Clefairy Moon Ball - Special Guest!

As Kiawe began his performance on stage, the fireworks display was set off behind him. To the side, his sister and an unfamiliar face were seen sitting down, waiting for their cue. The lady patted Hoshi’s back as if to reassure her. 

Midway into the performance, the two joined the fire dancer on stage. Their movements flowed and were slow rather than the quick ones with Kiawe’s dance. The ladies spun as his torch flew once more. However, instead of stopping, Hoshi’s partner still spun. 

The lady began to bubble up in laughter spinning on stage, out of cue of the dance. Kiawe stopped his dancing, almost to belittle the woman. But then she began to glow. 

Soon her entire body was enveloped in the bright light. Hoshi had stepped back behind Kiawe’s form, staring wide eyed as he was. The other guests’ voices began to grow louder and louder - in fear and awe. 

The woman’s form changed rapidly, into different silhouettes until it settled on the form of a familiar one. One that the Akala Island captains and Kahuna could tell from afar. 

The light cleared and Tapu Lele was still spinning, giggling and dancing. Flying around the garden. 

As what is basically the champion of Ho-oh, does Gold have to dress up like a bird? No. Is he going to do it anyway? ………yes.

Black? White? Red? Gold? Why not all of the above, at the same time!

For @typenullandvoid‘s​ Clefairy Moon Ball.

In other news, Bubbles is long.

…honestly, PJ was starting to regret a little asking to join the Ball.
On a side, he couldn’t but feel a little uncomfortable with those clothes - and the fact that they were stolen had nothing to do with said feeling.
On another, he had enough problems convincing Kaito to go out and “practice pickpocketing”, he couldn’t even think about asking him out for such an important event, and so he will be one of the, what… three people who end up coming all by themselves and stay in a corner playing videogames if they’re lucky enough.

And last but not least, after so much time he still couldn’t understand how the fuck ties worked.

Why must his life be so fool of poorly thought choices?!

@sxnborn (continued from here)

The hug catches her a little off-guard, but she returns it gently and offers her younger friend a smile. “Well, I don’t know about that…but thank you. I suppose I like the familiarity of it, but after observing some of the other women here, I feel most fortunate that my shoes are relatively comfortable. How are you holding up?”

((Because drawing is hard for me, a description of Loch’s outfit tomorrow.

TL;DR–red jacket with black trim and cuffs, black shirt, pink vest with thin black stripes, red pants with pinstripes, a sweet cravat with his Skull pendant clipped onto it and his old Aether pin on his lapel.  Inspired by Baile Oricorio.  His hair is down and not under his hat, so it’s nearly at his shoulders. A charm bracelet with his name written on it in skulls from Cece.

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