Clean up your place man

uurameshii  asked:

"Yo! You better get off your ass and help me clean this place up, old man! My friends are comin' over tomorrow and this place looks like hell!" He hesitated a moment, raising a brow in confusion. Since when did he become the mom of the house?

          ❝ I wonder why, oh that’s right, you
             && I drank last night … Funny how
             when the house is clean, you hardly
             seem to notice, huh. ❞

     Yes, they had drank last night && had some fun, but the house wasn’t
     that bad. Not at all, but the few empty bottles && can’s, could be picked
     up. That all said, Raizen remained on the couch && continued to play
     his game. Again, the mess wasn’t as bad as Yusuke was making it
     sound && Raizen had been keeping the place clean … So, Yusuke
     could wait, till he finished the level.

          ❝ Go cool off, take a shower && I’ll have
             breakfast ready, as well as the mess
             picked up. ❞