Clear Veil

                                                  How to Open the Veil

The Veil is what separates our physical realm from the spirit world. By opening it, we’re able to communicate more freely with spirits. Essentially, you’ll be making a door and opening it in order to reach the spirit realm. 

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert at this, please don’t take my word as the final say. I just started practicing this technique and was taught by a close friend. Always be safe when you practice because if you’re not careful, you can get into some shit. I’m writing this post by popular demand. 

STEP 1: BE SAFE. The picture above is a little preview of the layout I used in my own dorm room. It’s hard to see, but I first drew a chalk circle and sprinkled black salt all along the edges of said circle. I also put four crystals at each end to mark it. Why do I have so much shit everywhere?? Because I don’t want anything to come through the door I created and cause problems. This circle keeps unwanted spirits out. (Granted, you don’t have to use as many things as I did. I find that a physical circle is just easier to visualize.) You can also use candles or anything else that works for you!

STEP 2: MARK THE DOOR. I used sun and moon candle holders with electric candles in them (since I live in a dorm and can’t use real candles). I set them apart from each other, like I was making, well, a door. Then I used some Super-Moon water to draw a line between the two candle holders to amplify my energy. Finally, I also sprinkled a line of black salt to stop unwanted and harmful spirits from coming through the door. 

STEP 3: RELAX. Get into the state of mind you need to be in to do witchy stuff. Meditation, grounding, singing–whatever you need to do to access your energy. 

STEP 4: STRETCH YOUR ENERGY. Whenever you feel ready, slowly pool energy into you palms. Then push it through the marked entrance where your door is going to be, imagining it as a thread, string, or cord connecting to the spirit realm. This might be difficult, especially if the veil isn’t exactly thin where you’re at. You may feel your energy bounce back, or that you’re hitting a wall. If you do, don’t worry! You can always pull back, gather your energy, and try again. 

STEP 5: CREATE A BRIDGE. You’ll know the moment when your energy connects to the spirit realm. It feels different for every person–for me, it’s almost like this tug in my gut and the feeling of a thread connecting my hands and body to something else. Once you feel that, it’s really up to you on how you want to create the bridge! For me, what works best is when I imagine myself walking across the thread of my energy towards the spirit realm. As I walk, my energy begins to create the bridge. There might be another door on the other side once you cross the bridge (it’s really up to how you visualize). If there is, open it. 

STEP 6: OPEN THE DOOR. Once you’ve made the bridge, feel and hold on to that connection. Then, imagine a door leading to the bridge through the physical boundaries you created earlier. This door can look however you like–whatever’s easiest for you to imagine! Then, use your energy to pry open the door. After that…

Congrats! You’ve successfully opened a door to the spirit realm! You should be able to feel the difference in energies. It’s kind of hard to explain how it feels–almost like this vast, empty expanse and the chattering of lots of different spirits floating around. 

When you’re done…

CLOSE THE DOOR. If you invited any spirits in to chat, say goodbye to the spirit(s) that you communicated with and ask them to leave. Make sure they leave before you close the door. If they refuse to, you might have to force them via your own energy (obviously, this is in the worst of situations. Try not to be rude if possible!). We’ve had to do this before and it’s not the most pleasant thing (haha). 

To close the door, pull your energy out from the spirit realm. Imagine that bridge you created crumbling, until you can no longer feel that connection. Once you’re out, close the door, seal it up, and do anything else that feels necessary in order to break the opening. For me, I usually make a breaking motion with my hands to signify the cut-off connection. You can chant or say an incantation if you like as well. This is important, because you definitely don’t want to leave a door open for spirit to come through willy nilly!  

                                                          Other Info

  • PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! If you’re not cautious, some bad spirits might be able to get through and that’s never fun. If possible, try this first with someone else (preferably someone who knows more of what they’re doing). If you can’t, make sure you have multiple backups, wards, and other witchy things to keep bad spirits at bay. 
  • If you want to invite a spirit to chat, it’s probably a good idea to have an offering around, just to be polite. Tarot cards, pendulums, etc. are pretty awesome tools to use if you’re not great at telepathic communication!
  • Take everything spirits say with a grain of salt. They can lie just like people. 

I hope this was helpful to those that asked! If anyone wants to add anything, feel free to. I’m by no means an expert, so if someone wants to add their expertise advise please do! If something doesn’t feel right, go with your gut–never do something you’re not comfortable with. 

Be safe, fellow spirit workers and witches!


???-POLYPULSE [Polyp-Pulse]
-The Anemonea pokemon
-Ability: Ionization* - Clear Body(HA)
-Dex: “Each of its body cells can generate enough energy to power a car, even the slightest touch with is body can deliver a powerful shock. This Pokemon can charge even other pokemons, allowing it to shock even ground pokemons.”
    -Thunder Wave

–>Evolves at lvl 18<–

???-JOULEYFIZH [Joules-Jellyfish]
-The Jelly Pokemon
-Ability:  Ionization - Clear Body(HA)
-Dex: “Inside its round Bell this pokemon is always storing energy, sometimes it is so much its bell will glow like a bulb. If this pokemon touches anyone with its forked tentacles, it will shock it so hard,  its heart could stop.”
    -Shock Wave
    -Ominous Wind
    -Charge Beam

–>Evolves at lvl 37<–

???- MEDUZZAMP [Medusa-Zap-Amp]
-The Snake Hair Pokemon
-Ability: Ionization - Clear Body (HA)
-Dex: “Stories beleive she was once a young bride who died at sea wearing its wedding dress, now this pokemon wears a bell, clear as a veil. It snake like tentacles can deliver a bite with enough power to left a GLOTONINA stunned for a while, they can be deadly on a human.”
    -Zap Cannon
    -Power Whip
    -Thunder Fang
    -Eerie Impulse

*Ground pokemons can be hit by electric moves, ground and electric type pokemons can become paralyzed by electric moves.

Neptune retrograde June 16th

June 16th to November 22nd 2017 Neptune is retrograde in our fishy friend Pisces and in its respective home as Neptune rules over Pisces. This retrograde is a usually seen more positively than some of the others as it lifts the veil and clears the fog you may have been under. You see things more clearly, intuition can be stronger. You are much more sensitive to things. You can’t ignore things and you feel much more focused on positive change. Use this time for listening to your inner voice. Reviewing your truth and love and ideas. Check your house to see where this will be concentrated. ✨✨✨✨✨

Fic Update: Between Heaven and Hell

Summary: A Hook/Emma angel/demon AU. They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. The angels and the demons, who can save your soul or damn it. They stand on opposite sides, they are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they are enemies in an eternal war, but what happens when an angel and a demon are inexplicably drawn to each other?

Read this chapter on here and on AO3 here

                                             Part Twenty

Something was about to go down.

Something big.

Something soon.

Will could sense it, the way he’d always been able to tell the exact moment when he had to ditch a boosted ride before the plates were broadcasted to every police cruiser in the city, or noticed Loss Prevention discreetly following him around in a store and watching to see if he was going to try to slip something under his jacket and walk out without paying. He was good at it, always getting out just before the shit was about to hit the proverbial fan, no matter how much his teenage buddies used to protest when he pulled over in the stolen Merc or Mustang they were joyriding in and ordered them to all get out and scatter. Three of them got busted for Grand Theft Auto one night when Will was busy on a snatch-and-grab job for Hood, one was lucky, he was barely sixteen and got tried as a juvenile, but the other two…they got handed felony sentences and three years in the state pen.

His phone had been vibrating in his pocket during the whole ride from the Jolly Roger to Jones’s condo but he didn’t dare answer, not with the way Jones was staring out the tinted window, as still as a statue save for the drumming of his fingers on the empty leather seat next to him. He hadn’t said a word after his curt order of “drive” and he stayed completely silent while Will parked in the plum spot reserved in the underground garage for the penthouse, exiting the SUV before Will even had the keys out of the ignition and making a beeline towards the elevator. Will watched him in the rearview mirror, the brake lights casting a red glow over Jones’s face as he walked behind the car. His head turned and their eyes met for a brief moment, the red reflection going even brighter in his pupils and Will blinked at the weirdly distorted image. He had looked almost….inhuman, for a split-second, all red eyes and lips that curled in a sneer against a mouth as dark as a black hole. But then it was gone, and Will blinked again and rubbed his finger nervously over the key fob, feeling the raised lines and edges of the tiny logo press against his palm like an anchor to reality.

It must have just been a trick of the light.

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Lights Out, Let’s Talk

Bucky Barnes/ Reader

Originally posted by lowkibarnes

Words: 1,671

Summary: The electricity would go down right in the middle of your time sensitive research paper. At least your neighbor is great company.

Prompt: “Bucky X reader where reader has a low key crush on Bucky but reader and Bucky haven’t known each other for a long time.They don’t speak one on one as much as she would like so she thinks it’s too soon to make a move but she’s way too shy to make a move yet she’s constantly dreaming about cuddling into his side or holding his hand”

Tagging: @kwaiky

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s note: shout out to dreammoods for being there for me! this is my second rewrite of this fic bc my previous idea was ://. this is like :/ with the addition of fluff. idk im always critical of my stuff lmao srry yall. This is my first Bucky Barnes fic?? WOW Y’ALL I LUV BUCKY W/ ALL MY HEART YET I NEVER …PUBLISHED A FIC ABOUT HIM?

It seemed like a typical romance movie or book where you find yourself having a crush on your neighbor. You dream about a life that could be but are far too shy to even suggest a hint of romance. You call yourself a hopeless romantic and, boy, are you!

Sometimes you take a peep through the peephole when you hear a noise from outside your door to see your neighbor, Bucky, walk into his apartment. You know it’s stupid, your friends tell you all the time, but you can’t bring yourself to go beyond what you’ve already said to him. Your friends are practically waiting for your wedding registry to go live on Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

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the labyrinth

pairing: kim jisoo | reader
genre: fae au / light fluff
word count: 1,295
description: you have one simple task: remember her name.
author’s note: let us all thank @bodybcg for providing this lovely concept of a fae!jisoo and for encouraging me to write her to life!

Originally posted by epikcry

I must remember her name.

Another hour, at least what you think has been one, has passed, the particular gleam of the sun sinking an inch since you’ve last looked up. A shudder runs through your spine, the caress of pine spindles kissing your cheeks as you continue on down the same path you’ve committed to memory since your arrival.

It is a narrowing pathway, with dead leaves and pine cones littering the rough ground in an array of muted vermillion and darkening tawny. You feel sluggish today. There’s a particular stunt to your actions as if you were wading around the deep end of a pool of water, the sort that has you treading on the tips of your feet to avoid drowning. Though you can’t place exactly why, the sudden realization that this may be the end becomes glaringly clear.

You had only ever known the lore of fairy rings—the ring of mushrooms at the edge of the forest, the consequences of stepping in them, and yet, no recounts of any innocent outcomes—but entering this world, with only the most briefest of bearings, you’ve found that there is a reason for the lack of innocence. The world here is far different from your own. Much more akin to the world of Alice in Wonderland with High Courts and the common people. What they say goes, and you are merely a contender for a spot which you know not exactly. But honestly, coming here was exactly like falling into Alice’s rabbit hole.

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Title: Contingency

Author: J.T. of fyeahbatmanandrobin

Rating: PG

Characters:  Batman, Superman, Robin (12-year-old Dick Grayson)

Summary:  Superman vs. Batman, re: little Robins. But little Robins are rarely quite as fragile as they appear.

A/N: The upcoming movie is drawing in an influx of new followers, in addition to making me desperate for any Bruce/Clark interaction. As a result: this fanfic. So, thanks for 5000+ followers, and have a short yarn on me.


“Hey! Watch this one,” Robin called, and he sprung head over heels, twisting three times in the air before landing light upon the balls of his feet. He bounced once, hands extending into the air with a flourish.

Batman rounded on him, the black swell of his cloak swallowing the rooftop under his boots. “I told you to go get the car.”  Robin recognized the warning flash in his eyes, and he took one step back, away from his mentor.

Superman, however, cheered with such enthusiasm that Dick forgot his trepidation, falling into sheepish laughter as he waved the other hero’s praise away.

“That was the best one yet.” Superman smiled down at him, one large hand raking across Dick’s hair, already matted and wild from the night’s encounter with Scarecrow.  Somehow, Clark’s fingers managed to comb through it without catching any tangles. “Think you can teach me?”

“Probably, but you’d have to practice a lot,” Robin said, and Clark chucked him under the chin. Dick turned into his hand, the wide palm just a few degrees warmer than a standard human’s. It was a cold October night in Gotham, colder still at this altitude, and Robin realized too late that Superman was tracing the fresh welts that mottled his jaw, that trailed down across his neck. He looked up, far up to Clark’s face, and saw his warmth dissipate into quiet anger as he studied the injuries.  

Another strong hand took hold of him— this one encased in leather, and much less gentle as it dragged him away by the shoulder. Batman released him only to point into the distance, his arm stiff and unmoving as if he were a statue directing the way. “Car. Now,” he repeated, and in his voice, Robin heard the same mounting tension he’d seen on Superman’s face.

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Hercules: Hades [ENFJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by howtotallyamazing

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): No one has to guess how Hades feels about anything and everything. He makes his distaste towards his brother, Zeus, abundantly clear throughly thinly veiled sarcastic remarks and his entire plan to defeat Zeus. He’s prone to fits of rage including literally bursting into flames when he’s defeated by an opponent like Hercules. A fast talker, Hades is good at reading people and forcing their hand by preying on their insecurities and what they love the most. If he weren’t so evil, he’d actually be charming.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Thanks to the fates, Hades is able to carry out a plan that’ll take eighteen years to unfold and is more than willing and ready to figure out what he needs to complete his plan to take over Mount Olympus to ensure that it’ll go off without a hitch. He’s able to strategize and get people on his side, such as the Titans who were put there by Zeus, and by getting Pain and Panic to take care of Hercules and Meg to help bargain and get other people on his side.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Most of Hades’ plans are acted out by those around him but he does get his hands dirty now and then. He seizes opportunities when they come his way, such as using the fates to tell him the future about how he can overtake Mount Olympus, by constantly trying to throw everything and the kitchen sink at Hercules so he’ll no longer be a nuisance, like that Hydra of his, or jumping on Hercules’ deal of swapping his life for Meg’s because he’s the “son of his arch rival”. Hades enjoys the spectacle of a battle, watching it with excitement and tends to express his anger physically as well as vocally.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Hades is actually quite good at getting himself out of a bind. He can easily answer the question on how to kill a god - you can’t, they’re immortal - so his solution is for Pain and Panic to turn Hercules mortal so he won’t thwart his plan although they ultimately fail. When Meg protests that she doesn’t want to hurt Hercules, he offers her the one thing she wants: her freedom. His ideas are good in theory, like taking Hercules’ deal for him to “switch places with Meg”, but they don’t always work out in the long run. Hades is known for his signature sarcastic quips and utilizes his inferior Ti often. 

Her Last Vow

AN: OK, the response I got for my story ‘Light’ was absolutely unbelievable; seriously I was not expecting that. Thank you to everyone who liked, reblogged and left lovely comments; you’re all amazing. This idea came while I was writing it, plus I wanted to try and explore Eurus’ character a little more. I hope you like it. Ask box is open to requests and prompts.

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My Salvation

A/N: This one-shot contains alcohol and drug metioning.If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t read it. It’s also a short one-shot, with 1770 words.

Requests are open.


It’s not easy when life decides to play tricks with your self-control. It’s not easy when you see the worst of you several times in a day, and it’s certainly not easy when you’re losing yourself to no one but… Your own self.

Life has ups and downs, and still, when you have more downs than ups, no good can come from your mind. You can’t see clear through that veil of sorrow and sadness that covers your entire being. Being good is not only uncommon, it’s also not enough.

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I was looking for a breath of life A little touch of heavenly light

Apocalypse Au, Final Part. 

This is the last part, guys. THE END. I hope it’s good - it’s very long, and it was draining to write. I hope this lives up to expectations ? Anyway, enjoy, and be generous to me, that is all I ask. Anyway, this fic has been wonderful to write - it leaves me crying to myself from emotions. Everyone has been supportive and lovely, and I hope this ending pleases you. 

Sequel to 


I was looking for a breath of life A little touch of heavenly light  (x)

-          Peter, listen to me.

-          No. We’ve been over this, Wendy – no.

-          You have to let them go ! Both of them !

-          They’re leverage !

-          Leverage ? Leverage ? Peter, Bae is my friend !

-          I’m not hurting him, Peter snaps. I’m just keeping him where I want him.

-          You’re holding him prisoner !

-          What the hell do you want me to do, Wendy ? Give him back to his father so Gold reduces London to ashes without blinking ?

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anonymous asked:

Make up or primers that will hold up against sweat? I'm going to a music festival this weekend and it's gonna be 100 degrees but I wanna look hot (but not in the sticky sweaty literal sense)

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eyeliner: kat von d ink liner, lancome drama liquid pencil, stila stay all day liquid liner

lipsticks: kat von d everlasting liquid lipsticks, colorpop liquid lipsticks, nyx liquid suede liquid lipsticks