Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Whether it be the density of moderate climbs for beginners, incredible FFA feats ala Sasha Digiulian, or the “flash and onsight” rampage of Adam Ondra—most folks have heard, at least in passing, of the incredible climbing found across the Red River Gorge of Slade, Kentucky.

The seemingly endless sandstone cliffs of the RRG cover a massive expanse of private and National Forest land, still with many areas completely unexplored. The two major privately-owned areas, Muir Valley and Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve, hold some of the most popular crags and routes at the Red.

Whether you plan on spending the lion-share of your time cruising up (truly moderate) routes at Bruise Brothers of Muir, or projecting with the big boys at Darkside and Motherlode, there is something for literally every climber at the Red.

check out our guide on Red River Gorge for all the info you need before heading out to sport climbing paradise ➜ bit.ly/1HTVtqi