You know I might be reading into this picture too much, but I believe that this was a “foreshadowing” of events to happen.

Here we see at the top Clay preparing to punch Tig with his right arm. This signified Tig once being his right hand, his Sargeant-at-Arms, but no longer as he has his fists raised to him. Tig is leaning back and away, which could also signify the distance that grew between them.

Then there is Bobby who is in the middle of “the fight” trying to break it up, but not being able to. This could very well signify his role in trying to stop everything that happened during the series but being unable to do so. His hair is also spread out as if he would be laying on the ground (his death) because honestly why else would his hair be spread out in a standing up right position such as that.

Then down below them, we have Jax, Tara, Gemma, and Juice.

We can see that Jax is of course in the middle of Tara and Gemma, trying to stop them from each other (he was a constant go between in the show, even more so toward the end) and we can see Gemma clinging to Jax as he is trying to keep her away from Tara in an angry like manner. Trying to “keep her safe” if you’d say from his own mother.

But then we see Tara clearly clinging onto Gemma’s arm which might show that she was trying to hang on in the end. Something that Gemma caused, Tara was trying to hang in there. And then the way Tara’s face is turned it looks like she’s been attacked in some way (punched, smacked, stabbed maybe?) And her eyes are closed (death) all while trying to hold onto Gemma.

Not to mention that Jax, Tara and Gemma’s eyes are all closed which could have meant that the three of them caused each other’s deaths. Because they are the only ones with their eyes closed. (Bobby is looking down, but they’re not closed)

Now Juice. Being below Jax and yet his arm is between both Jax and Gemma, almost as if trying to pull Jax away from Gemma (protecting her). This could be showing that Juice (being on the bottom of the club) was going to be dropped by them, that they’d no longer care about him. And being below Jax showing that Jax was “above Juice” or “using him” in said manner.

And now Chibs, being in the top left corner being above everyone else, this could have signified his place as president at the end of the series. And what’s even more odd is the placement. Looking at the picture all three men who were once or is now president form a line down slightly sideways with their bodies.

Tig, also being to Chibs’s left could have meant that he was to become his VP (since the VP sits on the left of the Prez)

As far as Happy, Opie and Piney being in the picture, it could have meant that Piney and Opie were already dead. As far as Happy goes he wasn’t really an “important role” to the future events. Not saying that he isn’t important, but thinking about how this picture was taken and drawn up – Happy isn’t important here.

And as far as the black a deep white picture goes. Death, destruction, loss of hope, take your pick. It’s just as plain as day in black and white as the saying goes.

Of course I could be completely wrong but it’s just something that caught my attention. The more I looked at this picture the more I came to see.

One and Only ( Jax x Reader)

Jax walked into your guys house, finally relived that he could now spend some time with you and Abel. With the club business lately he felt like he wasn’t spending anytime with you two and it was starting to get to him. Stress from the club was warring him down and all he needed was a break for once. Which he finally got tonight when Clay found him sitting alone with his head in his hands at the club house. Clay sent him home saying Gemma would kill him if he didn’t make sure Jax and his family were alright. Stepping into the house Jax took off his cut hanging it up by the door, then found his way into the kitchen to grab a beer. Popping it open and taking a swing Jax saw out of the corner of his a plate of food in the microwave. He smile to himself knowing you his old lady would always make sure that there was something left for him even if you didn’t know if he was coming home or not. It was just something that you always did and he loved that about you. Laying his beer down on the counter Jax made his way to the hallway were he could hear you softly singing. Looking at you made his face light up, seeing you dancing around with a sleepy Abel made his heart feel warm. This was his home, this was all he ever needed beside the club.

“He-“ Jax went to speak but you quickly put your hand up stopping him from talking anymore. You looked down at Abel and started to make your way to the crib, laying him down you softy left the room shutting the door behind you.

“Sorry it’s just Abel had a hard day today, and I finally got him sleeping” You spoke as Jax’s wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Don’t worry doll, I understand. I’m finally happy to hear your voice whether its telling me off or not I enjoy it.” You blushed at your old man kindness and push his chest back. “Darling I’m just trying to make my lady feel good”

“You need to stop” You said kidding around.

“I miss you” Jax told you cupping his hands around your cheeks now.

“I miss you too” You whispered “It’s been awhile since I saw you” Being this close to Jax was making you feel grief you never really knew how much you missed him until now. Him standing in front of you felt unreal.

“I know darling, but I’m here now. Let me make it up to you”

“How Jax?” the famous Teller smirk came across him face and his eyes fill up with lust. Taking your hand he lead to your guys bedroom where he made sure that his old lady felt loved and cared for, because after all what’s an old man without his old lady.


*** Took a nebulizer treatment because my lungs were acting up and this albuterol got me more jittery than a motherfucker 😫 ***


You called out into your moms house as you opened the door and walked in. After knocking for 2 minutes and getting no response, you decided to let yourself in, gun already drawn as you walked into the house. Both Gemma’s Escalade and Clays bike were parked out front so they should be home. They never made you wait more than 30 seconds before they got the door to let you in and you were more than anxious as you silently shut the door behind you. Now in the house, you could hear them talking in the bedroom, their voices on the aggressive aide as they spoke to each other. You rolled your eyes at their bickering and you slowly walked towards their bedroom, putting your gun away, ready to jump in the room and scare them for leaving you outside.

You walked up to the bedroom door and placed your hand on the wood, ready to push it open when you heard your father’s name leave Clay’s mouth. Your brows knitted in confusion, Clay never saying your father’s name. He usually acted as if the man didn’t exist and you usually left it alone. It was only if someone else brought him up that Johns name would come from Clay. No here he was speaking of him, to your mother no less. As far as you’d seen, they’d never spoke about JT with each other.

You placed yourself closer to the door and put your ear closer to the crack, listening intently.

“It doesn’t matter Clay. Maybe he was right. Maybe this will fuck up the club. The poor bastard was always trying to stop the club from getting in with guns. He knew it would turn bad. We thought we knew better but maybe he was right-”

“He wasn’t! He didn’t know shit. Neither do you. This club needs guns, it’s what we do. All our money practically comes from running arms. You think I’m gonna stop that just because you think it’s a bad idea?”

“John thought it was a bad idea.”

“Yeah and that’s why we killed him!”

Your eyes widened into saucers as you stood at the door, unable to process what you had just heard.

“We nothing! You killed him clay.”

“Yeah because you wanted me to. Don’t try and push the blame on me. You wanted him dead just as much as I did.”

There was a silence that rang out inside the room, a thick tension cutting its way through the air even past the door as Clay spoke again.

“We both killed him. You were the brains and I was the bronze. You didn’t want him around anymore than I did. We killed him to stop him from sabotaging this club. Don’t think I won’t do the same thing again.”

There was a silence again and you quickly pulled yourself away from the door, contemplating what to do. Half of you wanted to bust in and confront them, tear into them and get to the bottom of what you’d just heard while the other half knew you should quickly slip out before they found out you were there and take the time to process this revelation. Spinning around, you quickly and quietly walked away from the bedroom door, slipping out the front door and walking to your car. Sitting in the drivers seat, you placed your hands on the steering wheel, your whole body racked with shivers. All your life you’d thought John to be weak, something both Gemma and Jax had always pushed on you. Now you were realizing that maybe things weren’t so simple. Maybe John was strong. Too strong, and that’s what had gotten him killed. Not wasting any more time, you turned on the car and sped out of their driveway, heading to the cabin. You didn’t know what the whole truth was but you knew that if there was anyone that did know and would tell you, it was Piney.


“Is it true?”

“Listen kid,-”

“Answer me.”

Piney stayed staring at you, conflict waging behind his eyes. He didn’t want to hurt you, tell you something that would break your heart. He knew though that you and your brother Jax were the only hope the club had left. Jax listened to you and valued your opinion, always had. It was a pet peeve of Gemma’s that sometimes your words would outweigh hers when it came to guiding him. Piney knew that you were his last chance to make things right, to not let John’s death be in vain.

“It’s true. Gemma and Clay killed your father. John wanted to keep the club clean, get away from all the shit that was bringing us down and getting us locked up. He wanted to stop running arms, stop the muling. Clay didn’t want that. Son of bitch has always been about the money. What we are now, the mess that this club has become? This is exactly what your father tried to avoid. The pain and the bloodshed, he knew this was where we would end up.”

Suddenly piney stood up from his recliner and looked at you, staring into your eyes for a moment before walking away and going into his room. You watched from your spot as he pulled a chest out of the top shelf of his closet, putting it down on the bed and popping it open. He stared down at the box for a second before reaching in and pulling some papers out of it, the material old and stained yellow. He held them tightly in his hand and looked at you from the side of the bed, walking back out to the living room and stopping right in front of you. Reaching down, he grabbed one of your hands and pushed the stack of papers into it, holding your hand around it tightly.

“I think you should read this. Everything you need to know is in there. It’ll tell you more about your father than I ever could.”

With that, he leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead, turning around and heading to the kitchen for a drink.

Looking down, you read the title typed across the front page of the packet.

‘The Life and Death of Sam Crow.
How the Sons of Anarchy Lost their way.
By John Thomas Teller.’

Bobby’s Angel Part 9

A/n - this is an intense chapter. There is death of a character mentioned here. We all know that the life of SAMCRO is full of pain and angst, this is no difference. Bambi is a character that belongs to @mrstellerwinston, who has agreed to let me use her in this series.

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Bobby’s Angel - Part 8

A/N - This might be hard for some people to read. There is mention of child abuse. I’ve tried a new style and did little time skips in this chapter. There is a lot to cover in this but I’m trying to keep it easy to read.

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