The Goku Training Program Steps onto the scene!

About a year ago, we released Goku’s Training Program in PDF or Google Docs version. Many people have emailed to receive this program and we’ve gotten a great response from it in general. Now, however, it has dawned on me (duh) to just post the program in pieces to the blog so that you can just read it here!

But there’s something else!! I’m going to start posting it with greater detail than the original program possessed, so that those following it will have greater understanding of the programming. Below is an overview of the general programming. It’s going to be similar to the One-Punch Man Training Program, but without the need for weekly updates.  The program is very, very long, but we will be breaking it down into sections for you to use as needed. At the beginning, it will follow relatively close to the Dragon Ball timeline, but will diverge later on for the sake of not doing the same thing for years on end. Also, addition of weighted clothing will be addressed in the program proper and not in the introduction.

Interested? Just wait.