Just a theory that’s been swallowing up all the space in my brain lately

okay so if I had to name the family in Pokemon that shares the least resemblance it would be:

lemon kids and their dad, Meyer.

I mean we all know it’s pretty normal for Pokemon character to have non-nuclear families. It’s chill. But this also opens up room for a lot of questions. 

now… if i had to name the ONLY two characters in pokemon with the following traits:

- lemon yellow hair

- glasses that randomly glow when they’re excited (i know i know it’s light shining off of them but still)

- obsession with inventions

i wonder who these ONLY two characters could possibly be…?







Watched the last episode with subs!

What I love about not giving an opinion until the subs come out is, I actually know what is going on.

Let’s go to the much hyped moment where Serena finally kisses Ash.

She tells him, “You’re my goal.” which was sweet and an implication of some sorts.

Take a look…

After a few eye glances, she says to him “ Just you wait, by the next time we meet, I’ll be a much more attractive woman!”

I loved the cheek in the words.

It can mean so many things but what I get is, it is meant to be in cheek for she talks of a future.

What shows Serena is different is she understood after all this time, she needed to be forward with Ash because he is dense. I do believe Ash got it after the kiss because as dense as he is, he knows when two people kiss, it means one person likes the other. Come on, he has Brock as his friend for like 15 years lol. I do think they have discussed it in some part of the Pokeuniverse.

Lastly, she asks him for one more thing. She asked him to give her one more thing that would ensure she had her own closer.

“Can I have one last thing?”

I love how she ran up the escalator. She overcame an obstacle to get her goal and want.


The tone, the lights, the filter.

Meloatta’s Serenade made the moment even more magical.

It made it classical.

His pupils opened just a bit, in wonder or curiosity? Maybe both. But I do believe in that moment, Ash knew what she was about to do.He had time to move, he had time to avoid.

Plus, notice we didn’t see Serena’s face.

Only Ash saw that. He knew.

Some people are saying she kissed his forehead because Serena is taller than Ash. I don’t agree,(he has his hat on) she was on a moving staircase for Arceus sake. She tip toed to prolong the kiss to give her length. Ash was taken aback, you could see his slight step to keep his momentum. The movement as the kiss meets its mark.

Plus, if it was not the lips, why not show it?

Ash has been kissed by girls on the cheek and they have shown it, so… HA!

This reaction speaks volumes towards my point and further implies it. Pikachu has seen Ash get kissed before but never reacted like this. Heck look at the ears! That’s my reaction to, buddy.


She thanks him because in her heart she took her courage and all her growth to do and complete her actual goal. And Ash allowed her to do so.

To show Ash how much he is to her and the more that he will always be.

This moment, for the past three years is what Serena has been aiming towards because all along Ash had been her purpose. It sounds bad but Ash is a person you cant help but gravitate towards, (Hence, the entire of all Kalos people)

Her feelings just take it a step further. But now, Ash is the reason for her to go off by herself and grow towards something to make her ready for the world. That is why she promises him, it will be different the next time they meet.

She reached her goal and is ready to take anything on.

He may have been shocked but Ash understands..

He just does and this shows the kind of growth Ash has had himself.

He may not understand feelings as yet but he will. Eventually this will make sense and Serena says that before the kiss.

Plus, the eyes get me all the time.

On a side note… I love right after Serena leaves and Clemont asks Ash for something… he says

“Will you allow me to make one last selfish request?”

Lol like Serena didn’t ask for her own selfish request.


Overall it has been a fun ride and Pokemon Xy certainly went out with a bang. Finally, Xy is the first season I followed week by week since the internet had given me access to this privilege. Next to the original series and Diamond and pearl. It is my favorite. I am not ready to say good bye but I will. I am glad it will live on because of the time we live in now. It will continue to bring joy in my life because that is what Pokemon does.

It brings happiness through so many emotions.

A little bit of happiness through the eyes of a ten year old boy  who is seeing the world.

It just happens to have amazing Pocket monsters.

(the gifs are not mine.) They belong to people who actually did the hard work.

Ash and Serena

Do you remember the episode 60 of Pokemon XY?

A sad episode for Serena who lost her first debut,

but … I noticed something on the conversation between Ash and Clemont

Now see what he says in the latest episode of Pokemon XYZ …

From the beginning he knew that Serena would become strong and he knows that in the future she’ll realize her biggest dream.

Thit’s so cute!!!!

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