Let's think about boyfriends kicking ass together

Clear and Mink beating the fuck out of the bad guys together. Mink realising that Clear isn’t the perfect little flower that he appears to be, and descends into shock when he realises that Clear is far stronger than he will ever be (he loves it really).

Noiz and Koujaku fighting on the same side rather than against each other and realising just how badass they can be when they work together. The both of them realising they’re in love at this very moment, as the bodies hit the floor.

Aoba teaching Human! Ren some simple self-defense to make sure he doesn’t feel scared in his new body around gangs. Aoba accidentally hitting Ren in the face and feeling really guilty and begging Ren to punch him back as payback, only to be pulled into the biggest warmest puppy hug he ever did have.

Vitri kicking ass. Period. It’s just another normal day for Morphine.

TAH: Beyond Belief Phone Notifications!

For my fellow fyeahthrillingadventurehour fans!

(Frank & Sadie) Who cares what evil lurks?

(Hal Lublin) Its Time

(Sadie) A bee got in here!

(Sadie) Frank! THE BEE!

(Sadie) Oh, Frank Look!

(Sadie) Frank

(Frank) Unfortunately, it’s filled with Gin

(Sadie) Dinosaur

(Frank & Sadie) Clink!



Probably my greatest joy in life comes from Acker & Blacker’s Beyond Belief. I showed my amorous adoration previously on this tumblah with the fanart I did last summer (which, waggles eyebrows, might actually become a print featured at their shows) but my latest labor of nerd love has been to legofy my favoritest of sousy supernatural sleuths. I’m probably a little TOO proud of this considering I’m a 32 year old adult male, but as Will Ferrell said, that age 14 label on the Lego box is just a suggestion. Now, who the devil at Lego do I need to petition to get a penthouse playset build for these two and their friends and foes?

Some things to consider:

~ high school au with virgin! Mink and /very/ experienced Clear

~ Clear dabbling in BDSM

~ Clear rocking the ferris wheel seat and Mink sobbing and begging him to stop because whAT IF WE FALL

~ Mink being a dog person and turning up at the animal shelter and seeing the puppies and just melting and taking them all and making Clear carry them

~ Shopaholic brand ho Mink

~ Sweet Lolita Mink and Visual Kei Clear

~ Petplay with Mink as the kitty sub

~ Mink in lacy polkadot panties

~ Clear in leather jackets with slicked back hair

~ Disneyland honeymoon

~ or even better drunk Disneyland honeymoon where they’re both blazed and smashed the whole time

~ Mink in a wedding dress

~ Minkuri graverobber au

~ Minkuri partners in serial murder au

~ Mad scientist! Clear and Frankenstein! Mink

~ Zombie! Mink and Demon! Clear

~ Sexy secretary Mink and big CEO Clear

~ Basically just unconventional minkuri it heals my soul