Deconstructed sushi bowls for lunch today 😍  Short grain brown rice, a bed of mesclun salad, cucumber, crispy seaweed, lime, broccoli, crispy tofu marinated in tahini, soy sauce and lemon juice and sautéed mushrooms, garnished with pickled ginger, spring onion, baked sesame seeds and avocado swirls because is it even possible for me to serve a savoury dish without avocado?😂😂 ✨ The right avocado kind of looks like a heart hehe 💚  Really enjoying playing with my food on uni break, as much as I love the food they give me at my college let’s just say not the most aesthetically pleasing 😂 sending lots of love as always, always keen to answer any questions you have my inbox is pretty empty right now :) -Zoe xx

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3 hours of hiking calls for some wholesome rainbow buddha bowls :) Wild rice, steamed kale, baked camera, roasted spiced chickpeas, almonds, pumpkin seeds, corn, red onion and lemon tahini dressing and of course some avocado ;)

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Transformation Tuesday, or as I now like to call it, Where the Hell Did My Boobs Go? Day.

The pic on the left is from November. I was about 17 lbs down and FEELIN MYSELF. Check out that sick sailor vibe. I got those shorts for a deal at Forever 21 and now they are too big! 😩

Currently 48 lbs down with no stopping me. I did my 3 miles today, and even lowered my mile time a little bit. I actually surprised myself with how long I could run without stopping. My goal is to be able to run a whole mile (I’ve never been able to do that).

Oatmeal for breakfast this morning :) 1 cup of steel cut oats and a dash of chia seeds cooked in 1 cup of vanilla almond milk and 1 cup of water and topped with dates, walnuts, pistachios, buckwheat, fresh strawberries, coconut, banana and maple syrup tahini (just mix the two together, it’s 👌👌). Happy Tuesday everyone ❤️️

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