You know it always weirds me out when people say they ‘don’t ship any characters’ i mean what do you do with your lives???? are you honestly trying to tell me that you go to sleep during normal hours??? that you actually focus on school/office work???? that you actually spend your day doing something productive????? that you can actually cope with life without depending on the relationship status between two fictional characters????????? because honestly that sounds like bullshit

Soulmate AU

You and your soulmate switch bodies randomly as soon as both of you reach a certain age, person A is older and has already reached the age but doesn’t know when person B’s birthday is

Just as person B goes to sleep on their birthday they switched places with person A for the first time

Person A was on a roller coaster

tfw a fanfic writer’s writing style gets better with each new story. like you’re just sitting there sobbing and being all proud of this complete stranger while watching their work improve as you read through their increasingly descriptive stories about anal sex

Every episode of Smallville season 1:

Clark: *drops by the Luthor mansion* Lex, I need a favor/some advice

Lex: look at this ancient weapon owned by some vaguely famous warrior. he reminds me of you. I still don’t know how you pulled me out of the river that day we met.

Clark: uhh, golly gee, Lex, I don’t know

Lex: *long stare* Okay. We’ll always be the best of friends, Clark.

Clark: Of course, Lex.

*somewhat homoerotic starefest*

  • Interviewer : and what do you see as your strengths?
  • Me : procrastinating, getting emotionally invested in fictional relationships, making spongebob references
  • Interviewer : ....well we always needed someone who could make spongebob references