Oregon Anti-Clearcutting Petition

Clearcutting has become so out of control throughout Oregon’s beautiful coastal old growth rainforests.
If you have time and if you care about protecting the forest, please help by signing the petition to state legislators in the safe link provided!
Thank you, you are honestly wonderful if you sign it or support the wildlife in any way. These forests have so much biomass and unique wildlife, it’s painful watching it get cut down this rapidly when there already isn’t much left.


Happy Birthday Tim Burton (August 25, 1958)

Thank you for the art!

I have a problem when people say something’s real or not real, or normal or abnormal. The meaning of those words for me is very personal and subjective. I’ve always been confused and never had a clearcut understanding of the meaning of those kinds of words.

Amazon Deforestation Surges

The Amazon Basin is sometimes called the “lungs of the Earth”. It contains a huge amount of vegetation, about ½ of the world’s rainforest, and produces 20% of the atmosphere’s oxygen by some estimates.

Land has been harvested from the Amazon rainforest for decades. Starting in the 1960s, inhabitants in the area began clearing land for agriculture, particularly for soybean crops and for raising cattle.

Deforestation reached a peak in the 1990s, with an area the size of the country of Spain permanently cleared in that decade. But since then, it seemed like progress at preserving the landscape was happening. Helped by new regulations and cooperation of the local governments, the yearly area deforested in the Amazon dropped by 77% between 2004 and 2011.

Unfortunately, that trend is rapidly reversing. 2013 saw an increase in deforested area of 29% over the 2012 total, and the final months of 2014 were even worse. Based on satellite measurements of cleared areas, October of 2014 saw a 467% increase in deforested area compared to October of 2013.

In previous decades, deforestation was driven by expansion of larger farms. As government policies changed, it was possible to limit the forest clearing because it was driven by a few large sources. However, in recent years that pattern has changed. Small landholders expanding their territory drove most of this increase in deforestation and managing huge numbers of small farmers is a much greater challenge than managing a few large tracts of land.

When land is cleared in the Amazon, it is almost impossible to bring the forest back. The soils are extremely thin and weak, only held together by the trees. Once the trees are gone, the soils are often lost, forcing the landholders to clear even more land just to keep the farms going. Beyond that, the trees also impact the local climate; trees bring water into the air and help regulate temperatures, so once they’re gone it can even drive more extreme local weather conditions.

This massive surge in deforestation is an ominous sign for the lungs of the world.


Image credit: Daniele Gidsicki

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Federal Court Strikes Down EPA’s Biomass Pollution Loophole

On Friday, a key federal court ruling confirmed that Clean Air Act limits on carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution apply to industrial facilities that burn biomass, including tree-burning power plants. The court vacated an exemption that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had carved out for “biogenic carbon dioxide.”

“The court clearly noted that the atmosphere can’t tell the difference between fossil fuel carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide emitted by burning trees.”
Don’t Be Fooled by the Latest Smokescreen for Logging Forests
U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA) have joined with several Republican senators, who are among the logging industries biggest advocates in Congress, to propose legislation, the…

I’m done being quiet about this.

“U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA) have joined with several Republican senators, who are among the logging industries biggest advocates in Congress, to propose legislation, the “Wildfire Budgeting, Response, and Forest Management Act of 2016”, that would severely weaken environmental laws to facilitate a large increase in commercial logging on our national forests and other federal public lands. Specifically, the bill would eliminate most environmental impacts-disclosure and analysis requirements for logging projects on federal lands, and would severely curtail public participation in public forest management decisions.

Their bill would also dramatically increase taxpayer funding for mostly backcountry logging operations and fire suppression in remote wildlands, ostensibly to save our forests, and rural communities, from fire. Clearcutting and logging of old-growth trees would be expedited and increased under the guise of “fuels reduction”, “ecological restoration”, and improving “forest health”. Essentially, the legislation is a timber-industry wish list, loudly promoted by the logging industry’s number one campaign contribution recipient in all of Congress: Ron Wyden.”

This article was written by an extremely well educated ecologist who knows what they’re talking about; we specialize in very similar areas. Another article written here helps clarify things further about fire suppression and the timber industry’s bullshit. I can certainly find oodles more, likely more peer reviewed, true scientific articles, if anyone needs more clarification or doesn’t think this is possible for some reason.

It’s so important that people know about this and speak out!! Oregon and Washington senators, who claim to be caring individuals, are simply corporate sellouts who are just as detrimental to our environment as the oil industry. They’re using complex rhetoric, as usual, to try to convince people that a terrible thing for the environment is ~oh so good~. 

The scientific community is well aware that old growth forest dynamics and large interior habitat coupled with edge habitat is necessary for stable ecological diversity and healthy organism population sizes, and we’re far more aware of the dynamics at play in these complex ecosystems than we used to be. We’re not stupid enough to fall for this shit anymore. The idea that clear-cutting the forest is good for fire suppression is like saying, hey, in order to get rid of all human diseases, let’s just kill the healthy people!? 

 I’ve posted an anti-clearcutting petition from a large, active environmental group ~here~ if you don’t feel like speaking up with your voice. I would admire anyone so much if they took the time to write or call their senators, you would be one of my heroes. We need more nature warriors. I don’t want to live in a life-scarce desert world like Mad Max or Tank Girl, thanks. I live in one of the last old growth forest areas in the country, and I’ve been watching it rapidly get cut away by greedy fools who know next to nothing about geologic or biologic-time based ecology, and worse – don’t even care, for too long. 

This doesn’t affect just Oregon. It’s at the federal level.

“What You Can Do: Please call your U.S. Senators at the Capitol Switchboard (202-224-3121) and urge them to oppose the “Wildfire Budgeting, Response, and Forest Management Act of 2016” that is being promoted by Senators Crapo, Murkowski, Wyden, and Cantwell. Ask them to support increased, not decreased, protection for our federal forests, and to stand up against pressure from the logging industry.”


Cambodians fight illegal logging.

“Hundreds of protesters in Cambodia fear that within six months to a year illegal logging and government corruption could lead to the clearing of an entire forest of trees.

Protesters near the Prey Lang forest, angry at the economic toll illegal logging is taking on their communities, have started to set fire to illegally cut logs as a symbol of the damage being done to the last remaining primeval forest in Indo-China.

The protected resin trees in the forest are the main income source for 80 per cent of people in the area, but with cut trees fetching tens of thousands of dollars in Vietnam and China, government corruption is putting both the economy and environment of the region at risk.”

105 days...

until I come home. I guess it’s pretty terrible that I’m already looking forward to coming home. It’s not the fact that I’m home sick. I do miss my family and friends a lot…but not so much I’d hop on a plane and come home. I’ll stick this year out. It’s only one year. Hopefully PEI will be better next year.

When I decided to move here, I had a much different impression of BC than I do now. I thought it was the most liberal province however, I have passed enough confederate flags for a lifetime. I wanted to move out here for the nature…except my heart was ripped in half when i saw all the logging companies clearcutting acres upon acres. It’s truly heart breaking. I didn’t realize that the west coast relies on primary resources for everything.

The most disturbing of all things though, was a small town I passed through before entering Osoyoos. Located in the only canadian desert, this small town hosts thousands of signs in bright red letters reading “NO NATIONAL PARK”. All along the highway. I had to research this because I couldn’t figure out why someone would posts such things. I guess I forgot what money can make people do. This city is protesting the Canadian Government turning this desert a National Park (This means the land will be protected under law.) Why? Because they’ve turned all the land into Vineyards and spas. Oh…no big deal…right? Well…they take the water from the small lake located in Osoyoos, and pump it through the vineyards. Except…the land these vineyards are on…is home to 300 native species…who need the desert environment to survive. I’ve never seen such a green desert in my life. It was the most heart breaking thing I have ever seen. The amount of greed and disrespect was unfathomable. Canada doesn’t operate as a whole, as a unit, as one. 

The education system in Canada varies from province to province. Canada believes that depending on where you’re from, you need to know different things. Being born and raised in Ontario, I learned what clear cutting forests can do. I learned how my actions in my life can impact my environment. These people don’t give a shit. They were born and raised on the extraction of primary resources. I think this really needs to be focused on. As a whole, we should be educating our people on sustaining our beautiful country…instead of destroying what we have left.

Ontario may not be the most beautiful province in Canada, but Ontario learns from its mistakes. Northern Ontario is protected by national parks. We’re conserving what we have left. I can only pray that British Columbia will follow suit. I’m glad I won’t be here to see the result, because I have a feeling it is not going to be pretty.

500 year old forest cleared for 4-day event
A 500 year old forest is being clear cut to make way for Olympic ski facilities that will be used for a four day competition! The International Olympic Committee has mandated these games as "Green Olympics", let's hold them to it and save the ancient forest.

‘We have a choice to make:

Preserve a 500 year old ancient forest, home to four threatened species,


Clearcut the ancient forest for an Olympic ski competition.

It seems like a no-brainer. And it should be. But right now, Olympic organisers in South Korea are tearing down a forest, with trees half a millennia old, to make room for new ski facilities.

It’s shortsighted, illogical and worst of all, irreversible. Once the precious forest is gone, it’s gone forever. But we can stop them from clearcutting for an Olympic sized resort. The International Olympic Committee laid down a mandate that this event should be a “Green Olympics” built and operated by principles of sustainability. If we launch an enormous global outcry from every country participating in the Winter Olympics, we can shame the International Olympic Committee to live up to their ideals.

Join this urgent campaign and Avaaz will deliver our voices directly to the Olympic Committee offices. Sign then share on Facebook, Twitter, email…everywhere.

244,536 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000′