TCGiveaways presents: WTW Wondertag

AWW YISSSS it’s that amazing time of the week again! Happy Wonder Trade Wednesday, everyone! That means it’s time to play some games!


Tag #1: Post-A-Pic Raffle

  • Set your in-game message to tcgiveaways in some way (except tcg, since it can also stand for trading card game)
  • Take a picture of your new message and post it
  • Tag us in the post (NOT hashtags and NOT submissions) so we can see it
  • We’ll reblog your post once we see it
  • If you do all of this, you’ll be entered to win a Mew!
  • This tag will end at midnight EST, so you have until then to post your pic! The winner will be announced sometime tomorrow :)

Tag #2: Catch an Admin

  • NOTE: we want to encourage each of you to send out quality pokemon into wonder trade to help clean it up! If you’re unsure of what is good to send out, check out our wtw etiquette guide for some help. If we trade with you and the admin you traded with decides that what you sent out isn’t a “good” wonder trade pokemon, YOU WILL DISQUALIFY! That means you won’t get your prize! Think of it as extra incentive to help clean up wonder trade ^_^
  • We will wait for a maximum of 3 minutes for your icon to be available, and we will only initiate the trade once. Make sure you’re paying attention, and DO NOT INITIATE THE TRADE YOURSELF!!
  • If you run into one of us on wondertrade  you will win a Meloetta on the spot! Our admin IGNs are:
  • TCGiveaways (for admin TC)
  • Flarepix
  • Duck
  • J

Tag #3: Catch Another Giveaway Blog Raffle

  • You CANNOT turn yourself in! The giveaway blog must be the one to let us know first
  • It is up to each giveaway blog whether or not they wish to participate, or to determine whether or not what you sent out is worthy of being entered. We won’t police what you send out here, but we still encourage you to send out goodies!
  • We will be raffling off a Mew for this category.

Tag #4: WonderFail

Did you get a pokemon with a downright unfortunate nickname? Don’t you wish you could trade that pokemon in for something good? WELL HERE’S YOUR CHANCE! (Flarepix will be running it this week).

  • If you got a pokemon with an unfortunate nickname, you can either post a pic of it and tag us in it or submit it directly to us!
  • We’ll post/reblog your fail as soon as we can
  • Tomorrow, the entries will be narrowed down to the best of the best. We’ll then post a poll for you guys to vote for your favorite WonderFail of the week!
  • The winner will be able to trade in their WonderFail for the best pokemon we got from wonder trade today! We’ll keep it a secret until the trade ;)
  • This tag will close at midnight EST, and any entries after this time will not be counted!
  • DISCLAIMER: some of these entries may be offensive to some people. If you get a pokemon that is blatantly offensive to a majority of people, please don’t post it! If you’re unsure of whether it’d be offensive or not, feel free to submit it to us. If we deem it ok, we’ll post it. If we don’t, we’ll delete it. Please take these entries with a grain of salt and realize that there’s a reason they’re called FAILS, and know that we don’t promote their messages. If we get overwhelming off-anon support for a pokemon to be removed from our poll due to being offensive, we’ll work something out. Obviously if something is blatantly racist/offensive, we won’t accept it! We can’t please everyone, but we will do our best.
  • NEW RULE: if any of you guys use our tag “tcgiveaways” and are caught sending out wonderfail-worthy pokemon, you will be disqualified from participating in wonder tag! It’s one thing to send out zigzagoons and wurmples, it’s a whole other thing to send out inappropriately-named pokemon! KIDS play these games, guys. We want WTW to be fun for everyone, so please do your part to help us clean up WT!

Bonus Tag: The Race for Igglibuff

  • If you trade us an Igglibuff and your message is ‘tcgiveaways,’ that means you’ll get both the a Mew AND the secret prize, so don’t cancel the trade early!

As always, we’ll also be live chatting throughout the day! We’ll make a post when the chatroom is set up and ready to go, so keep an eye out for that ^_^

Happy wonder trading, and good luck! -FP

Also, if you have ever wanted one of every shiny and shiny locked legendary pokemon ever (including event legendary pokemon), check out our current reblog raffle.

Scribbles Extreme Makeover of Tryggvi…. =P

I wanted to do that Inquisitor’s meme for Tryggvi, but knew I wouldn’t be able to follow that daily schedule, at least if I wanted to illustrate stuff for it..
Either way, I want to make more stuff with him. I was wondering how he would look like “cleaned up”. And it was such a change, from a scruffy looking bum, to a Disney prince… I decided to dress him “properly” too.
I imagined Scribbles would clean him up before the ball. Poor sod.


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