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So, LawBreakers got a nomination at the VGA's, but not Gravity Rush 2?

CliffyB used the last tiny bit of credibility he has in the industry to make it happen

Heaven forbid a woman actually take a magnifying glass to our beloved hobby and actually try to unravel and figure out why things are the way they are in the effort that somehow she might change things? Why aren’t there more female protagonists? Are you protecting Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider or are you empowering her? And god dammit, where’s my Buffy game?

Shame on all of you.

My wife and I had dinner with the always amazing Warren Spector and his brilliant (and sharp tongued) wife Caroline last night and this very subject came up. Caroline was rather eager to speak up about it. We went back and forth on the subject and, I’m paraphrasing, but the takeaway that she said to me (and I’m sure she’ll do a great talk or article about it) is that we’re not supposed to be this crowd.

We’re the gamers, the dorks. We’re the ones who were on our computers during prom. We’re the ones that were in the back of the lunch room who were playing D&D instead of tossing a football around on the quad. We were supposed to be the open, friendly ones, the ones who welcomed all into our wonderful geeky circle.

We’re not supposed to be a mob that’s storming the gates with our pitchforks and torches.

Ken Levine is to games as Chris Nolan is to film. A dedicated visionary that is able to pull something off that few others can - an intelligent blockbuster. Are you shooting people in the face in this game and rescuing a girl? Yes. But are you also questioning who you’re fighting for and why while also unraveling a complex father daughter time loop puzzle? Indeed. You want a fantastic game? Take a defiant visionary, his or her stellar team, and give them money and GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY.

CliffyB continuing his spoiler post about Bioshock Infinite. 

I hadn’t thought of Levine as an analogue to Nolan. The metaphor doesn't work a 100% imo but eh so what. I’ve been thinking about I’d want BI to be something other than a FPS and I can’t really come up with another genre that would work, though Columbia the puzzle adventures would be rad. 

What BI is though is that Intelligent blockbuster. LikeThe Dark KnightDark Knight Rises, and Inception

Also I just got all the cover music from Bi so go me!



CliffyB’s comments about used games are hilarious.

“Game devs work hard so used games shouldn’t exist! They should get the money they’ve earned!”

Well, dude, they did when the initial sale was made. As if us gamers don’t work hard for our money to buy these games. If I buy a game and I feel I’m done with it, why should I have to keep it?