Clean Water


The fight for access to clean water is far from over and the media need to make sure it’s covered every step of the way. 

Louisiana declares public health emergency in St. Joseph

Each week for months, Janet Thornton has spent $20 to buy drinking water for her husband and herself.

“We don’t have a lot of money,” she said, “so we just boil the water on the stove for our dogs. No one has told us if that’s OK.”

This past spring, the town of St. Joseph was dealing with “not aesthetically pleasing” brown water running through residents’ faucets. State health officials said then it was not dangerous.

Now, a few months later, water in this Louisiana town of about 1,000 shows high amounts of lead in some samples, and it may be dangerous.

On December 16th, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards declared a public health emergency in the town after two of 13 site samples the day before showed elevated levels of lead, which was absent from water samples at the start of the year.

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Protesters on 1806 bridge are stuck, and they are being fired on with water cannons, tear gas, concussion mines, they’re getting the sound cannon ready as well. This has been going on for hours. The temperatures are freezing! These people could die!

Call the White House, call your elected officials, call the banks, call news stations! Share this with your friends! Share this everywhere. News stations aren’t reporting! There’s only one way to spread this.

Everybody Having Enough
  • Luke: [age 12] “If you had a time machine, you could sleep in all you want, and then just go back in time to when you have to get to school.”
  • Mom: “Oh, wow. Imagine a full night’s sleep every night before work.”
  • Luke: “I wonder: What would the world be like if everybody had enough sleep?”
  • Me: “I bet there would be fewer wars.”
  • Mom: “If everybody had enough sleep, enough food, and enough clean water, there wouldn’t be any war at all.”
  • Luke: “Yeah, except, everybody having enough isn’t enough for everybody.”
  • Mom: [after a pause] “Well said, Luke.”
  • Me: “That was deep.”
  • Luke: “Whoa. I sounded smart.”
Here's what Trump's budget proposes to cut
President Donald Trump is proposing steep cuts to large parts of the federal government.
By Tal Kopan, CNN

Trump calling for cuts to including but not limited to education, health care, environment, safe water and clean air, land management, arts and history, housing, homelessness programs, heating and cooling, legal aid, and a variety of other things, including stuff like Meals on Wheels and funding for infrastructure for rural Alaskan Natives.


Save Our Water poster by Hans Emi, 1967 by Tom Simpson
Trump's Budget Endangers American Workers
After the president issued a budget last week slashing and burning environmental, labor and educational programs, the guy responsible for the thing, Mick...

Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, asserted that members of my union, the United Steelworkers (USW), coal miners and urban parents are eager to kill off Public Broadcasting’s Big Bird, to drink lead-laden water, to breathe cough-inducing air and to work among life-threatening dangers.

This illustrates a complete lack of knowledge of the working and living conditions of huge swaths of Americans. Big Bird and Mr. Rogers are way more popular than Congress. Americans would much rather pay their freight than the wages of politicians. Americans are horrified by the poisoned water in Flint, Mich., and are willing to invest in an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that would prevent such health hazards. And steelworkers and coal miners have seen dismemberment and death on the job and don’t want the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) eliminated or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) decimated.


Lifestraw Portable Water Filtration System

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter is a new invention by Switzerland-based Vestergaard Frandsen Group. It’s a compact water filter, which, according to the manufacturer, eliminates at least 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites. This product is very useful and practical, not only for backpackers, hikers, hunters, adventurers and travellers, but also in emergency situations.