10 Breakthrough Moments for Transgender Positivity / May 2015 / FLARE

Andreja Pejić lands beauty contract, models for Vogue.

“There are just more categories now. It’s good. We’re finally figuring out that gender and sexuality are more complicated” —Andreja Pejić, Vogue

From Normal and Transamerica to Jazz Jennings’ gig with Clean & Clear, 10 times the trans community spoke up proud and loud, here

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I thought about this side of my life for a bit so yesterday was time to ‘action’: I cleaned up my wardrobe. Took all out to select my clothes.
Why did I do it? Because I had too much stuff which I wasn’t even using.

I know I’m just talking about clothes, such a materialist subject, but it’s a way to improve myself in some way.
Too many clothes are not needed as is not needed to buy new stuff every month or two.
Waste of money and even more important, it’s a waste of precious time which could be used in a better way.
My wardrobe is so much more clean, clear and I should say empty but in reality is fuller since I selected clothes are really me.
I’m not a jeans person, I don’t wear any kind of trousers or pants in general except for my workout ones. I saved some midi and longs skirts, some dresses and blouses, some cardigans, shirts and tops ( plus workout clothes which were already few). That’s all.

It must look idiot but I’m happy with what I did and I feel better with a more minimalist wardrobe.


See the Real Me at the Neon Lights Tour with Fifth Harmony: Ally


See the real me at the Neon Lights Tour with Fifth Harmony