Steve into the control room

Steve: Then we shall send Banner a notification saying the guards are down which will make it easier for you guys to get it. 

Clint: And while you do this we are meant to…?

Y/N : Play a game of chess I think, or is it scrabble this time?

Bruce: This is serious you two. Remember that.

Natasha: Blah, Blah mission. Blah Blah we win.  

Fury: Will you kids stop that chit chat dammit. 

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Oooooo number 17 with Clint please??????

A/N: Thanks darling! I hope you like some Clint action xo

Prompt: You capture Clint for interrogation but he has other plans..

19. “Make the smart choice and keep your mouth shut, yeah?” 

Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader

Warning: very little smut, language


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‘’You and I both know that my bow isn’t the only thing with deadly accuracy.’’ You rolled your eyes at his words, pulling his hands behind the chair he sat on before placing the handcuffs around his wrists. ‘’I’m hoping this ends the same way it did last time you handcuffed me.’’ The heat rose to your neck at the thought of your last time together. That was a before everything else happened, before you joined another team and were now forced to capture him for interrogation.

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Bobbi/Clint "I thought I'd never see you again" (end me pls)

Bobbi wrapped her arms tightly around Clint’s shaking form, letting the tears fall where they would.  

“Same, Sweetheart, Same…” he whispered.  His hands clutched at her tightly, something that he normally wouldn’t do, but there was a kind of desperation in him that Bobbi hadn’t seen before.  

“How did you escape the Raft?” She whispered the name of the prison.  Like it would hear her or something.

He shuddered against her, burying his face in her neck.  “I don’t wanna talk about that right now…”  

She curled up into him, stroking his hair.  “That’s fine.  It’s fine, Babe.”  

A/N: Sorry for the angst!!!  He’s safe now.