Clic Gallery

An Angel’s Guide To St. Barth

From villa hopping to champagne popping, St. Barth is easily one of the sexiest islands on the planet. It’s easy to see why we’ve been bringing the Angels here for over 20 years to shoot some of our steamiest swim moments.

Superstar Beaches

Of course, our Angels hit the three hottest spots: Shell Beach for the killer sunsets, Colombier Beach for the gorgeous white sand & St. Jean Beach for the swanky social scene.

Hop In!

The Angels cruised around in beach buggies called Mini Mokes, which used to be the only kind of car on the island. It’s still the coolest way to sightsee.

It Takes A Villa…

Or a super swank hotel like Le Sereno. Our Angels fell in love with the minimalist-chic rooms, the beachfront pool & the breathtaking views of the Caribbean.

Shopper’s Paradise

St. Barth is part of France, so the boutiques are just as chic. The girls spent an afternoon in Gustavia, luxury capital of the island, where they picked up designer finds from Clic Bookstore & Gallery. Next stop: the beachy shops in laid-back St. Jean.

Watch the Angels take over St. Barth on the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special on March 9, 9/8c on CBS.


I bought Maripol’s book “Little Red Riding Hood” at the Clic Gallery today. I’ve made it a habit of having iconic people I meet sign their autograph to my daughter Joie. Hopefully she’ll appreciate it when she’s old enough to know who any of these people are.