…Did we just scale to the top of a mountain, and fly back home again?

                                                                     — M20 : Kimi ni Kimeta.

Just a theory that’s been swallowing up all the space in my brain lately

okay so if I had to name the family in Pokemon that shares the least resemblance it would be:

lemon kids and their dad, Meyer.

I mean we all know it’s pretty normal for Pokemon character to have non-nuclear families. It’s chill. But this also opens up room for a lot of questions. 

now… if i had to name the ONLY two characters in pokemon with the following traits:

- lemon yellow hair

- glasses that randomly glow when they’re excited (i know i know it’s light shining off of them but still)

- obsession with inventions

i wonder who these ONLY two characters could possibly be…?