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Ive always felt somewhat confident about myself, but recently i've messed up my metabolism and gained some weight, as well as my acne getting worse and my face looks really flaky, and im scared to go back to school because someone might comment on how bad my looks have gotten.... Do u have any face/body tips???

i am like the LAST person to go for like dieting tips or anything because my metabolism has always been very fast so i just ate junk a lot (i have high cholesterol now though so im trying to be better but i suck at it lol)

honestly try and exfoliate regularly not like everyday but maybe once a week and use a weak acid toner or maybe serum that has aha and bha in it and use a good moisturizer for your skin type

i recommend going on paulas choice website they explain it a lot better than me

for acne i use clean and clears persagel to spot treat but everyones skin reacts differently to things like this its benzoyl peroxide based and some people react really well to this or salicylic acid i try to take preventative measures with my skin so i have to worry about breakouts less

and if someone comments on your looks negatively fuck them!!! thats so rude

and don’t worry you’ll get through this and find that confident place again!

I feel very foolish today… Just Wednesday I was spilling my woes about how a movie from the 80’s made me feel upset & that I tried curing it with a walk… A walk under a beautiful, clear, clean night sky full of little stars… But I was too self absorbed in my own self pity to look up at them… I went and sat in the road and fixated on if a car was going to hit me… Above me was a beautiful sky- dark and brilliant… But it didn’t matter to me that night… It should have… It should have mattered….The sky now is choked with thick, dark, angry smoke from a raging, unpredictable, fast spreading fire… The sky now is filled with ash from parched earth & the pain of loss from people who were forced to evacuate their doomed homes… The beautiful full moon that was supposed to be over us tonight is red, masked by smoke created from 300 foot high scorching flames… When I look at the sky now I see bright red glow over the hills across the lake… I see fear, pain, disorder, uncertaint, loss… It all matters… No matter what is happening right now, go look at the sky & remember that it all fucking matters because you’ll never know when you won’t see it again for what it truly is….