People saying the Blackhawks logo is racist? What you been smoking? You wanna know a racist depiction of native americans in sports? Look at the logo for the Cleveland Indians baseball team. Seriously the Blackhawks logo is not racist. And neither is the name. Black Hawk was a native american war leader from Illinois. You know where Chicago is? That’s right Illinois. And as for the war bonnet argument, Black Hawk, like I said earlier was a war leader it only makes sense that he wore one. Literally read some history before you shout the term “racist” at something. Thank You.

‘Caucasians’ t-shirt sees boost in popularity thanks to Native DJ

A tongue-in-cheek t-shirt that plays on the logo of the Cleveland professional baseball team has seen a spike in popularity thanks to a Native DJ.
Shelf Life Clothing in Cleveland has been selling the “Caucasians” t-shirt since 2007. Owner Brian Kirby said it’s always been a top seller but he told The Toronto Star that interest “skyrocketed” after Deejay NDN of A Tribe Called Red was seen wearing it.