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Requested Imagines

“Romeo & Juliet” (Esai Alvarez x Reader, w/ Protective Tig)

“A Woman’s Wrath” (SAMCRO x Reader / Tig x Reader)

“Lost Love - Part 1″
(Chibs x Reader)
“Lost Love - Part 2″
(Chibs x Reader)
“Lost Love - Part 3″
(Chibs x Reader)

“I Had No Idea - Part 1″
(Chibs x Reader)
“I Had No Idea - Part 2″
(Chibs x Reader)

Obsessive (Juice x Reader)
“Obsessive - Part 1″
“Obsessive - Part 2″
“Obsessive - Part 3″
“Obsessive - Part 4″
“Obsessive - Part 5″
“Obsessive - Part 6″
“Obsessive - Part 7″
“Obsessive - Part 8″
“Obsessive - Part 9″
“Obsessive - Part 10″
“Obsessive - Part 11″
“Obsessive - Part 12″
“Obsessive - Part 13″
“Obsessive - Part 14″
“Obsessive - Part 15″
“Obsessive - Part 16″
“Obsessive - Part 17″
“Obsessive - Part 18″
“Obsessive - Part 19″
“Obsessive - Part 20″
“Obsessive - Part 21″
“Obsessive - Part 22″
“Obsessive - Part 23″
“Obsessive - Part 24″
“Obsessive - Part 25″

“Defiance - Part 1″
(Chibs x Reader)
“Defiance - Part 2″ 
(Chibs x Reader)

“Coffee Talk”
(Chibs x Reader)

“The Day is Gone”
(Jax x Reader)

(Juice x Reader)

“Taking Trager’s Advice”
(Chibs x Reader)

“Bad Associations”
(SAMCRO x Reader)

(Happy x Reader x Juice)

“My Brother’s Sister - Part 1″
“My Brother’s Sister - Part 2″
(Jax x Reader)

“Big Happy Family”
(Happy/OC x SAMCRO)

(Tig x Reader)

One Liner Prompts

“Close your eyes” with Chibs Telford

“Go on, I dare you” with Happy Lowman

“I’ll protect you not matter what… Even if it kills me” with Happy Lowman

“I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed” with Chibs Telford

“Please… Stay…” with Happy Lowman

“I told you this would happen” with Opie Winston and Happy Lowman

“Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again” with Tig Trager

Other Random Prompts

“Tig’s Confession”
(Tig x Reader)

(Chibs x Reader)

(Tig x Reader)

“Waking up Happy”
(Happy x Reader)

“Before The Lockdown”
(Happy x Reader)

“All Night Long”
(Tig x Reader)

(Happy x Reader)

“Chasing Waterfalls”
(Happy x Reader)

“Oh Father - Part 1″
(Chibs x OC)
”Oh Father - Part 2″
(Chibs x OC)
”Oh Father - Part 3″
(Chibs x OC)

“In The Kutte”
(Happy x Reader)

Come-Join-TheMurder Originals

(Tig x Chibs x Reader)

(Chibs x Reader)

“Do you like him?”
(Happy x Reader)

“So Hott”
(Happy x OC)
“Like I’m Never Gonna See You Again”
aka ‘So Hot part 2′ (Happy x OC)

“Getting You Home” 
(Chibs x Reader)

(Chibs x Reader)

(Chibs x Reader)

(Tig x Reader)

(Tig x Reader)

“Hey Bartender”
(Tig x Reader)

“The Other Man”
(Tig x Reader)

“Pool Party”
(Tig x Reader)

“The Game”
(Happy x Reader)

Safe (Happy x Reader)
“Safe - Part 1″ 
“Safe - Part 2″
“Safe - Part 3″
“Safe - Part 4″
“Safe - Part 5″ 

For The Long Run (Tig x Reader)
Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4  
Part 5 – Part 6 – Part 7 – Part 8 
Part 9 – Part 10 – Part 11 – Part 12 
Part 13 – Part 14 – Part 15 – Part 16 
Part 17 – Part 18 – Part 19 – Part 20 
Part 21 – Part 22 – Part 23 – Part 24 
Part 25 – Part 26 – Part 27 – Part 28 
Part 29 – Part 30

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You know I might be reading into this picture too much, but I believe that this was a “foreshadowing” of events to happen.

Here we see at the top Clay preparing to punch Tig with his right arm. This signified Tig once being his right hand, his Sargeant-at-Arms, but no longer as he has his fists raised to him. Tig is leaning back and away, which could also signify the distance that grew between them.

Then there is Bobby who is in the middle of “the fight” trying to break it up, but not being able to. This could very well signify his role in trying to stop everything that happened during the series but being unable to do so. His hair is also spread out as if he would be laying on the ground (his death) because honestly why else would his hair be spread out in a standing up right position such as that.

Then down below them, we have Jax, Tara, Gemma, and Juice.

We can see that Jax is of course in the middle of Tara and Gemma, trying to stop them from each other (he was a constant go between in the show, even more so toward the end) and we can see Gemma clinging to Jax as he is trying to keep her away from Tara in an angry like manner. Trying to “keep her safe” if you’d say from his own mother.

But then we see Tara clearly clinging onto Gemma’s arm which might show that she was trying to hang on in the end. Something that Gemma caused, Tara was trying to hang in there. And then the way Tara’s face is turned it looks like she’s been attacked in some way (punched, smacked, stabbed maybe?) And her eyes are closed (death) all while trying to hold onto Gemma.

Not to mention that Jax, Tara and Gemma’s eyes are all closed which could have meant that the three of them caused each other’s deaths. Because they are the only ones with their eyes closed. (Bobby is looking down, but they’re not closed)

Now Juice. Being below Jax and yet his arm is between both Jax and Gemma, almost as if trying to pull Jax away from Gemma (protecting her). This could be showing that Juice (being on the bottom of the club) was going to be dropped by them, that they’d no longer care about him. And being below Jax showing that Jax was “above Juice” or “using him” in said manner.

And now Chibs, being in the top left corner being above everyone else, this could have signified his place as president at the end of the series. And what’s even more odd is the placement. Looking at the picture all three men who were once or is now president form a line down slightly sideways with their bodies.

Tig, also being to Chibs’s left could have meant that he was to become his VP (since the VP sits on the left of the Prez)

As far as Happy, Opie and Piney being in the picture, it could have meant that Piney and Opie were already dead. As far as Happy goes he wasn’t really an “important role” to the future events. Not saying that he isn’t important, but thinking about how this picture was taken and drawn up – Happy isn’t important here.

And as far as the black a deep white picture goes. Death, destruction, loss of hope, take your pick. It’s just as plain as day in black and white as the saying goes.

Of course I could be completely wrong but it’s just something that caught my attention. The more I looked at this picture the more I came to see.