Fantasy AU version of Clearly! 


Clearly was once a young petty thief who stole whatever he could to live. One day, he tried to steal from a powerful sorceress, and didn’t realize who she was until it was too late. Angered, she transformed him into a monstrous beast of the shadows, cursed to only roam the darkness lest touching light would cost him his life. Clearly haunted many villages and filled the nightmares of dreamers as word of his presence quickly spread. For several years, he lived with shame and remorse, and what was left of his humanity gradually declined. 

As time passed, the sorceress felt pity and regret for what she had done and found Clearly one night. She promised to return his human form in exchange for carrying out tasks for her, mainly involving stealing various sorts of ingredients for her dark arts. Clearly agreed to the contract, yearning the chance to dance and speak with others again under daylight.

Though difficult at first, Clearly steadily regained his human self little by little each time he retrieved something for the sorceress. Currently he’s able to walk under both light and darkness, as well as learning to control the shadows at his will. He’s incredibly fast once utilizing darkness to his advantage. Sometimes he ends up transforming into his beast form if he uses the darkness too much or if he’s emotionally out of control. best of luck with this fool LACK gang lololol